Co-ed Baby Shower Favors

by Soni

Co-ed Baby Shower Favors and Prizes

Co-ed Baby Shower Favors and Prizes

Co-ed Baby Shower Favors and Prize Ideas

I hosted my first baby shower and it was a couples baby shower.

My biggest problem was finding guy-type co-ed baby shower favors and game gifts.

I wanted fun items that were reusable. Favors that they wouldn't just toss out or leave sitting around collecting dust.

I tried to think like a guy! So I ended up in the auto/car care section of a Walmart (although you can go anywhere) and found lots of cool, inexpensive car (guy) goodies.

Air fresheners, special themed keys, window stickers, chammy cloths, Armor All, tools, etc... They were a smash hit with my guy friends!

For the wives and girlfriends I had nail polish, coffee gift cards, bath stuff such as soaps, lotions and bath beads.

I had a "Guy" table and a "Girl" table for the favors to sit on. The guy table had a camouflage table cloth with a cute streamer going along the edges of it that was made using a fishing wire with several items tied to it such as golf tees, golf balls, peanuts in the shell, beer caps, fishing lures, etc. The favors where on the table for the men to take as they left the baby shower.

The "Girl" table had a pink table cloth with a pink feathered boa for the streamer. The boa was bedazzled with rhinestones, glitter and sequins!

This was so much fun to do and it really didn't take all that much time. The guests got a kick out of it!

It made the shower have a fun and relaxed feel instead of the uncomfortable, stuffy feeling you get at some baby showers.

If you are looking for a baby shower favor or prize ideas that will fit both men and women so you don't have to buy separate favors the candy barrels above would be perfect! Everyone loves candy and I think you can get a baby carriage put on the front of them! These can be found at

A few more great gender neutral baby shower prize and favor ideas are:

Gift cards to a coffeehouse or Starbucks with a coffee mug

A gift card to the movie theater with a pack of candy or popcorn make great prizes for Co-Ed shower games!

These can be less than $10 easily, making it great for showers with lots of games!

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