Train Baby Shower

Choo Choo! All Aboard the
Baby Shower Express!

Celebrate the expected new arrival with a "Choo Choo Train Baby Shower"! Below are some cute ideas to get your wheels rolling!

{FREE Printable Train Baby Shower Decorations}

We designed these FREE printable trains for you to print from home, cut out and start decorating! There are so many fun uses for these little trains!

  • You can thread them onto decorative ribbon and hang them around the edge of the main baby shower table for instant baby shower garland!
  • Attach to a wooden skewer and poke into cupcakes, food dishes, or a plain round cake for instant "train" cuteness!
  • Attach to ribbon and wrap around napkins for festive napkin rings
  • Hang from the ceiling with clear fishing line

Click on the picture to open and print

train baby shower

More Fun Train Baby Shower Ideas

  • Set up a toy train set (ask friends if you don't have one - someone's bound to have one)
  • For a cute decoration, stack vintage suitcases in a pile and top with a cute stuffed animal. Or open up a large suitcase and set it on the gift table - have a cute sign saying "luggage area - please set your bags here" - so guests know to place their gifts in the suitcase
  • For favors, hand out hobo bags filled with goodies. To make them, buy some wooden dowels and some bandannas. Put some goodies in the center (candy, bath bombs, soaps, etc) of the bananas and wrap up and tie around the dowels to look like a hobo bag.
  • Spruce up your table with a cute train pinata (you don't have to use it as a pinata though - use it at a centerpiece)
  • Another centerpiece idea is to purchase a big toy train and fill it with baby essentials (socks, onesies, rattles, etc.)
  • Cover your table with a white table cloth and make train tracks with black construction paper or streamers running down the middle of the table. You can also place a toy train on the track.
  • Cut out sandwiches with a train shaped cookie cutter
  • Make train shaped cookies, frost them to match the baby shower color scheme (a simple way to make colored frosting is to buy the tubs of frosting that is found next to the boxed cake mix at the grocery store - add a few drops of food coloring and stir), and serve as snacks or give away as favors
  • Serve food on blue or denim colored plates/napkins/cups
  • Float train shaped balloons all around
  • Dress a big stuffed bear in overalls and a red bandanna so he can be the conductor

Look at all of the cool train stuff we found at our favorite shop! Big Dot Of Happiness is an amazing online store with the cutest supplies and the best customer service around! They are always so cheerful and helpful!

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