The Ultimate List Of Baby Shower Game Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

OVER 50 BABY SHOWER GAMES TO INSPIRE YOU: Are you ready to choose some fun and festive Baby Shower Game Ideas? We've gathered the ultimate list of popular baby shower games to play! 100's of readers have sent in their favorite game ideas - pick your favorites! Enjoy and have fun!

2 Popular Ice Breaker Baby Shower Games 

Get the guests-a-minglin' and feeling at home with one or two icebreaker baby shower game ideas!

  • Take A Mint - This is a fun baby shower game idea! As guests come through the door offer them some mints (or any small candy in a bowl.) After everyone has arrived, go around the room and have each person tell an interesting fact (or facts) about themselves. How ever many mints they have taken is the amount of interesting facts they have to divulge. (I took a large handful at the last shower I attended, and found out that I'm not really as interesting as I thought! Oh well.)

  • Don't Say Baby Game - Hand each guest a clothespin when they arrive and have them pin it to themselves. The rules are that no one is allowed to say the word "baby." If a guest catches another guest saying "baby", they get to take their diaper pin. The person with the most pins at the end is the winner. Note: You may want to only run this game for a half-an-hour or so, it can take over the whole shower if you let it go on for too long.

image of don't say baby clothespin game for a baby shower

Unique Baby Shower Games

  • Name Tag Game - Have name tags for each guest with baby related items printed on them instead of their names. Diaper, baby food, formula... are a few examples. During the shower everyone must call each guest by their "new name." If a guest is caught caught calling someone by their real name, they must put some money (nickels, dimes, dollars, whatever they have) in a basket or piggy bank which will be given to the baby. This is pretty fun! Guests are walking around saying things like: Hey "baby wipes" how are your kids?

  • Guess the Baby - This is one that won't actually end until the baby is born. Have guests write down the date and time that they think the baby will be born (and gender if not yet known.) Send the person with the closest guess a gift after the baby has been born.

  • Floating Duckies - This is a fun baby shower game idea that people on the shy or reserved side tend to enjoy because it doesn't involve the guests having to do anything. Have a tub full of little rubber duckies floating in water (one per person attending the shower.) Number the bottom of each little ducky. When guests arrive have them draw from a bowl full of numbers that you have prepared. Throughout the shower (every 15-25 minutes or so) pull out a ducky and call out the number. The person with the matching number gets a prize.

  • Baby Under Your Chair - A classic baby shower game idea! Tape the word baby under a chair. The guest who finds this under her chair wins a prize. (Can also tape it under a plate or cup)

  • Count the Jelly Bellies - This is a simple baby shower game idea! Buy a regular sized baby bottle and fill it with pastel colored jelly bellies. Make sure to count them as you are putting them in. Have each baby shower guest write down how many jelly bellies they think are in the bottle. The guest that comes the closest wins.

  • Spoons Game - Connect two spoons with a long piece of rope (about two feet long) then get your guests into two groups start both groups at the same time each person must run the spoons under their clothes and then pass the spoons to the next person in line and so on, the group to get finished the fastest wins!

  • Birthing Your Baby Game (also known as the "My Water Broke Game") - To prepare: freeze ice cube trays almost half way then place a blue or pink plastic baby in the middle and then fill up to the top and freeze some more then when frozen place in a zip lock bag. It is a very fun and quick and simple game. The first to birth there baby with out breaking it or taking it out of the bag wins a prize.

  • Baby Shower Trivia Games - We compiled a list of the most popular baby shower trivia games and show you how to play them! See how smart those baby shower guests really are! Get tons of trivia game ideas, here.

  • Baby Shower Bingo Gameguests fill in their cards with popular baby words. The first one to get 5 in a row, wins! Get full direction on how to play baby shower bingo and gift bingo, here.

  • The Left Right Baby Shower GameThis is a popular baby shower game idea! Have guests sit in a circle and hand one of the guests a wrapped present. Don't let her/him open it yet.

    Begin reading the story aloud from the game card. Each time you say the word LEFT they have to pass it to the person on their left.

    Each time you say RIGHT pass it to the right. The guest left holding the gift at the end of the story is the winner! 
    Get the printable version of the Left Right Baby Shower Game, here

  • The Price Is Right Baby Shower GameThis is a fun and exciting game that everyone just loves! Show guests several common baby items and have them  guess the right prices. The cool thing is, the mom-to-be gets to keep all of the baby items for her new baby. Read all about it here.

  • Guess the Month Game - I am hosting a baby shower for my co-worker. Since she found out she was pregnant, I have been taking two pictures of her every month (one forward, one sideways). At her baby shower I plan to mix up all the pictures and try to have the guests guess the order in which they should go. (it's not as easy as it sounds) Also now the Mom will get the keep all the pictures for the baby book.

  • Don't Drop The Baby Game - Pair up guests in teams of 2 and give each team an egg that you have drawn a face on. Have them stand toe to toe and pass the baby (egg) from one partner to the other. If they don't drop the baby then they each take one step backwards and pass the baby again. They keep repeating the above until someone drops the baby. Teams are out when they drop their baby. The last team with a baby wins.

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  • Mommy & Daddy Baby Shower Activity - The Mother and father to be have to work together... they each have one hand tied behind their back and have to undress, clean and redress the doll in a certain amount of time! Its hilarious to watch... and a good time for first time parents to have to work together!

  • "Make a Paper Baby Game" - Give each guest a piece of paper (8x11). Behind their back, they must tear out the shape of a baby. The best way to start, is fold the paper in half, usually starting with the head. Putting your name on the back of the "baby", mommy must pick the best baby! This will have everyone laughing ~ it's great!

  • Was It Mom or Dad Game - Contact the new mom & dad's families and ask them for a list of about 10 facts about them as children (ie- who didn't walk until they were 15 months old- mom or dad?). Have the guests decide if it was mom or dad. The guest who gets the most correct wins!

  • Match Famous Parent with Child Game - For this game, we have pictures of all the famous parents on one board and another board with their children (mixed up of course). They also have a list on a sheet to match the parent and child. Some of the celebrities include Janet Leigh and her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, Blythe Danner and Gwyenth Paltrow, Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, etc. The catch is to have parents with different last names.

  • Multiples Baby Shower Game - If somebody is having multiples, bring baby dolls to match how many kids (if the mother to be is having twins, bring two baby dolls) and the matching number of diapers. Time how long it takes each guest to change one diaper while taking care of the other "baby" its really fun seeing what kind of interesting things people come up with. Rules: The guest who changes the babies the fastest is the winner! You can only put ONE baby one the floor ... the baby you are "changing"

  • Guess the Toilet Paper Squares Game - Similar to the string game, except this time the guests have to guess how many squares of toilet paper it will take to wrap a roll of toilet paper around mom-to-be's belly. After everyone has written their answer on a small piece of paper, have the hostess wrap around mom's belly, and count. Closest - without going over - wins!

  • Favorite Baby Story Game - Go around the room and have everyone tell their favorite baby story. Whether it's their own story, their own baby's, a niece, or someone you babysat for! Put a time limit on the story's (1-2 minutes)! Then the mother-to-be picks her favorite story she just heard and that person gets a prize! This gets everyone to talk and helps break the ice when there are a mixture of friends and family.

  • Book Themed Baby Shower Idea - I know a lot of Mom's who had book-themed baby showers thrown for them. One of the hostesses went further than just asking the guests to bring a book as a gift. She had a special crossword made (with the permission of the parents) as a game. Each one was different, and the crosswords given to the grandmothers-to-be spelled out the sex of the baby.

  • Guess What's In The Bag Game - Have ten brown lunch bags labeled 1-10 sitting on a table and fill each one with a baby item.
Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil and number 1-10. Have them reach their hands into each bag and guess what is in each one without opening it. 

    Example baby items: nail clippers, rattle, socks, mittens, bibs, pacifier - try to come up with odd shaped items that will be hard to guess. Stroll down the baby isle of a store to find challenging items. The person with the most correct wins a prize. All of the baby items can be given to the mom-to-be!

  • Guess who you are game - When guests arrive you use a sticky label that has the name of a famous mother printed on it and place it on their back. For example, Whistler's mother, Jackie Onassis, Joan Crawford, Old woman in the shoe, etc. For a couples shower, you use famous moms and dads. Guests ask questions with yes or no answers to try and guess who they are. The first one to guess wins. There can be first, second and third prizes. It's fun and it's a great ice breaker.

  • Gum Babies Game - Give each guest a piece of gum, like hubba bubba, (something thick and square). Tell guests not to chew it! Have each guest take their gum and mold it into the shape of the baby in 30 seconds. The person who's gum looks most like a baby wins a small prize.

  • Clever Poker Baby Shower Game - I changed the "don't say the word baby" game a bit. I used 2 decks of cards for 13 guests. (some cards were left over) Whoever caught someone saying the word BABY would get to take one of their cards and then give them one they didn't like. Always having 5 cards in your hand. At the end of the shower, whoever had the best hand of poker won a big prize.Was great fun.

  • Break Your Water Game - All the guests get a water filled balloon, they must walk a certain distance and back, with the balloon between their legs. As the ladies break their balloons (waters) they are out. The remaining full balloon wins a gift. A fun outside, summer shower suggestion.

  • Baby Pictionary Game - We had a large group at one shower, so we split the group in two, and had one volunteer from each side to come up and draw for that team. All of the items to draw were baby/mom related. Each time a group got it right, we gave them all raffle tickets... at the end, we just called out a few raffle tickets and gave prizes to those few people.

  • How I met the mommy-to-be Game - I have a variety of friends and family and a variety of ages. I didn't want my shower to be uncomfortable for everyone because they didn't know each other, so my mom and I came up with a nice little ice-breaker game. When everyone got settled in we had each person stand up and tell how they met the mommy-to-be and their first impression. I'll admit, it may be a little uncomfortable for the guest of honor, but some of the stories and first impressions you'll hear are hilarious. No need for prizes with this one (definitely a plus if you're working on a tight budget). Just plain and simple fun.

  • How Long am I pregnant Baby Shower Game - Have a list of animals (and a human) on one side of the paper, and then a list of days they are pregnant on the other side of the paper. Have guests match up how long each is pregnant. Some examples are cows: 285 days; humans: 270 days; hamster: 17 days; etc. The guest who gets the most right wins a baby shower prize!

  • Clothes Pin game - Place wooden clothes pins on hanger until full. Each participant must put one hand behind their back & the other to grab as many clothes pins without dropping them & saying a new baby product/item each time before grabbing the next clothes pin. The one that has the most wins!!! Very entertaining & fun to watch or distract!

  • Diaper pin game - My aunt played this game at my cousin's shower, and it has stuck with me for years now. You make small felt diapers, you can use colors that correspond with the theme. Then inside 1 of the diapers put a dab of mustard (randomly) and pin a diaper to each guest as they come in to the shower. They will not even know it is a game. At the end of the shower, or during your games tell the ladies to check their diapers. They are to open them up, and the lady that finds the dirty diaper wins a prize.

Popular: Jungle Baby Animal Game

image of baby shower diaper raffle cards

  • Diaper Poker Game - How to play: Mom and Dad to be have a great opportunity to add to their on going diaper collection with diaper poker. Have each person bring a bag of diapers (any size) for their ante into the poker game. The diaper ante can equal any amount the host desires (like a bag of diaper equals $100). The winner of the game collects a prize, gift card, movie tickets, etc. **You can also make it diaper black jack, diaper Texas hold'em, or any favorite gambling game!

  • Baby Relay Race Game - The first leg of the relay is to down a baby bottle full of apple juice (nipples used) and once this is done their partner grabs a jar of baby food and gulps that down as well. And the last leg of this race is to have one team member fashioned with a toilet paper diaper. The "diaper" is supposed to somewhat resemble a diaper and cover all the necessary parts, and if this is not done to satisfaction the team will be disqualified.

  • Guess Which Baby Game - Have everyone bring a picture of themselves when they were a newborn or a baby. (no older than one year or so) Give everyone a sheet of paper to write down who they think is in each picture. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins a prize!The first team done with the race wins a prize, and mommy gets to sterilize the bottles and keep them.

  • Baby Shower Gift Raffle - Buy a gift to raffle off at the baby shower. Anyone who wants to participate can pay $1 or $2 for a chance to win the gift. Use the money to buy the Mom to be a nice bouquet of flowers to be sent to the hospital from her Baby Shower Friends.

  • Baby Shower Relay Race - This is a really fun relay race we made up and are going to try this at the baby shower. Group people in teams of 4 and the first person has to act as a baby and someone needs to use toilet paper and make a diaper on then then the baby moves on and another person needs to put a hat and socks on the baby then the 3rd person needs to feed the baby pudding or something and at the end the baby needs to run and chug a bottle of juice or water.

  • For the "Basket of Goodies Baby Shower Game" - You fill up a basket with as much as baby stuff as you can...usually the travel sizes work can add socks, shoes, bottles, pacifiers..whatever you like. Pass it around the guests so they can peek for a few seconds and then take the basket out of the room. the guests now have to recall as many items and make a list. The winner is whoever remembered the most stuff and has the longest list.

  • The Baby Shower Candy Bar Game - If you are looking for a high-energy, non-corny, fun-filled baby shower game, then this is it! And I guarantee you that your guests will absolutely love it! You will have everyone racing to answer the baby-related candy bar names to their funny meanings! Who doesn't love candy, right?!  ...and the winner gets to keep all of it! Click here for complete instructions and all of the yummy candy bar names!

  • Baby Shower Word Scramble (or Baby Babble) - click for a fun page full of ideas and details on how to play this popular game

  • Messy Baby Game - Take a medium-sized watermelon and drill 3 holes (2 eyes and a mouth.) Hang the melon like a pinata and spin the melon. While its spinning have either mommy or daddy to be or both try to feed the melon baby. This isn't exactly a baby shower game, but gives all of the guests a big laugh!...and gives the mom and dad some practice!

  • Mom and Dad Baby Trivia - Get facts about the mom and dad to be from when they were a baby and have the guest figure out if the facts were mom or dad. For example, which lucky baby was breast fed until he/she was 6 months old, what their first word was, how much they weighed and inches or even events or # 1 hits during the year they were born. The guests would have to figure out which baby it was (mom or dad). Whoever gets the most right wins a prize. This game adds a personal touch related to the mom and dad to be.

  • What's in Your Purse? - First have the mother-to-be make a list of about 8 random items (spoon, utility bill, gum, etc.) Things normally not found in a purse. (You would be surprised what some women have in their purse.) The first person who shouts out I've got that, wins! You have a winner for each item. Get the printable version of Things in Mommy's Purse (this version is a bit different - but follows the same idea)

Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game (also called Pass The Centerpiece Game) -

This is a great game to decide who gets to take home the cute Baby Shower Centerpiece! Have guests sit around the room and you read the following rhymes to them. Pass the centerpiece around accordingly. The guest left holding the centerpiece at the end, gets to take it home with them.

1. The news is out, quick send a cable, the centerpiece goes to the lady across the table.

2. If someone wears a dress of blue, she must take this gift from you. If blue cannot be seen, it goes to the one wearing green.

3. I will now read another verse...please pass it to the gal with the largest purse.

4. We are getting tricky, here is a real humdinger! Pass it to the one with the most rings on her fingers.

5. Wow! What a success! Pass it to the guest with the most buttons on her dress.

6. Alas, this gift is not for you. It now goes to the one with the largest shoe.

7. Let's get this party started girls..pass it to the one with the cutest curls.

8. Mommy is anxious. Daddy is nervous. Now pass this to the lady who drove the furthest.

9. There won't be time to practice, there won't be time to rehearse. Pass this centerpiece to the gal with the most money in her purse!

10. We hope you all are having fun. We have tried to include most everyone. From the largest purse to the largest shoe, pass this gift to the right of you.

11. We're ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the centerpiece you are holding is yours to take home!

Get the printable version of the Pass The Centerpiece Game (or Prize) - This is a popular game so we designed it to match over 10 different baby shower themes.

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Click the pic to hop over to the shop and access the popular "Guess The Size Of Mommy's Waist" game! Print, trim, pop into an 8x10" frame, place on a table with yarn and scissors - and you're all set! Have guests cut the yarn to the length they think will fit around mommy's belly! So fun!

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