The Best DIY Tips For Creating Beautiful Baby Shower Balloons

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Baby Shower Balloons are no longer the cheesy, plain, smack-you-in-the-face decorations that they used to be.

With a few creative tweaks, you can easily transform balloons into elegant masterpieces - or adorable theme-related decorations.

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(I have this balloon air pump and it is our favorite! We make balloon garlands for just about every occasion in our family. This little machine is powerful and makes blowing up balloons 10x faster!)

printable balloon baby shower invitations

hot aiir balloon baby shower invitations

See some cute baby shower printables! Invitations, thank you cards and more being added each day! Click on the pic for more info.

hot air balloon sign gray

Boy Baby SHower Balloon Arch

blue balloon arch baby shower decorations

image source: Pinterest (original source unknown)

This is the perfect balloon decor for a baby boy shower!

You can attempt to create this balloon arch yourself, or find a talented balloon artist in your area.

An easy way to find someone is to Google search: baby shower balloons near me.

Or you can contact a party planner and ask if they create baby shower balloon sculptures, or can recommend someone.

"About to pop" baby shower confetti, clear baby shower balloons

FREE Printable "About To POP" Baby Shower Favor Tags

FREE Printable "About To POP" Baby Shower Favor Tags

Print these FREE printable "About To POP" favor tags onto white card stock or copy paper, trim and attach to cute favors such as boxes of popcorn, helium balloons, soda POP, etc.

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Beautiful baby shower balloon decoration wreath

baby shower balloons

image source

Mix pink, gray, peach and silver baby shower balloons of all sizes to create this gorgeous balloon wreath display! Add flowers to give it more texture and depth.

Don't want to try and tackle making this yourself? Do a Google search for local balloon artists. This trend has really taken off and balloon experts (vendors) are popping up everywhere!

using big balloons for baby shower decor

DIY colored tulle balloons

Image Source:

popular in the shop

Aren't these balloons just the coolest things!? All you have to do to make them is:

  • blow up some extra-large balloons in colors to match your event theme (no helium needed, just regular air) 

  • wrap tulle around each balloon and tie with ribbon

  • glue pretty flowers onto the base of each balloon

  • add more ribbon to the base of each balloon

  • now here is the crazy part ... string a piece of clear string (such as fishing line) through the top part of the tulle on the balloon

  • hang from the ceiling from the clear string

  • these balloons get rather heavy when adding the tulle, flowers and ribbon - so it works best to hang from the ceiling so they do not fall to the floor

DIY baby shower Balloon Arch - Instructions On How To Make A Balloon Arch For A Party

DIY Balloon Arch Banner

img src unknown

Girl Baby Shower Balloon Arch garland are the latest trend and they are absolutely beautiful!

For just a few dollars, you can create a stunning balloon garland masterpiece for the baby shower. 

The cool thing is - you don't need helium for this project. Just use an air pump to quickly inflate the balloons. 

Get balloons in all sizes from small to large - adding flowers and greenery also gives it a festive and elegant look. 

In the above example, they used chicken wire and fishing line, to create the balloon garland look - but there is another method that you can use that's a bit easier.

You will have a much easier time at this if you have a mini air pump - We didn't have an air pump, which would have saved a ton of time. It took us about an hour to blow all of the balloons up and it was exhausting!

We bought a balloon arch kit for my granddaughter's 1st birthday party - and I found it so easy to use. You can make beautiful baby shower balloon sculptures.

It comes with balloons in different sizes which gives it depth and makes it look like a professional assembled it.

balloon arch for a baby shower

The finished product was pretty impressive. I'll admit, I was skeptical when I bought it, thinking there was no way I could make the balloons look like the picture - but it turned out beautiful! 

Of course I didn't get any pictures of the finished product and I am so sad about it. 

But I do have an extra kit - so I'll make another one for the next party we have and be sure to capture it and share it with you!

Balloon Hula Hoop Wreath

Balloon Hula Hoop Wreath

image source

Here is some more "baby shower balloon" prettiness for you! A clever hula hoop baby shower balloon wreath with balloon letters in the center.

This balloon wreath was actually made using the balloon strip mentioned above. You assemble the balloons onto the strip and attach it to the hula hoop with clear tape (sturdy packing tape would work best.)

You can also spray paint the hula hoop to match the shower or party decor.

baby girl baby shower balloons

baby balloon hula hoop for a baby shower

image source

Here is another adorable example of incorporating a hula hoop into your baby shower balloon decor. 

To make this baby shower hula hoop decor you will need:

baby shower balloon boxes

baby shower Balloon Wall decor

balloon wall baby shower decor

(image source unknown)

This fancy baby shower balloon wall makes the perfect baby shower or birthday party decor!

Also makes a beautiful baby shower balloon backdrop for a photo booth area at the party. So cute!

And ... you can easily make it by using a balloon backdrop kit. After you make the balloon wall, you can use glue dots to stick smaller balloons to the larger balloons to get the look above.

How To Make Glitter Dipped Balloons

DIY glitter dipped balloons photo

images source: unknown

These DIY glitter dipped balloons are so easy to make - and they are so cute!

All you have to do is paint the bottom half of each balloon with glue (use a foam paint brush so the bristles from a regular brush don't pop the balloons.)

Then dip each balloon in large bowls of glitter and sequins. Hang from the ceiling with fishing line. 

Pink baby shower balloons for a girl shower

image of pink tulle balloons
image of white tulle covered baby shower balloons

image source unknown

This is a take on the balloons from above, only they added festive gold confetti and hung the balloons from wooden dowels poked in cute white pots. So pretty and elegant!

The cool thing is, you can use these baby shower balloon creations as decorations for the baby shower - and then raffle them of to guests to take home - or give to each guest as a baby shower party favor!

Jumbo Baby Shower Balloons

jumbo baby shower balloons

If you are looking to create a BIG statement, you can decorate with jumbo, 36" balloons. click on above pic to see.

They come in all kinds of colors and are so cool! You can make them even prettier than they are by adding floral vines or ribbon to the string.

jumbo baby shower balloons

diy balloon clouds & baby shower game idea

image of baby shower balloon clouds and raindrops

Image Source

Transform everyday balloons into pillowy clouds!

String some raindrop cutouts from them, and you have the ultimate baby "shower!" So easy and adorable!

Believe it or not, this cute baby shower decoration is also a baby shower game!

Each bag has a baby-related item in it that starts with the letter on the bag.

Give each guest a piece of paper with the letters

B A B Y  S H O W E R

written down the side of the paper.

Have them write their name on the top and then fill in what they think is in each bag according to the letters on the bags.

Ex: you might put booties in the B bag, apple sauce in the A bag, and so on.

The guest who guests the most correct, wins a baby shower prize!

image of farm animal balloons for a party

Image Source: Martha Stewart

Baby shower balloon art: Love, love, love these cuties! Perfect for a farm animal-themed birthday party or farm baby shower!

All you need is a little constructions paper, Sharpie markers, glue sticks and creativity!

baby shower gender reveal balloons

gender reveal balloons

Surprise guests .. and the parents-to-be, with these fancy gender reveal balloons! Have a close friend or family member find out from the Dr. what the baby's gender is - fill the balloon with either pink or blue confetti - pop the balloon for the big surprise!

banner of how to make confetti balloons

Image Source: Michael's

Fast, easy, cheap! Confetti balloons are so cheerful and make a party instantly come to life!

All you need are balloons (you can find cheap baby shower balloons at the dollar store), a paper punch and some tissue paper - so simple!

Pink And Gold Balloon Decor

image of DIY balloons for a baby shower

Image Source Unknown

This continues along the same line of adding glitter or confetti to the inside of the balloon. I love the baby balloons attached at the base of the big baby shower balloon.

What also really struck me was the flower-covered letter! I am in love!

The craft stores are overflowing with cool wooden letters - and all you have to do to create this look is cover it in artificial moss and flowers using a glue gun.

You could probably do it with real flowers too - but that is a little bit out of my league!

bear with balloons baby shower decor

Baby Shower Balloon Ideas: Having balloons at a baby shower can really add a whole new level of cuteness.

To achieve this trendy look: Blow up 30 helium balloons to match the color of the baby shower theme. Attach a string to each balloon, and tie them all to a cute plush teddy bear.

Display on the baby shower food table or gift table - so adorable!

baby shower balloon centerpieces

BABY SHOWER BALLOON CENTERPIECESimg source unknown from pinterest

This is the perfect boy baby shower balloon centerpiece idea! You can easily change out the colors to make it gender neutral or for a girl.

Around 20 blue, gray, white and silver baby shower balloons are filled with helium and tied with ribbon. Attach each ribbon to the trunk of a stuffed elephant and you are all set! 

Such an adorable baby shower centerpiece! You can raffle off the centerpiece to one of the guests, or give it to the mom-to-be to put in the baby's nursery.

baby shower balloon letters

first birthday party decorations

This is a 1st birthday picture of my granddaughter, Braelynn, She is the sweetest thing and I just had to share her with you!

We bought the balloon letters at Party City, but you can get them at Amazon too. They were super easy to inflate and hang up. 

Below is a picture of her baby smash cake - she loved it! It is a rosette cake and we got the cake pick "one" sign off of Etsy.

first birthday party decorations

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