I am looking for crafts that the baby shower guests could make. I was at a baby shower last summer, we decorated white oneies for the Mom-to-be. Looking for other ideas.

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Baby Shower for Twins
by: Missmacy06

I just wanted to share a great baby shower experience with everyone!

I was invited to a baby shower for Sarah, a friend of mine who is having twins. The hostess, who is also a dear friend of mine, was so creative with the invitations! She had the invitations printed on onesies! What a cute and creative way to invite people to a baby shower!

This baby shower was so well thought out and planned. It was one of the best baby showers that I have ever been to! I just have to share these ideas with you!

Sarah is having twins (1 boy and 1 girl). The hostess put out 2 receiving blankets (they were trimmed in Pink and Blue) by the entrance. She had a little basket of fabric markers for everyone to leave a personal message on each blanket as they arrived. I thought this was such a thoughtful and great gift to the family.

Next, the decorations: there were small Diaper Cakes everywhere that were made out of onesies, tees and little hats. There was a mix of the traditional baby colors all over the place.

Each table though, had its own color theme, aside from the normal baby colors. One table had a Fuchsia theme, another one had an animal print theme and so on... On each table, there was a mix of styles and sizes that all of the guests could decorate and customize. Heaven only knows how helpful it will be for Sarah and Mitch to have such an abundance of clothes as the twins grow. We all know how fast and expensive it is.

Overall this was such a pleasant baby shower experience that I couldn’t help but ask where she got all of the supplies and to my surprise, she was able to get everything from one company! I know for sure that when I plan my sister’s baby shower next fall I will definitely be using to do something similar to what my friend did with this shower. It was seriously one of the best showers ever! And to top it all off, the parents-to-be have a huge variety of great blank and customized baby clothes for their twins now!

Birthday Cards
by: Brenda P.

I found the idea of guests making birthday cards for the baby a few years ago online. I hosted a shower and set out my scrapbooking stickers, card stock, markers, stencils, scissors, glue sticks and old greeting cards (can cut out small pictures or words from them). As soon as guests arrived, they were instructed to begin making a birthday card for the new little one. They would put Happy 1st (13th, 16th - what ever year they choose.) If they aren't finished when you are ready to start the shower activities, they can set it aside and finish during refreshment time. It is a neat way for friends and family to bless and encourage a child in years to come.

craft ideas
by: Lenna

My son is having his first baby! I have bought pj's,bottles lotion 1 z's ,socks , shoes, blankets, etc. I am stuffing everything in 1 pair of jamies adding stuffed toy for head put a hat on it wrap it in blankets! you have a new baby all wrapped up!

Craft Idea
by: Sonya

I noticed on the Wilton cake decorating site that they had bibs and markers in a 6 pack. Cute idea.

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