Modern Baby Shower Decorations That Will Make You Look Like A Pro

Baby Shower Decorations: Get ready! We have tons of cute and unique ideas for modern baby shower inspiration - all designed to make your party fabulous!

boy baby shower decorations

modern baby shower balloon decorations blue and white balloon hula hoop decor

img source: balloon diva

This beautiful boy baby shower balloon decor is made from a hula hoop spray painted gold - and then blue, white and gold flake balloons added around the hoop.

You can easily create the baby shower balloon arrangement shown in the picture, by using a balloon strip and attaching the strip to the hula hoop with clear packing tape.


girl baby shower decorations: rose gold baby shower Balloon Baby Boxes

Create this amazing baby shower balloon garland arch by using an easy, DIY balloon garland kit. Perfect for a 1st birthday or baby shower!

FREE Printable Baby Shower Sign Decorations

3 FREE printable welcome signs for a baby shower & baby shower table signs! You will also gain access to our free printable vault - full of several fun (and free!) baby shower printables!

Decorating for a baby shower allows you to choose to choose a general "baby-theme," or get extra-creative and go for a specific theme.

When we get through with you - guests will be so impressed with your party planning skills, they will beg you to plan their next big bash!

A clever tip is to incorporate newborn baby supplies into your decorating! By using baby bottles, pacifiers, receiving blankets, rattles, etc you can then give these items to the mom-to-be to use when the baby arrives.

Diaper cakes are the perfect baby shower decoration because they look adorable on the table as a centerpiece, and they are full of essential baby gifts that the new mom can use!

Paper Flower Baby Shower Decorations

modern pink baby shower table decorations

image source

Baby Girl Baby Shower Decorations: We are loving this elegant pink baby shower table! The pink paper flowers used as the backdrop are so popular right now - and you can make them yourself!

Image of pink DIY paper flowers for a baby shower

image source

These DIY paper flowers are just adorable - and we love that they are totally DIYable! And they are actually not that hard to make. 

baby name sign

baby name stats sign

Use one of these popular baby name signs as some simple baby shower decor - that also doubles as a baby shower gift!

Read all about it, and see several cute options, here!

Mason Jar Decorations & Centerpiece Ideas

DIY Mason Jar Decorations & Centerpiece Ideas

We have a full page full of easy, DIY Mason Jar Decorations & Centerpiece Ideas! So cute and easy - hop over to see them all.

free abc printables - diy banner


Cute Baby Shower Decorations

Flower letters baby shower decorations
Flower letters baby shower decorations
Flower letters baby shower decorations

In this simple baby shower craft, all you have to do is purchase a wooden letter from the craft store and glue on cute paper flowers.

Prop up against a big vase full of flowers and use as a centerpiece. Use the letter of baby's first name. If you do not know his/her name yet, use a B for baby.

DIY Felt Pinwheels For Baby Shower Decor Or Cupcake Toppers

baby shower decorations

Make these fun, cheerful and easy felt pinwheel cupcake toppers! Click on picture for full details and a FREE pinwheel template!

DIY Baby Shower Wreath

baby shower wreath

If you are searching for easy baby shower decorations,  anyone can make these cute and crafty tissue paper wreaths!

All you need is a Styrofoam wreath, some tissue paper, scissors and a glue gun.

Click on the picture for detailed, step-by-step instructions with pictures - and a FREE printable wreath sign (as shown in the picture!)

How To Make Washcloth Lollipops

baby shower decorations

These are a festive and clever addition to the baby shower!

You can bundle them up and place them in a glass vase, poke into a wrapping paper-covered brick of floral foam, put in a cute flower pot, or lay on counter tops and tables!

However you choose to display them - they will be an adorable conversation piece!

At the end of the baby shower you can hand the lollipops out as baby shower favors, or use strictly for decoration purposes and give to the mom-to-be at the end of the shower to use for the new baby!

Click here to get simple instructions on how to make these cute baby shower washcloth lollipops!

Baby Shower Favors & Decorations

baby shower favors and decorations

Paper Decor - My daughter got these from the craft store as a kit and I thought they were so cute and easy to make - so I made up a FREE printable template so you can make them too!

String a bunch of these onto a ribbon and use as baby shower garland to decorate for the shower!

All you have to do is print the template out onto cute scrapbook paper or colored card stock, cut out the pattern and glue 6 shapes together.

You could even add twinkle lights to the garland for an even cuter effect!

(Or... I just thought of this! Tuck candies inside and hand out as baby shower favors!) Click on the picture to download your FREE template.

image of baby shower balloons

Click on the pic above to see some amazing baby shower balloon creations! Who knew balloons could be so cool!?

Baby Sock Rose Bouquets

how to make sock roses image
baby shower decorations

Lay these delicate flowers on counter tops or arrange in cute vases and use for them centerpieces.

At the end of the baby shower, hand the bouquet to the new mom for a great start to her baby's sock collection!

Using one sock at a time, roll the sock from toe to top cuff.

Fold the cuff around one half of the rolled sock to form a petal.

Place a pipe cleaner into the bottom of the flower and wrap tightly with floral tape to hold in place (you will have to place the floral tape on the bottom of the sock and wrap around until it holds he pipe cleaner in place.)

Repeat with each sock.

Tie the bouquet together with the cute ribbon.

Lay on tables throughout the room or place in pretty vases.

At the end of the shower you can hand them out as favors, or give to the mom-to-be for her baby sock collection!

  • Cute Idea: To make tulips instead of roses (as pictured above in the bouquet,) fold one sock halfway inside out - kind of like the way you fold socks when doing laundry (but only using one sock instead of two) - then add pipe cleaner and wrap in floral tape like you do for the roses.

  • Another cute idea for making baby shower crafts is to make a sock rose corsage by following the same steps except cut the pipe cleaner to make a small stem. Pin on guests as they arrive, or reserve them for the mom-to-be, grandma or an aunt. If it's a couples shower or a baby shower where men will be attending, they can be used as boutonnières!

  • Have fresh flowers in vases around the room and on each table

  • Go to your local craft store and purchase a large cardboard letter (either the first letter of baby's name or just the letter B if the baby's name is unknown) - buy several small artificial flower buds and hot glue each one onto the letter. Below is an example of how awesome this can look. You don't need to go this big, small letters would look just as cute! - You can also use fresh flowers if you are brave enough.

image of letter made out of flowers for a baby shower

Baby Shower Blocks Name Sign

baby shower decorations

One of our sweet and clever readers, Deanna, submitted this cute idea for baby shower decorations!

Deanna writes: "We decorated the entrance of the baby shower - Next to the sign in table.

We put together some foam letters to spell out the baby's name."

Printable Baby Shower Corsages

baby shower corsage

Click to learn all about how to make a Baby Shower Corsage and grab some printable baby shower corsage tags!

Baby Shower Punch Decor

baby shower punch

Decorate glasses with candied sprinkles and fill with baby shower punch! Click here for instructions.

Baby Shower Decor

baby shower decor

This is such a simple baby shower decor idea! When I first saw these on Etsy, they were shown using family photos that were Mod Podge'd onto wooden plaques and several were hung on a wall.

I thought this idea was genius! It gives an alternative for displaying photos on your wall, other than the traditional picture frame.

While cruising through the craft store, the thought of using scrapbook paper cut into shapes on the plaques came to me.

I scooped up all of the supplies and gave this project a whirl! It turned out to be super affordable (one completed plaque cost me about $3) and didn't take much time at all!

These were so simple to make! Perfect for dressing up a baby shower food table or hanging on the wall at the shower.

You can also give the plaque to the mom-to-be at the end of the baby shower for her to hang in the baby's nursery.

picture for an easy diy baby shower decoration craft idea

I decided to make 2 plaques. One for a boy and one for a girl.

The boy plaque is dark blue with a onesie and the girl plaque is brown with a pink polka dot rattle.

The plaques are approx. 8 1/2 x 10"

onesie baby shower craft idea picture

Start by painting or spray painting the plaque and letting dry.

I chose to use acrylic paint with a foam brush. It was easy but probably would have taken half the time if I had spray painted.

picture of a baby shower craft idea

To give the plaque a rustic look, you can rough up the edges a bit with sand paper or a nail file.

Easy and quick but really adds to the plaques uniqueness.

image of a onesie decoration for a baby shower

I whipped up a quick onesie template on the computer and printed it onto patterned scrap book paper.

You can print the onesie template out for free here.

image of a blue baby shower decoration idea

Glue the paper to the plaque using Mod Podge. Make sure it is nice and flat against the wood.

Then paint the entire front of the plaque and let dry. The glue will dry clear.

More Ideas For Baby Shower Decorations

  • Martha Stewart Baby Shower Ideas

  • Cute Baby Shower Cakes: cakes make quite a presentation when decorating! Take a peek at our cute cake ideas and pictures (there are over 200 cakes to inspire you!)

  • Balloons - we have compiled to cutest balloon decorating ideas you can imagine! Click to get inspired! Also tie some outside to let guests know they are at the right location

  • Baby Shower Table Decorations: cute baby shower centerpiece ideas that can also be given to the mom-to-be as the baby's gift!

  • Napkin Rings - ideas for cute napkin rings are plastic baby keys, pacifiers or beads strung onto bracelet wire spelling out baby's name or baby words

  • See our quick and easy $5 DIY centerpiece idea using fluffy pom poms!

  • Use Baby Bottles For Vases - fill with babies breath and daisies

  • Receiving Blankets Make Terrific Tablecloths - spread them all around for the cutest effect!

  • Tea-Lite Holders - fill empty baby food jars with pastel jelly bellies and place a tea-lite on top

  • Another baby shower decoration idea is to have cute rubber duckies floating in a big tub. I have seen princess duckies, aloha luau duckies, sports, daisies, cats, fairy tales, you name it!

  • A Simple Idea for Baby Shower Decorations is to Decorate Cups & Gift Bags With Cute Baby Stickers

  • Sprinkle Baby-Themed Confetti All Around Tables and Counters

  • Use a white table cloth (disposable or inexpensive cloth) and put permanent markers, puffy paints and fabric paints on the table. Have each guest write a personal note to mommy and baby and maybe draw a cute picture. Write the date of the shower on it and present it to the mom-to-be!

  • Hang a clothesline (heavy yarn or string) across the room and put clothespins on it, and every time the mom-to-be opens a cute outfit, socks, bibs or a blanket, hang it up on the clothesline, so you can all see it. Very cute!

  • Get some fabric squares and have each guest decorate one with permanent marker (and write their name on it, too), then have a crafty person sew them all together and make a baby quilt out of them!

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