21 Popular Baby Shower Games That You Can Print From Home

Printable Baby Shower
Game Packs

When it comes to baby shower games, it can be a struggle to find entertaining, non-corny games to play - Games that guests will actually enjoy.

You already have so many things to worry about ... favors, food, decor, supplies ... why stress over which games you should play?

To make your planning easier, I took the most popular games from the site and created the perfect, printable baby shower game pack - just for you!

This easy-to-play, game pack is designed to save you time, money, and the frustration of having to look in a dozen places to find games to play, not to mention, trying to make them yourself.

What's Included In The
Ultimate Printable Baby Shower Game Pack?

  • 21 popular (print-from-home) baby shower game templates have been bundled into a nice and tidy printable package for you - and they are all yours to keep forever. So whenever you have a baby shower to plan, you'll already have games taken care of!

  • Answer keys / Instructions are included with each game (when applicable.) All of our products come as an instant download as soon as you order, so there is no waiting.

The 21 Baby Shower Games you will receive are: (some game packs vary slightly)

  1. Baby Shower Gift Bingo (8.5x11" pdf file)
  2. Candy Bar Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  3. Baby Shower Trivia (8.5x11" pdf file)
  4. The Price Is Right (8.5x11" pdf file)
  5. Baby Shower Book Wishes (8x10" jpg file - print and frame) has guests sign a classic baby book when they arrive
  6. Diaper Thoughts (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  7. Wishes For Baby (8.5x11" pdf file - prints 2 - 5x7" per page)
  8. Baby Name Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  9. Don't Say Baby Clothespin Game (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  10. Diaper Raffle Tickets (3.5x3" cards) & Matching Diaper Raffle Sign (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  11. Books For Baby Cards - Include with invitations asking guests to bring a book (3x5" cards) 
  12. Baby Babble Word Scramble (8.5x11" pdf file)
  13. What's In The Diaper Bag Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  14. How Big Is Mommy's Waist Game (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  15. Address Sign - (8x10" jpg file - print and frame) has guests fill out their return address on envelopes to help the new mom out when writing thank you cards
  16. Baby Shower Mad Libs (8.5x11" pdf file)
  17. Mom-Osa Bar Sign (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  18. What's In Your Purse Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  19. Left Right Baby Shower Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  20. My Water Broke Game (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  21. Pass The Prize Game (8.5x11" pdf file)

Print from your home computer, or take to your local copy shop and you'll be ready to go. 

Print off as many copies as you need, anytime you need them - download them to your computer and keep forever!

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  • Print from home or take to your favorite print shop such as Staples, Office Depot, UPS, FedEx Office, etc. 

  • We recommend printing on white cardstock or white laser paper. Print as many copies of each game as you need!

  • These are digital products that you print from home or a copy center - no physical product will be sent.