Elephant Diaper Cake

by Take One Events

Elephant Diaper Cake

Elephant Diaper Cake


This beautiful 3 tier diaper cake was made with the following items:

177) Pampers Size 2
(1) Comb and Brush Set
(1) Pair of booties
(1) Baby Bib
(2) Receiving Blankets
(1) 1 oz. Head to Toe Baby Wash
(1) 1 oz. Baby Wash
(1) 1.5 oz. Baby Powder
(4) Washcloths

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Jungle Theme Diaper Cake

by Terrie
(Grosse Ile Michigan)

Jungle diaper cake

Jungle diaper cake

For this 4 tier jungle Diaper Cake I used approximately 132 size 1 Pampers Swaddlers diapers which were rolled and banded with clear hair bands sold at Target. I used 2 - 8 ounce baby bottles in the center to hold the cake together and to start the tier. A foil wrapped cake board sold at Cake Decorating Shops was used for the bottom. I used a cake board that was 2 inches larger than the bottom layer so I could sit the larger items on the bottom. I used recieving blankets on 2 of the layers held together by a diaper pin, and the other 2 layers were wrapped in wide ribbon held together by double sticky sided tape.

All of the rattles, onsies etc are either attached to the cake with diaper pins, tucked into the diaper rings, or placed behind the decorative ribbon.

As a special gift for the Mom to be, I attached a Pandora Giraffe charm around the neck of the Stuffed Giraffe Musical box that is on top op the cake.

This was my first Diaper Cake and I couldn't be more pleased about the results. It was easy to make, rolling the diapers takes the most time and that was less than 30 minutes.

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Monkey Business Diaper Cake

by Marta
(United Sates, Waterbury, CT)

Monkey Business Diaper Cake

Monkey Business Diaper Cake

Monkey Business Diaper Cake

Supplies need to make this cake

size 1 diapers about 100 to 150 I chose Parents choice diapers and used 150.

1 Child of mine body 0/3 month suit made by carters(Item is in the center of first tier on cake. (not visible)(optional)

1 Child of mine pants in light blue 0/3 months made by carters also in the center of first tier. (not visible))optional)

1 Carters Dino Pals sweater and pant set 0/3 months. Placed in the center of second tier. (not visible)(optional)

1 Gerber Terry cloth bib and matching burp cloth, and baby blue scratch mittens. placed in the center of last tier (top layer)(optional)

1 pair of blue boy slippers made by carters.(placed on the side of cake on second tier)(optional)

1 Travel pack of baby Johnson and Johnson's bath products. Powder, shampoo, lotion, baby wash, and destine sample placed inside the first tier as well.

1 Nojo plush monkey 12inch

1 123 puppy rattle and tether made by Fisher Price.(optional)

2 Baby spoons blue and white. or you can use a fork and spoon (optional)

2 1.5inx144in (about 4 yards of one and 2 yards of the other) I chose baby blue polka dot.

6 medium sized rubber bands in blue.

1 small rubber band

1 small bag of basket shreds your choice of color I chose yellow about 85 cubic centimeters.

1 glue gun

1 glue stick.

1 clear sized basket bag 22inch x 30inch.

1 9x9 cake pan (to form your cake)

1 Roll of double sided removable transparent tape, about 1/4 inch in size.

1 roll of regular scotch tape.

1. box of push pins. I used about fifteen or so just to keep my tiers and monkey from toppling over. I used about 15.

1 sheet of tissue paper to cover tiers so diapers and contents in the middle are not affected by shreds. I chose a baby blue polka dot patterns, but u can use
white. (optional)

1 Bow Dabra bow maker with instruction book.

2 yards of bow ribbon tie wire

I like to sketch a picture of what I am about to make before hand sort of like a blue print, and work off of that. This was my very first attempt at a diaper cake.

1. Gather your supplies.

2.Plug in your glue gun and set aside from other supplies to insure the glue gun is ready when needed.

3. Take your body suit and your pants and roll into a cylinder. do the same for your other baby clothes or items you will be using. Put aside.

4. Make your desired style of bow using your Bowdabra or what ever method you use to make bows. ensuring that one is bigger than the next. So that you have a large bow for your bottom tier a medium bow for your center tier and a small bow for your top tier. Set aside.

5. Set a scrap bag aside your work station to throw away scraps while working if no longer needed.

6. Take your 9x9inch cake pan and diapers and begin placing diapers into the pan, making sure to hold the diapers firmly against the inside edge of the pan. I did not use the rolling method. So be sure to overlap the diapers about 2 inches or so with in each other. Till you get a perfect circle. Keeping a small whole in the middle.Overlap your last diaper in the opposite direction as beginning diapers insuring you hide the design flap on the top of the diaper.

7. Add your first rolled up set of baby products and place in the center to fill the whole.

8. Place a medium sized rubber band around the first tier of your cake. Once secure remove the cake form the pan and adjust diapers and baby products as you would like to form a circle. Keep in mind the rubber band is there to keep everything form forming apart, while you adjust the cake tier.

9. Take 1 squared piece of tissue and place on the top of your tier, tucking into the middle of your cake insuring that the only thing covered are the products in the center. flip over and do the same for the bottom of the cake.

10. Place a few strands of double sided removable tape across the top of your cake. Making sure that the double sided tape stay over the center of the cake.

11. Add some shreds over the top of your cake.

12. Repeat steps 5 through 10, using less diapers for each tier.

13. place some double sided removable tape on the bottom of second tiers so that it can grip to the first tier.

14. place 3 push pins on the sides and back of tier into the first tier to keep it form toppling.

15. Repeat steps 5 through 13 for your last and final tier.

16. With ribbon measure the amount of ribbon you would need to wrap completely around the center of your cake. Making sure that the ribbon overlaps about an inch and a half or so.

17. Place some double sided tape on one side of the ribbon.

18. Place ribbon around cake tier again and tape both ends together. Making sure to fold one side of ribbon to cover the frayed ends.

19. Take your hot glue gun,(being very careful it is very hot at this point) and your larger bow put a small dot of hot glue gun on the back of bow. Blow a little only to stop the glue from dripping do not let the glue harden. Place the bow onto the center of the ribbon covering the over lap you made.

20. Repeat steps 16 through 20 for each of the following tiers. Set glue gun aside.

21. place your plush toy on the top of your cake (pose as desired) tier. Using some double sided tape on the toys bottom so it is a bit tacky. And place push pins evenly where needed to adhere the toy to the top tier.

22. Place rattle in the toys lap or hand or however desired. Using double sided tap wrap around toys a few times and adhere to toy. Making sure to try and hide the tape.

23. Take your hot glue gun and your Johnson and Johnson's products place a small dot of glue on the labels of the products one at a time. And place product ensuring that products are place on the ribbon not the diapers. I chose to place my products to the back of my cake.

24 Take your baby booties and remaining tissue and stuff your booties, to shape. Take a push pin and adhere the booties to a place where you desire on the cake, I chose the second tier to each side of the cake.

25. Take your small rubber band and your two baby spoons. Wrap the rubber band around the spoons, making sure that the spoons over lap in sort of an x shape.

26. place your spoons behind the ribbon in a desired place. in this case I chose the bottom tier behind the bow. Make sure the rubber band is not showing.

27. Place your basket wrap from top to bottom. be sure that you have some holding the cake on the ends so that you can tape the bottom of the wrap to the bottom of the cake with the regular scotch tape.

You Are Done!

For this size cake the basket wrap I chose was to small to wrap form the bottom up.( I under estimated how tall the cake would be) So I was not able to bunch up at the top and add a decorative ribbon on the top.

You can substitute the bag for cellophane wrap instead. Or Tulle.

This was my first attempt at making a cake so I do apologize if I missed something. Although I do not believe I have. Thanks so much for taking a look. And thanks for allowing me to enter this contest. I have a few more showers on the way an a new niece and nephew on the way so I will be making some more. I am sure.

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Giraffe Diaper Cake

by Debbie

Giraffe Diaper Cake

Giraffe Diaper Cake

This jungle diaper cake was made for two special people, their design was baby cocoa.

I choice to be different from the norm - I placed a canvas which I decorated with scrap book stickers (wrapped), then I choice to use 2 storage boxes (keep plastic on boxes)for the center base of two layers. ( so they could fill with baby memories).

I rolled a total of 72 size one diapers (secured with rubberband) I used two sided tape to secure each box together as well as the large box to the wrapped canvas.

Used several different size ribbons and colors to secure the diapers to the box.

The top layer was secured with ribbon, was all diapers.
there were 4 onesies
4 washclothes
2 sets of booties
2 bibs
pacifier holder
J&J diaper rash oitment
motrin, medicine dropper
2 sets brush & comb
shampoo, lotion,& baby wash
2 spoons
3 picture frames
monkey rattle
stuffed giraffe,lion,& elephant
one homemade rattle made from two lollipops

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