Asian Baby Shower Theme Ideas


Asian Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Asian theme baby boy baby shower may just be the perfect balance between cool and cultural.

Dinah Wulf creates a traditional Chinese party with creative and unconventional highlights. This baby shower includes favorite Chinese treats but also timeless and universal motherhood staples.

Asian Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Cute Asian Baby Shower Ideas and Pictures
Asian baby shower ideas

Since this baby shower is for a baby boy, traditional Chinese colors of red, golden and black were replaced by bright blues and greens. Dinah invested in blue trays to store the various desserts. She also invested in large jars of different shapes and sizes for this candy and dessert banquet. To keep everything accessible, Dinah changed up vertical placements for the desserts. Desserts located in the front are kept lower and lie directly on the dessert table. Dessert and candies located in the back are placed on top of boxes wrapped in sky blue paper. This makes the candies and dessert in the back higher vertically than the dessert in the front, which make for easy to manage reaching and storing. Paper napkins and utensils are also in greens and blues.

Cute Asian Baby Shower Ideas and Pictures

The jars are placed on a simple black cardboard paper on top of the boxes. To make the labels for the jars, Dinah cut out scrap book paper and cut out slits on both the left and right sides. She had a pastel green ribbon go through both ends to create a simple and stylish finish to the labels. All pieces of candies were coordinated in shades of blues. They included classics like Tootsie Rolls, lollipops, and Hershey’s kisses. Guest tables and chairs were kept classic with black tablecloths and contrasting white chairs.

Cute Asian Baby Shower Ideas and Pictures

Asian Baby Shower Theme Ideas

To go along with the traditional Chinese theme, dessert menu included favorite Chinese desserts such as almond cookies, chocolate-dipped fortune cookies, and wafers. Almond cookies were individually wrapped. This makes for wonderful goodies to take home.

Asian Baby Shower Ideas and Pictures
Asian Baby Shower Ideas and Pictures

Center pieces included adorable take-out boxes. The take out boxes were either in sky blue or forest green. Ribbons, alternated colors of blue or green, lined the boxes and included beads and charms . Traditional Chinese letters spelling out “mother”, “father” , “baby boy”, “family” and “happiness” were written out onto the boxes.

Inside the boxes were little goodies for mom and baby-to-be and included basics such as small stuffed animals, baby bottles, pacifiers, children’s books, and other small toys. There were also some baby onesies and socks!

Asian Baby Shower Ideas and Pictures

Dinah, this was such a wonderful welcoming to come across. To see more creations by Dinah Wulf vist her website :

Article written by writer, Sara Khan

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Asian Baby Shower

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