Gender Reveal Party Ideas 

Gender Reveal Party Ideas: Once you’re done sharing the news of your pregnancy, it doesn’t take too long for excited family and friends – and sometimes complete strangers too – to start inquiring about the baby’s gender.

It’s only natural though, some want to start planning a baby shower while some may want to start looking for the perfect gift, and some, could be just plain curious! 

Either way, if you are wanting to share the news of your baby’s gender and want it to be conveyed in a special way, what better idea than to host a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party doesn’t just give everyone something so exciting to anticipate, but also gives you a reason to celebrate the first of many joys and milestones that your pregnancy, and eventually baby, will bring into your life. 

A gender reveal party can be as simple as a family get-together over a meal or elaborate enough for you to host a venue, set a theme and reveal the gender in an unforgettable way.

You can also decide whether you are in on the secret or are you waiting to be surprised as well. The easiest way to do this would be to appoint a close family member or friend to get the results from your doctor and arrange the specific reveal portion of the party with you (or for you!)

First things first: 

For your gender reveal party, narrowing things down would work best once you have set a theme.

It could be as simple as a Taco Party where you and your guests have fun smashing a piñata to reveal pink or blue confetti or you could go for a more formal royal teatime theme and make guests guess between a prince or princess. 

gender reveal piñata

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you and your family are sports fans, make it a Team Girl/Team Blue event and plan a baseball evening or just come up with some competitive but fun games with two teams playing against each other.

Or if you want your decorations and theme to be similar to a baby shower, pick a neutral idea such as ‘what will it bee?’ and use honeybees and honeycombs as inspirations. 

what will it bee gender reveal

Invitations and gifts

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

On your invite, make it clear what the party is being hosted for and if there are specific colors or accessories you want your guests to wear. Also, sometimes it’s a bit confusing to think if gender 

reveal parties require gifts or not. However, there is no real rule regarding this and if someone is keen to bring in a gift for you at this time, you can share your baby registry that has gender neutral gift options for them to pick from. 

gender reveal Decor and food

Your decorations and food will largely depend on what you end up deciding for a theme.

If it’s a sporty theme then you have lots of options to go through and pick something that could turn your venue into a playing field or if you are hosting an elegant tea party, think pink and blue acrylic beads, a tea set and floral tablecloths. 

pink blue gender reveal

You can also order a tassel and garland set that has pink and blue details with some splashes of gold and silver.

Set it up behind your center table if you are planning to reveal the gender through a cake that has pink or blue cream filling inside or use it as a backdrop to when your guests bite into plain white cake pops that will have the gender specific color revealed inside when they take their first bite! 

Line up your table with strawberries and blueberries to continue the play on colors and offer cookies that go along with your theme such as pink and blue footballs, sports jerseys or baseball bats. 

Or you could fill your venue up with balloons and then plan your reveal through helium balloons trapped in a big box. Once you open the lid, the color of the balloons will reveal whether a baby boy or baby girl is heading your way! 

gender reveal party ideas: Games

Planning some games is always a fun way to liven up a party and get the guests excited for the final reveal.

Host a Guess the Gender raffle or divide your crowd into two teams and have each come up with their list of top 5 girl names and boy names for your baby – you get to pick your favorite!

gender reveal buttons

Gender Reveal Party Ideas: Favors and thank you notes

Make sure to show your guests how much their participation and excitement at your event meant to you and as they leave, hand out thank you notes along with a gender-neutral colored favor such as scented candles or specialty soaps with a personalized stickers wrapped around.