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Take a peek at all of these adorable, stylish and ultra hip diaper bag cakes!

These cute cakes are perfect for any baby shower - but require a bit of mad cake making skills! We've got some inspiring cakes and diaper baby shower ideas for you to see!

All of the cakes below have been submitted by our talented readers! Get inspired by all of the diaper bag baby shower cakes!

You can get some great ideas to make the cake yourself, or you can take it to your favorite baker and see if they can create it for you!

Coach Diaper Bag Cake

This Coach Cake was made by Jodi from Cumming, GA

Coach Diaper Bag Cake Picture
Picture of a designer Coach Diaper Bag Cake
Picture of a Popular Coach Diaper Bag Cake
Coach Diaper Bag Cake tutorial Picture

This is a fully edible cake. I threw a baby shower for my friend who happens to love designer bags so I couldn't think of a better cake for her!

She also happens to love Marshmallow fondant so that is what I used. To begin, I baked a 1/2 sheet cake and just cut it into the shapes that I needed for the cake.

I used butter cream to create a thin layer and then covered the whole cake in Marshmallow fondant.

I used a mini fondant letter cutter to make the c's but I actually used a G since the Coach c is a bit different. I had to sort of play with it to get it to look as close to the signature c that I could.

I wanted the cake to be a pretty green and girly so I used a pearl luster dust on the c's.

Everything in the diaper bag was molded with fondant. I used glasses to make the bends in the baby blanket that I needed as well as the straps.

This was my first purse cake and oh so much fun!

Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag Cake

picture of a Louis Vuitton diaper bag cake tutorial

Cute Pink Diaper Bag Cake

by Kara Buster
(Burnet, TX, U.S.)

Pink Diaper Bag Cake Image

For this cake I stacked three sheet cake putting butter cream between each layer. I then carved the edges of the cake to round them to look like a diaper bag.

I put a thick layer of butter cream on the entire cake and covered it with pink fondant. next i used my fondant cutter using the wheel that looked like stitches I them made lines across the cake to make it look like it was quilted.

Again I used the Pink fondant to make the pockets I stuffed the pockets with store bought baby items , I made and opening for the diaper bag and put a few more baby items "in the bag".

Using chocolate fondant I trimmed out the bag and made the handle. I used peel and stick letters for the babies name (not edible).

This was my first time to use fondant and to make a diaper bag cake. The mother-to-be loved her cake as did everyone at the shower.

It's an easy cake to make and I would say just run with the idea and be creative.

Real Huggies Diaper Cake

Picture of a DIY huggies diaper cake

This Huggies diaper cake is made from banana nut cake with cream cheese filling. Yum!

This cake was 9x13 stacked by 3 plus all the diapers which are also banana nut i have a cake pan for Twinkies, the keys and accessories are gum paste, thanks for looking.

Gucci Diaper Bag Cake

DIY Gucci Diaper Bag Cake Picture

I made this Gucci diaper bag cake for a baby shower. They like the Designer Gucci and I thought it would be perfect.

It is a yellow cake, with vanilla custard and strawberry, butter cream and marshmallow fondant.

The shoes, bottle, blanket, bottle, bib and keys are made out of gum paste. The bear is a ceramic bear bank.

Pink Baby Bag Cake

by Lisa Skelley
(Carson City, NV, USA)

pink diaper bag cake picture
pink diaper bag cake picture
cute picture of a pink diaper bag cake
pink diaper bag cake picture

I started off with 2- 9x13 french vanilla cakes and cut in half, stacked and filled with strawberry cream and fresh strawberry slices.

I made all the accessories ahead of time using fondant, duckie, bottle, diapers, toys, wipes and rash cream. I covered the bag with pink fondant and added a quilt pattern, pockets and strap.

I made a marbled pink and purple baby blanket with fringe edges out of fondant then draped over bag on one side. I then added some small buttons of fondant to the pockets and brushed with shimmer dust.

Everything was completely edible except the dowel holding the bottle on top.

Purple Diaper Bag Cake

by Danielle Martin
(Abington, Pa, United States)

picture of a purple diaper bag cake

This is a half sheet of pound cake stacked and doweled. it is covered in rolled fondant.

All of the accents were made the day of and sat on the cake. There are also some accents in butter cream. there is butter cream icing underneath the cake.

Everything is hand made and is was airbrushed with edible luster dust. and edible glitter was sprinkled on top. Used gum paste tools and exacto knife. marbling was done on purple bag by rolling and twisting purple and white fondant together.

Fashion Diaper Bag Cake

picture of a teal baby shower diaper bag cake

I created this fashion diaper bag cake for my friend who is going to have a baby boy.

The cake was decorated with fondant, I made it all with my hands.

Blue Diaper Bag Cake

by Samantha Butts
(International Falls, MN, USA)

Picture of a blue baby shower diaper bag cake

This Diaper Bag Themed Cake was made using an 11x18 pan then cutting it in to thirds. Leveled the cakes and used one of the tops to make the pouch on the side of the cake.

Covered the cake in butter cream frosting and then covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. All details are made out of marshmallow fondant also:)

Baby Arriving Diaper Bag Cake

by Danielle Martin
(Abington, Pa, United States)

diaper bag cake picture

This is a three tier cake with the bottom being a half sheet, second tier is a 1/4 sheet and the top is an 8inch round cut and flipped. it is covered in rolled fondant.

I used gum paste tool set and edible silver for the accents. everything is edible. the handles were made ahead of time to set and dry. there is one wooden dowel through the whole cake.


Cute And Easy Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Decor Tip: You can match the entire shower with the baby shower cake by incorporating a few key items! This will tie the whole shower together and create a festive and fun atmosphere!

  • Buy a cute and trendy diaper bag and fill it will all of the latest baby necessities (socks, booties, rattles, binkies, stuffed animals, baby lotion, powder, and all sorts of fun stuff!) - Place it on the gift table as the centerpiece and as your gift to the mom to be and baby!

  • Find coordinating scrap book paper and use for place mats, labels, signs, gift tags, prize tags, name tags, cut into strips and wrap around candles and vases!

  • The new trend now is to have a cake and then have coordinating cupcakes that guests can take home. You can frost the cupcakes to match the cake and place the cupcakes into cute boxes and send them home with guests as favors!

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