20+ Best Baby Shower Gifts

We recently took a poll asking you, our readers, what the "best baby shower gifts" were to give or get. The answers were a mix of homemade items, practical items and designer baby gifts. Take a peek at all of the fun comments below!

  • Vickey from Michigan said she always gives eco-friendly cloth diapers

  • Kristin from Ohio - A moby wrap or any type of sling

  • Jocelyn from California - The best baby shower gifts that I have received at my showers, well the first one that I had was the swing. My son loved that, he was well behaved in that swing. The other item that I liked from my daughters baby shower was the stroller/carrier set that my mom gave me.

  • Saxkiamytha from Indonesia - clothes

  • Nina from Illinois - My favorite gift was my breast friend pillow - it helped with nursing so much. It is better than the boppy!!

    • April from Texas - a diaper wipes warmer

    • Pat from Texas - I always pick something off gift registry - usually a high chair or walker

    • Tania from Australia - Diaper Cakes

    • Caroline from Louisiana - Diapers and a Diaper Genie

    • Choi from California - stroller

    • Rose from North Carolina - must have blankets and special things to pass on

    • Dolores from Pennsylvania - diaper cakes

    • Karen from Colorado - Crocheted afghan

    • Christine from Arizona - I love making over-sized receiving blankets

    • Julie from Canada - I love to give practical gifts, from diapers and formula to baby proofing supplies

    • Lindsay from Texas - books

    • April from South Carolina - diaper cake

    • Kathy from Kentucky - Diapers

    • Mary from Rhode Island - I think the best baby shower gifts to give are cozy nursing gowns. It is important to think about not only what the baby will need, but also some special items for mom.

    • Sandra from New York - baskets with assorted things that the new mom and baby are going to need.

    • Jean from Michigan - I like to give useful everyday items, i.e., diapers, bottle brush, washcloths, burp rags.

    • Latasha from Florida - I am a mom and my favorite must have item is hairbands. I love the headbands with the big flowers or bows as well as retro ones with stripes and polka dots.
    • Tara from Florida - Coach baby bag

    • Shanda from Pennsylvania - I love giving the shower! And the bassinet!

    • Leslee from Oklahoma - A Tub with diapers, wipes, shampoo, baby bath, butt paste, pacifiers, onesies, socks, etc.

    • Karin from South Africa - Clothes

    • Brianne from Hawaii - Stroller

    • Patricia from Ecuador - Hooded towels that are personalized

    • Yasina from Canada - Diaper cakes

    • Eleanor from Texas - My must have baby item is the Bermuda Chest Espresso or the Avington 4-Drawer Chest - Dark Tobacco to complement my Baby Mod Cadence 4 in 1 crib.

    • Zsamina from Alabama - clothes

    • Delores from Texas - clothes and diapers

    • Vicky from Missouri - Diapers

    • Genevieve from South Africa - My favourite gift for a baby shower is a little hamper with some old (or new) baby books to build the newborns library, one or two needed baby essentials (clothes, blankets) and one or two pampering gifts for the mommy-to-be (a chocolate and a body wash). Cheap gifts in a little box or basket around the house, that can be simply covered with a little ribbon, or cheap paper.

    • Cammie from Canada - Books

    • Christy from Canada - Kiddie pool and a pair of sunglasses ;)

    • Patti from Tennessee - I love giving snugly blankets, and sweet clothing.

    • Yvette from New York - I love to make Diaper Cakes for Shower gifts. I try to find out if the Mom-to-Be has a theme for the shower and cater the diaper cake to the theme, which usually wows the crowd.

    Thank you to everyone that participated! Books, diapers, clothes and diaper cakes seem to be the most popular when it comes to the best baby shower gifts to give.

    If you have never given a diaper cake, they are an amazing baby shower gift to give - especially if you are the baby shower hostess! As the hostess, you can use the diaper cake as the main shower centerpiece and decorate it according to the baby shower theme. The cake is full of diapers and you can also add fun goodies and useful baby items such as socks, nail clippers, onesies, bottles, stuffed animals ... you name it! It makes the perfect decoration - and also the best baby shower gifts!


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