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Baby shower clip art is one of the most popular searches on the internet among baby shower hostesses!

As soon as we found this "fun fact" out, we got busy creating some fun baby clip art graphics for you! 

Below you will find fun and festive baby-themed clipart for both boys and girls - and so many crafty possibilities!

Baby shower clipart for invitations, signs, onesies, decor and more! Some images are JPG files that you right-click and save to your computer - and can then print.

The clipart come as high resolution, individual, transparent PNG files and allows you to incorporate the clip art into your digital projects such as water bottle labels, and banners. 

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21 free clipart image bundle

free baby shower clipart
free baby shower clipart

Get access to free baby shower clip art. 21 PNG designs included:

  1. teddy bear - black
  2. teddy bear - outline
  3. tea cup
  4. pacifier - black
  5. pacifier - outline
  6. baby bottle
  7. wild flowers
  8. butterfly
  9. stroller
  10. elephant
  11. cake
  12. bunny
  13. star
  14. circle
  15. heart
  16. diaper pin
  17. baby feet
  18. giraffe
  19. unicorn
  20. crib
  21. onesie

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free baby shower clipart
free baby shower clipart

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Creative Baby Shower Clip Art Ideas

Baby showers are a time-honored tradition for celebrating the impending arrival of a new bundle of joy.

These events are filled with love, laughter, and the excitement of welcoming a little one into the world. To make your baby shower even more memorable, consider incorporating baby shower clip art.

These adorable and whimsical graphics can add a touch of charm and personality to your event. In this article, we'll explore some creative baby shower clip art ideas to help you plan a memorable and visually appealing celebration.

1. Customized Invitations

Start the baby shower planning process with custom invitations featuring delightful clip art. Whether you're having a theme or simply want to set a festive tone, incorporate baby-themed clip art into the design. You can choose images of baby booties, storks, baby rattles, or pacifiers to create a personalized touch to your invitations.

2. Themed Decorations

Baby shower clip art can be used to create cohesive and themed decorations. If you're going for a specific theme, such as animals, nautical, or a particular color scheme, select clip art that complements it. Decorate your space with banners, centerpieces, and balloons adorned with cute baby-themed graphics.

3. Games and Activities

Baby showers often include games and activities to keep guests entertained. Incorporate clip art into these elements to make them more engaging. For example, design bingo cards with baby-related clip art images to use in baby shower bingo. Alternatively, you can use clip art to create fun, themed coloring pages for guests to enjoy.

4. Favor Tags and Labels

Personalized favor tags and labels are a lovely touch to any baby shower. Using clip art, you can create tags to attach to party favors or labels for various items, such as bottles of lotion, homemade treats, or jars of honey. Choose clip art that reflects the theme and colors of your baby shower.

5. Photo Booth Props

Photo booths have become increasingly popular at baby showers, allowing guests to take memorable pictures. To enhance the photo booth experience, use baby shower clip art to create props like baby bottles, diapers, bibs, and pacifiers. These props will add a playful and enjoyable aspect to the event.

6. Food and Drink Labels

If your baby shower includes a buffet or food station, consider using clip art to label the different dishes and beverages. For example, if you're serving punch, create a "Mommy's Punch" label with a pacifier clip art image. This not only helps guests identify what's on the menu but also adds a charming touch to your spread.

7. Thank You Cards

After the baby shower, it's customary to send out thank-you cards to express your gratitude to your guests. Designing personalized thank-you cards with baby shower clip art can be a heartfelt way to show your appreciation. Include a sweet image on the front and a warm message inside to make your guests feel special.

Easy DIY Ideas For Baby Shower Clip Art

free baby shower raindrop clip art template

Use this free template to decorate for a baby sprinkle or an umbrella-themed baby shower. Click on pic for access.

There are so many creative ways to incorporate all of the baby shower clipart images on this page into your shower!

  • print out several copies, cut out and make baby shower garland

  • attach a lollipop stick, toothpick or Popsicle stick to the clip art and poke into baby shower cupcakes, cakes or food dishes

  • use as name tags

  • attach to ribbon and wrap around napkins to make cute napkin rings

  • attach to ribbon and wrap around a large pillar candle or glass vases

  • make gift tags

  • make banners

  • make door signs welcoming guests to the shower

  • add to blank cards for instant baby shower invitations or thank you notes

  • favor tags

  • thank you signs

  • add to homemade baby shower game sheets

free printable letters and numbers

abc letter banner printable

Grab these free printable letters and numbers to make a banner and spell out any saying. Perfect for a boy or girl baby shower. Click on the picture to get them.

Printable Blue And Pink
Tags From Our Shop

printable baby shower she's about to pop favor tags
blue baby shower favor tag image
pink baby shower favor tag image

Grab our Printable Pink & Blue Favor Tags - perfect for any baby shower! Print onto white cardstock or copy paper, cut, add to favors! - Print as many as you need! These fun tags are a reader favorite and available as an instant download (for free) in our shop! You can grab them here.

Printable "A Baby Is Brewin'" Tags For Favors

printable baby shower favor tags - A Baby Is Brewin'

We have designed tons of fun baby shower favor tags to thank guests for taking time out of their day to help celebrate a new baby. See them all here.

New - Printable Mini Favor Tags

click on the picture to see these cuties in our shop - print them out from a copy shop or your home computer - instant download

printable baby shower graphics and clipart

Baby shower clip art can elevate your celebration by adding a whimsical and personal touch to every aspect of the event, from invitations to decorations and favors.

Whether you're hosting a themed baby shower or simply want to infuse your event with charm, creative clip art ideas can help you achieve a memorable and visually appealing gathering.

Don't hesitate to explore various clip art options to match your theme and preferences, and enjoy the creative process as you prepare for the arrival of the newest member of the family.


  • Printable baby shower signs that you can print from home - pop them into a picture frame to add instant cuteness to the baby shower