25+ Popular Baby Shower Prizes - Your Guests Will Love

Reward the big baby shower game winners with the perfect baby shower prizes!

And don't stress, the prizes can be simple and affordable - but still sweet and cute.

Manicure Baby Shower Prize & Favor Bundles

Easy, DIY baby shower prize ideas that your guests will love!

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We have a ton of simple, practical, baby shower prizes that all of your 'baby shower game winners' will love!

  • purchase cute colors of nail polish, some lip gloss, gum and nail file

  • bundle them up

  • tie with a string of rustic jute or a colorful ribbon that matches the baby shower theme

When choosing the prizes for baby shower games, look for items that won't just get thrown away.

You are spending your hard-earned money on them, so let's make them shine! 

Popular baby shower door prizes are:

  • yummy snacks that you have made (cookies, caramels, mints, cupcakes)
  • cute candles
  • scented lotions
  • designer soaps
  • a trendy necklace
  • hair clips
  • note cards or a notepad and pen

Be sure to scroll all the way down the page for - FREE printable tags for baby shower prizes and favors!

Easy Baby Shower Prize Idea: A Pashmina Shawl Or Scarf

Personalized Wine Glasses For Baby Shower Prizes Or Favors

Printable Woodland Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

The candy bar game is one of the most popular baby shower games on the site.

The best thing is - you get to use the candy bars used in the game as the prizes for the winner!

Print the game sheets out and hand one to each guest.

Have them match the baby related terms to the candy bar name that makes the most sense. (Ex: triplets = 3 musketeers)

Have the candy bars displayed in a cute basket for fun - the winner gets the basket full of candy!

This is a fun, upbeat baby shower game that really gets guests excited!

Unique Baby Shower Prizes Under $10

baby brewin

PERFECT PRIZE IDEA: Printable "A Baby Is Brewin' Baby Shower Prize Idea

  • For a cute and easy baby shower prize, purchase some cute reusable (or cardboard) coffee cups and $5 gift cards from a coffee shop.

    Place the gift cards in each cup and give away as prizes to all of the lucky game winners! Add some "a baby is brewin'" matching favor / prize tags!

  • These are a great option if you are looking for baby shower prizes for guys (here is another perfect guy prize idea)

  • They also work if you are looking for gender neutral prize ideas that don't have boy or girl colors incorporated into them.

"You Nailed It" Mason Jar Manicure Prizes

Baby shower prize manicure sets in mason jars

Image Source

Fun mason jar manicure sets - with a tag saying "you nailed it!" 

Grab your free "You Nailed It" tags here!

baby shower prizes - FREE printable prize tags

Easy Spa Prize Idea For Baby Shower Game Winners

Easy DIY baby shower spa prize

Image Source: Pinterest - original source unknown

Wrap a folded hand towel around some spa products (Bath & Body Works always has great deal on their lotions, body wash and body spray.)

Tie a pretty ribbon around the towel and add a body scrubber pouf. Guests will love their prizes!



  • Pea Pod Baby Shower Prizes or Favors: (Submitted by Whitney) - At my baby shower the theme was "pea pod or sweet pea"

    So as a centerpiece and baby shower game gift / prize idea, we took small terra cotta pots and put a bath puff in the bottom with a small bar or soap or body wash, lotion.

    Then  found white bath beads and wrapped them in green cellophane and put ribbons on each end to look like little pea pods.

    They were adorable and everyone loved them!

  • Baby "SHOWER" Prize Ideas: (Submitted by Jan)
    For cute and clever prize or favor ideas - wrap a cute bar of soap, shampoo & conditioner (trial size of course) in a tulle circle.

    Add a ribbon and a label that says "THANK YOU FOR OUR SHOWER GIFT, YOUR NEXT SHOWER IS ON US!" A friend told me about this and I LOVE the idea.

  • Baby shower favors can also be used for cute prize ideas. We have a bundle of favor ideas to share with you here.

  • Wine Prizes: Buy a miniature bottle of wine (They actually come in a 4 pack) get a nice basket and crumple tissue paper in the bottom.

    Place the wine in the middle of the basket and get add one or two wine glasses to the basket. If you want to get really fancy, place a wine cork screw or a wine sealer in the glass.

    You could also add cheese and crackers or dark chocolate if giving red wine.

    A simpler version of this idea is to tie a small wine glass to a miniature bottle of wine and add a cute tag with the baby shower date and name! 

She's About To Pop - Prizes For Baby Shower Games

You can also tie on a paper straw and champagne glass for extra cuteness!

Dollar Store Baby Shower Prizes

Easy, DIY baby shower prize mug

See our easy and affordable, DIY ideas for baby shower prizes and favors. NEW page just added! Click here.

Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe
With Printable Favor TagS


I made up some printable favor tags along with a popular sugar scrub recipe!

You can download the tags and grab the easy recipe from our free printable vault.

More Inexpensive Baby Shower Game Prizes

  • Gift Certificates from a cute little boutique, coffee shop or book store
  • Baby Shower Candles
  • Lotions
  • A Picture Frame
  • A Recipe Box
  • A Cool Mug From Starbucks
  • Potted Plants
  • Tea Cup, Saucer and Tea Bags
  • Bath Salts and Bath Beads
  • Cute Soaps
  • Dish Towels
  • Stationary
  • Cool Kitchen Gadgets
  • A Washcloth and Bar of Soap Tied Together With Raffia
  • Baby Shaped Cookies
  • Baby Themed Lollipops
  • Polka Dot Painted Terra Cotta Pots - with seed packets in them
  • Cute Little Handbags
  • This next unique baby shower prize idea was submitted by a reader: 

    I am hosting a shower for my niece and decided I wanted all of the baby shower game gifts and door prizes to be additional gifts for the mom to be.

    I bought cute Trumpette brand baby socks and baby headband bows for shower prizes and placed each pair/item in a clear gift bag with a gift tag that said: for (name of mom to be), I won this baby gift for you!

    The winner will sign the tag. I also bought shower favors for the guests to take home, so they will leave with a shower memento.

What Are Some Clever Diaper Raffle Prizes?

diaper raffle prizes banner

image source

Diaper raffle prizes should be a little fancier than regular baby shower game prizes.

Simply because the guest brought a package of diapers in addition to their other baby shower gift.

And they were lucky to have been chosen from the bowl of raffle tickets! 

You don't have to go crazy overboard, just a nice galvanized tub or basket of cool stuff such as:

  • a coffee gift basket full of coffee, a mug and a $5-10 coffee card

  • a movie basket with popcorn, licorice and a movie

  • a spa basket with bubble bath, a loofah, a bath bomb and some lotion

We have tons of fun baby shower invitation wording ideas for a baby diaper raffle!

affordable DOLLAR STORE baby shower prize and favor ideas

Popular Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

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