The Popular Snoogle vs
Back And Belly Maternity Pillow

Find out which pregnancy body pillow is best - and why every expecting momma needs one!

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Snoogle vs "Back And Belly" Pillow: 

I recently received an email from a reader named Jessica, asking if I had any tips or recommendations for choosing a maternity pillow. She was having trouble sleeping at night and just couldn't seem to get comfortable. Her back hurt, she had terrible heartburn and she needed some relief, fast.

To help her out, I put up a short survey on the site, asking readers what their favorite maternity pillows were.

The answer I received the most was Snoogle Total Body Pillow (love the name!) I wanted to compare it to another product to give her (and you) the pros and cons of each body pillow, so I chose a similar pillow that had a few differences. So keep reading as I uncover the perks of the pregnancy pillows!

I'm Jealous

First of all, where were these pillows when I was having my babies?! I had a regular old body pillow from Target and would have to prop several other pillows behind me to be even remotely comfortable. And... if I needed to roll over or move, my pillow mountains would be ruined and I'd have to start the building process all over. Do you relate?

Pregnancy, maternity pillows also make wonderful baby shower gifts - they solve so many problems and can be used as a nursing pillow after the baby has been born! 

It turns out, Snoogle and Back And Belly are actually made by the same company - they both do a great job at addressing common pregnancy problems such as back pain, neck support, etc. When choosing which maternity pillow is best, it basically comes down to personal preference, your pregnancy symptoms (or aches and pains), and your sleeping patterns.

So let's start with Snoogle Body Pillow and find out exactly why it is so great!

All About The Snoogle Body Pillow

picture of the snoogle body pillow

Benefits / Pros Of Snoogle

When you're pregnant, especially in the later months, you are uncomfortable. Your back aches, your feet are swollen, you have trouble sleeping, your nose is stuffy and the list goes on.

Regular body pillows, as I mentioned above, are somewhat helpful, but they don't support both sides - you can either prop your belly on the pillow, or support your back with it. You need more than one pillow to get relief.

Snoogle takes away the need for having to use several pillows to support legs, tummy, back, hips, and neck.

It was developed by a Nurse and Mom who knows the needs of a pregnant women.

The Snoogle provides perfect support for your growing belly and aching legs and back. It is great for preventing sciatica and helping with lower back pain.

Some other perks are that you can tuck it in between your knees for help with back pain and temperature control. It cradles your tummy, and props up your head to aid in breathing and help prevent heartburn. 

You can remove the outer cover for easy washing. They also have cute patterned covers you can buy if you want to change up from the traditional ivory color.

BONUS: the Snoogle can also use it after the baby is born to prop baby up, use as a barrier to keep them from rolling off of the bed, or use as support when nursing.

picture of the snoogle body pillow

Possible Cons

Some people are concerned that the Snoogle will take up too much room in the bed, compared to the traditional body pillow.

I did a little research and read several user reviews and the size does not seem to be a problem. In fact, one owner said her pillow fits fine in a queen bed with 2 people and a dog in the bed. 

Another possible drawback based on customer reviews, was that Snoogle may not give as much back pain relief in the last weeks of pregnancy, as it did in the earlier months. This may be the case with any maternity pillow since the last weeks of pregnancy are pretty uncomfortable and all of the annoying symptoms seem to be worse without being able to get much relief. 

Read more reviews about Snoogle.

Let's dive into the "Back N' Belly Pillow" and see what it's all about!

Back N' Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Back N' Belly maternity body pillows picture

Pros / Benefits

Back N' Belly body pillow has all of the fun perks of the Snoogle except it provides added support to both sides. It has been compared to blissfully floating on fluffy clouds.

  • The main difference between the Back N' Belly and Snoogle is, you don't have to reposition as much at night. You are fully supported around your front and back which eliminates the need for turning over. 

  • This can actually be either a positive or negative, depending on your preferences. If you are experiencing pain in your back and also want tummy support, then the Back N' Belly may be the pillow for you.If you want freedom to move around with little constriction,  then this may be a bit too much support 
  • The Back N' Belly is wonderful for supporting your entire back and belly at the same time, with full support - and also aligns your hips for added comfort.

  • It helps with acid reflux, congestion, and sciatica (which the Snoogle does as well) 

  • The Back N' Belly is easily bendable so you can position it in any shape you want. Snuggle it, use it to prop your head up, even feed the baby as shown in the picture below.

Back N' Belly maternity body pillows banner
Back N' Belly maternity body pillows

Possible Cons

  • The same question about size came up with the Back N' Belly as it did with the Snoogle - and again, it doesn't seem to be an issue. It fits well in a queen sized bed with 2 people sleeping in it.

  • Some people complain that it is hard to move around and roll to your opposite side once you are laying down in the middle of it. It is also hard to get out of bed.

  • A few people have complained about the seem on the top of the pillow being a little rough. Others say they trimmed the scratchy part off and it is fine now.

Read more online reviews of the Back N' Belly Pillow

So there ya have it! I hope this comparison gives you a clear overview of the popular maternity pillows and helps you to make an informed decision.

Whether you are purchasing the pillow for yourself, or buying it for a friend or relative as a baby shower gift - I hope the pillow (whichever one you may choose) brings much comfort and pain relief and makes the pregnancy go smoother!

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