Survivor Baby Shower Theme
Jungle Theme

Host a shower with a "Survivor Baby Shower Theme" and Take celebrating to a whole new level


If you're tired of the same old run of the mill baby shower, kick it up a notch and host a jungle baby shower! Just remember, if you are the hostess, be sure to consult with the mom-to-be to make sure this is okay with her! We've got a bunch of cute and clever baby shower ideas below!

At this "safari baby shower", guests will be challenged and forced to eat things they have never experienced before! Say goodbye to the norm! Have fun and remember, It's A Jungle Out There!

This crazy theme sarcastically symbolizes the "survival" of becoming a new mom! It is also perfect for a couples baby shower! Look at these adorable jungle-themed baby shower items! We thought they they would be the perfect solution to creating the cutest safari baby shower!

Survivor Baby Shower Theme

We made up some wild jungle water bottle labels and other cute jungle goodies - you can find them over at our printable site. Click on the picture to take a peek.

Jungle Baby Shower Supplies

jungle baby shower

FREE Printable Elephant Baby Shower Decorations

jungle baby shower
Click on the elephant picture above to download and print these free printables! There are so many ways you can use these cute little guys. String onto ribbon or yarn and use as garland, use for favor tags, attach to a ribbon and wrap around napkins for instant napkin rings, attach to lollipop sticks and poke into cupcakes or food dishes!

Decorations For A Safari Baby Shower

See pictures of this popular safari baby shower from Partylicious!

  • Transform this jungle baby shower into a total "Survivor-style" atmosphere! This works great for an outdoor baby shower!
    Start off by adding stuffed monkeys and parrots to trees and bushes.
  • Place tiki torches all around to symbolize the "torches" on Survivor
  • Look for big leaves and greenery at your local craft store to give your party a jungle feel
  • Hand out safari hats
  • Have a bon fire
  • Play survivor style jungle music

Jungle Baby Shower Food

  • Serve mock Mai Tai's for the mom-to-be (and real one's for the guests!)
  • Have a BBQ with teriyaki chicken and pineapple skewers served over rice.
  • Have a coconut cake (since this is what most of the Survivors eat while they're out there)
  • We have several cute jungle cakes in our cake gallery to inspire you! (click on pictures to see the cute cakes and get instructions for making them!)

jungle baby shower
jungle baby shower
jungle diaper cake

Be sure to take a peek at all of our Jungle Diaper Cakes

Games, Prizes and Favors For A Safari Baby Shower

  • Play the "food challenge" game where blind folded guests have to guess which type of baby food
    they are eating.

  • Play the limbo game

  • Play the dirty diaper game

  • Hand out "survivor bandannas" (like they receive on the show) as favors. If you want to go a step further, wrap a little gift inside like gummy worms, gummy bugs, chocolates, soap or candles.

  • Kind of silly but... for prize ideas, hand out items the Survivor contestants on the show win in challenges. Rice, matches, water, snack foods, etc.

Printable Baby Shower Game - Guess The Size Of Mommy's Waist - Click here to download

Click the pic to grab this free printable of the popular "Guess the size of mommy's waist" game! Print, trim, pop into an 8x10" frame, place on a table with yarn and scissors - and you're all set! Have guests cut the yarn to the length they think will fit around mommy's belly! So fun!