Baby Bottle Bath Salts

by Rose
(Billings, Mt)

Baby Bottle Bath Salts<br>{picture from}

Baby Bottle Bath Salts
{picture from}

Baby Bottle Bath Salts

My friend makes these great bath salts.

So when I was asked to do a baby shower for one of my friends, I asked my friend to make me 3 large mason jars of bath salts in pink and purple.

I made 20 favors of bath salts.

First I poured the salts into the bottles, tied a ribbon around the bottle that said "its a girl" and attached a cute tiny pacifier on the ribbon.

These favors were a huge hit and a great way to thank guests for coming to the baby shower!

Note from editor (Amy):

I love this baby shower favor idea!

Below is a wonderful bath salt recipe that is quick and easy!

* 1 pound sea salt, epsom salt, or a mixture of both

* 20 drops of any essential oil scent (mandarin, almond or vanilla are popular) - you can buy essential oils at vitamin supplement stores, health food stores, etc.

* Add a few drops of food coloring to match the theme of the baby shower. (optional)

You can pour the bath salts into little baby bottles and add a cute ribbon and favor tag!

Or, (I saw this on a blog recently and it was adorable) fill a mason jar with bath salts, add the lid and a cute ribbon, then glue a baby bottle nipple to the top of the mason jar to resemble a bottle. Using mason jars will take up more of your bath salts, so this option may be better to give away as prizes for baby shower games.

Another idea is to make a bath salt, sachet making station where guests can make their own cute baby shower favors in the scent of their choice.

Start by purchasing several different kinds of already made bath salts in different colors and scents.

Pour them each into separate ceramic or glass bowls.

Place the bowls at a decorated table and add wooden scoops or regular spoons into each bowl.

At the table also have circle netting or organza pouches (you can find these at your local dollar store) along with some spools of ribbon.

Each guest can pick out the salts she likes, tie it into a sachet and create her own favor right on the spot!

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