Unique Baby Shower Games

If you're tired of all of the traditional baby shower games and want some new games to play, then this is the place to find them!

Below are several unique games to play that your baby shower guests will love!

Bottle Chug • Who's Watching Baby • Diaper Pong ... and more!


Baby Shower Games are an important part of having fun at a shower. Let's face it, in most cases the guests at a shower don't always know each other. They usually know the mother-to-be and maybe a couple of others.

With that being said, there is nothing worse than the awkwardness of a room full of women staring at each other, with nothing to talk about.

Your job as as a hostess - Loosen things up! Playing a game or two usually does the trick!

Baby Bottle Chug Game

Baby Bottle Chug Game

Fill several baby bottles up with the beverage of your choice. (beer is a popular one of it is a co-ed, couples or dad baby shower.)

Have guests race to drink their bottles. The first one to finish, wins a baby shower prize!

You can get the printable version of the baby bottle chug game, here.

baby bottle chug game

Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game Idea (also called Pass The Centerpiece Game)

Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game Idea (also called Pass The Centerpiece Game)

Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game Idea -

This is a great game to decide who gets to take home the cute Baby Shower Centerpiece! 

Have guests sit around the room and you read the following rhymes to them. Pass the centerpiece around accordingly.

The guest left holding the centerpiece at the end, gets to take it home with them.

1. The news is out, quick send a cable, the centerpiece goes to the lady across the table.

2. If someone wears a dress of blue, she must take this gift from you. If blue cannot be seen, it goes to the one wearing green.

3. I will now read another verse ... please pass it to the gal with the largest purse.

4. We are getting tricky, here is a real humdinger! Pass it to the one with the most rings on her fingers.

5. Wow! What a success! Pass it to the guest with the most buttons on her dress.

6. Alas, this gift is not for you. It now goes to the one with the largest shoe.

7. Let's get this party started girls..pass it to the one with the cutest curls.

8. Mommy is anxious. Daddy is nervous. Now pass this to the lady who drove the furthest.

9. There won't be time to practice, there won't be time to rehearse. Pass this centerpiece to the gal with the most money in her purse!

10. We hope you all are having fun. We have tried to include most everyone. From the largest purse to the largest shoe, pass this gift to the right of you.

11. We're ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the centerpiece you are holding is yours to take home!

Get the printable version of the Pass The Centerpiece Game (or Prize) - This is a popular game so we designed it to match over 10 different baby shower themes.

How To Play Baby Shower Diaper Pong: Easy Diaper Pong Rules

How To Play Diaper Pong At A Baby Shower

image src unknown (pinterest)

The rules for diaper pong are sometimes hard to find so I wrote some out for easy reference:

Diaper Pong Rules For A Baby Shower


- Divide players into even groups
- Each player throws 2 balls
- The player from each group with the highest score, advances


- Each player throws 2 balls
- The 2 players with the highest score, advance tp the next round


- Each player throws 2 balls
- The highest score wins!


If there is a tie, each player will throw one ball and the highest score wins.

Popular "Who's Watching The Baby?" Baby Shower Game

Popular "Who's Watching Baby?" Baby Shower Game

Who's Watching Baby? -

Print and frame the game directions. Place on a table next to a bowl full of baby dolls. (You can get the kewpie baby dolls here.)

Tell the guests to take a baby, but do not put it down. If someone sees a baby unattended, they can snatch it up.

The person with the most babies at the end of the shower wins a prize! Get the printable version of this game here.

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