Tigger Diaper Cake

by Charlotte Moore
(Spencer , Tn)

Tigger Diaper Cake

Tigger Diaper Cake

When I started this Tigger Diaper Cake for a shower I had no idea what colors to use.

I worked with it and I think these colors were perfect! It's very bright and colorful which makes it eye catching.

I used 50 size 1- Huggies Diapers, Tigger Toy, Tigger Rattler for topper, Tigger teething ring, some other teething rings, and on the back side which you cant see I added Baby powder, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo and Diaper Rash Ointment.

These diapers are rolled and secured with rubber bands. I also like to use cotton crochet thread to secure each layer before I add ribbon just to keep it all in place better.

I usually hot glue the ribbon ends together. I like to add shreds for icing which makes the cake look fuller.

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Mini Mouse Diaper Cake

by Cindy Hyde
(Lake Havasu City Arizona)

Mini Mouse Diaper Cake

Mini Mouse Diaper Cake

I really don't have instructions, I just put it together but below is what I used and how I used it.

Mini Mouse Diaper Cake:

40 size one diapers rolled with rubber bands

Second and third layers I used a baby bottle in the middle

To hold the diapers together I used pink and black ribbon and small clothes pins which looked really cute held the ribbon in place. I also used the clothes pin to attached the pacifier bag on he left side of the cake.

Mini Mouse has a magnet on her bottom and the diapers which hold her up but had to pin her in the front also

The flower in front of the cake is a baby t-shirt and flower in the middle and on the shoes I added the ribbon to match the ribbon on the cake.

Around the cake is socks and mittens which I folded to make look like flowers

The base is cut out cardboard with black material.

The colors were perfect together. Since I could not attend the shower I had to make an impression and from what I was told this was Jessica's centerpiece. It was fun making it for her.

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Disney Carousel Diaper Cake

by Michelle Dobson
(Palmer, Alaska)

Disney Carousel Diaper Cake

Disney Carousel Diaper Cake

Disney Carousel Diaper Cake

You will need wrapping paper, cake circle, ric-rac, one pkg. NB diapers, 2 baby bath towels, 4 washcloths, mobile with Disney characters, ribbon in co-ordinating colors, scotch tape, curling ribbon, rubberbands, five 3/16 inch dowel rods, craft paint, cardboard paper towel tube and a revolving cake stand.

Cover the cake circle with wrapping paper of your choice and glue ric-rac around the edge. Paint 5 dowel rods and let dry.

Fold the bath towels slightly wider than width of diapers. Starting at one end, lay a diaper lengthwise on one towel and start rolling. Overlap the next diaper slightly and continue rolling until both towels are used, making one large towel cake.

Secure with a rubber band. Cover with ribbon. For the washcloth bundles, roll 3 diapers together and secure with a rubberband. Cover with a washcloth folded in half and secure with more ribbon. Insert dowel rods into washcloth bundles and large towel cake. Using ribbon, tie one animal from the mobile onto each washcloth dowel rod. Position the bath towel bundle in the middle of the cake circle.

Cover the paper towel tube with wrapping paper and place over the center dowel rod.

Embellish with curling ribbon spouting from the top. Position the 4 washcloth bundles around the outer edge of cake circle.

Add the crossbar topper from the mobile and adjust the dowel rods. May embellish the topper with more ric-rac. Elevate on the revolving cake stand. Enjoy!

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Eeyore Aviator Diaper Cake

by Maria Roca
(Wichita, KS )

Eeyore Aviator Diaper Cake

Eeyore Aviator Diaper Cake

Here is an Eeyore Aviator diaper cake complete with his own personalized Eeyore passport which was I made to use as the greeting card. In in his other paw are miniature navigation maps, and a pilot magazine.

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Winnie The Pooh Diaper Cake

by Jo

Baby Boy Blue & Pooh - Diaper Cake

Baby Boy Blue & Pooh - Diaper Cake

For this baby shower diaper cake, you will need:

196 blue edge diapers size 1. Purchased at Hy-vee, ( also come in pink).

1 yard of pooh striped fabric purchased at JoAnn's fabric.

Half yard of blue gingham for cake ruffle.

Foam Poohs purchased at Dollar Tree.

22 additional items for decorating cake, like rattles.

Socks, link-a-dos, comb brush etc.

The base of the cake is 55 inches. I cut ribbon 56 inches hot glued ends together and added rolled diapers until ribbon was tight.

I added cardboard circles in between layers.Stair step up each layer.

I did not add cardboard circle to last layer so Pooh could stand up.

Foam pooh were just tucked in between diapers.

Link-a-doos can be added by clipping to ribbon. All other items were added by threading 1/8 in. White ribbon into large eye doll needle. Pick your spot where you want to add your item and poke needle through and pull ribbon through add item and tie it to the cake with a bow.
Continue until all items are added to the cake.

This was a very fun cake to make and the Mother-To -Be was thrilled with it!

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