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We have so many popular baby shower games to share with you, they have spilled over onto a new page!

Readers always want to know, just how many baby shower games should you play at a baby shower? There is no right or wrong answer - but generally, 2-4 games are played.

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  • 40. For the "Basket of Goodies Baby Shower Game" - You fill up a basket with as much as baby stuff as you can - usually the travel sizes work great. You can add socks, shoes, bottles, pacifiers, whatever you like. Pass it around so guests they can peek for a few seconds and then take the basket out of the room. the guests now have to recall as many items and make a list. The winner is whoever remembered the most stuff and has the longest list.

  • 41. The Baby Shower Candy Bar Game - If you are looking for a high-energy, non-corny, fun-filled baby shower game, then this is it! And I guarantee you that your guests will absolutely love it! You will have everyone racing to answer the baby-related candy bar names to their funny meanings! Who doesn't love candy, right?!  ...and the winner gets to keep all of it! Click here for complete instructions and all of the yummy candy bar names!
  • 42. Baby Shower Word Scramble (or Baby Babble) - click for a fun page full of ideas and details on how to play this popular game

  • 43. Messy Baby Game - Take a medium-sized watermelon and drill 3 holes (2 eyes and a mouth.) Hang the melon like a piñata and spin the melon. While its spinning have either mommy or daddy to be or both try to feed the melon baby. This isn't exactly a baby shower game, but gives all of the guests a big laugh! - and gives the mom and dad some practice.

  • 44. Mom and Dad Baby Trivia - Get facts about the mom and dad to be from when they were a baby and have the guest figure out if the facts were mom or dad. For example, which lucky baby was breast fed until he/she was 6 months old, what their first word was, how much they weighed and inches or even events or # 1 hits during the year they were born. The guests would have to figure out which baby it was (mom or dad). Whoever gets the most right wins a prize. This game adds a personal touch related to the mom and dad to be.

  • 45. What's in Your Purse? - First have the mother-to-be make a list of about 8 random items (spoon, utility bill, gum, etc.) Things normally not found in a purse. (You would be surprised what some women have in their purse.) The first person who shouts out I've got that, wins! You have a winner for each item. Get the printable version of Things in Mommy's Purse (this version is a bit different - but follows the same idea)

  • 46. The Uhmm Baby Shower Game - by Candace 
(St. Louis, MO) - Start the game by having all the guest get into a circle. Instruct the players that they have to say anything that pertains to a baby that haven’t been said already and without saying uhmm or stalling.

    Start with the first player and continue in the circle. If a player cannot think of something to say within a couple seconds during their turn or they say "uhmm", then they are out of the game. 

    If a person gets out of the game then the round starts over with the person who is next to last person who started the previous game. Keep it going in a circle until one player remains. This gets tricky after a few rounds especially when they can’t say uhmm.

  • 47. Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game - Great for couples showers too! Using a Sharpie pen, number 6-8 disposable diapers. Melt or smash different kinds of candy (M&M's, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) into each diaper. Give each guest a piece of paper numbered 1-8 (or how ever many diapers you are using.) Pass the diapers with the smashed candy around the room. Each guest must examine and smell the contents of the diaper to determine what the candy it is. They then write down which candy bar they think is on each diaper. The guest with the most right wins a prize. Have your camera ready for this game, you will get some priceless pictures!

  • 48. String Around the Belly - Pass around a big ball of yarn and some scissors. Have each guest cut off how much string they think would fit around the mother-to-be's belly. Measure each guests' string by placing it around the mother's belly. The baby shower guest who comes the closest wins! Get A Printable "How Big Is Mommy's Waist" Sign, here.
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  • 49. Baby Shower Gift Bingo - Have guests fill out the bingo board with possible gifts. Have guests cross of the items as the mother to be opens up the gifts. The first guest to get 5 in a row, wins a prize! 

  • 50. Pass the Package Game - This is really fun! Take an item (such as a candle, picture frame, dish cloths, etc) and place it in a box. Gift wrap the box with several layers of gift wrap. Play some music while passing the present around, when the music stops the guest with the gift in her hand starts to unwrap it. Then the music starts again and the box is passed, keep doing this until someone finally unwraps the last layer...this person is the winner.

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  • 51. Nursery Rhyme Game - Each guest is assigned a nursery rhyme character's name at the start of the shower and are given a name tag with that name. Throughout the shower each person is to be addressed by that name rather than their real name in conversation and at all times. If a person calls you by your real name, that person will have to recite your character's nursery rhyme. haha fun! ~ Submitted by Charla

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printable baby predictions cards

  • 52. Don't Cross Your Legs Game - Give each guest a clothes pin when they enter. Anytime somebody crosses their legs the first person who catches them gets the clothes pin. Person with the most clothes pins at the end wins. The game ends at a designated time, or after one person has all the clothes pins.

  • 53. Safety Pin in Rice Game - Fill a small bowl 3/4 full with dry rice. Add small safety pins to the mix. Blindfold each guest and give them the chance to remove as many safety pins as possible in one minute. The guest who finds the most pins wins the game. This baby shower game idea is actually pretty hard to do since the pins and the rice feel the same. Make sure to return all the pins into the bowl before each guest starts. Then everyone gets a fair chance at winning! Preparation: small bowl, small safety pins, blindfold, paper and pen to record guest results.

  • 54. Baby Shower Bead Unscramble - Find some small beads with letters on them (craft stores have them.) Come up with a baby word such as diaper. Buy enough lettered beads for each team (group of 2-3 guests) to spell the word diaper. Have guests pair up and hand each team a baggy with the lettered beads in it. The first team to unscramble the beads and come up with the word is the winner.

  • 55. Unwrapping Game - For this baby shower game idea, set a timer to go off every five to ten minutes as the mom-to-be is opening her gifts. The guest whose present is being opened at the time the buzzer sounds, gets a small prize. Easy and fun!

  • 56. Tray Game Variation - This baby shower game idea is similar to the classic "Baby items on a tray memory game", only with a fun twist! Have the person go around the room with baby items on it as planned, but instead of asking questions about the items on the tray ask the questions about how the person carrying the tray is dressed! FYI - Have the person carrying the tray leave the room before asking questions about them.

  • 57. Guess the Baby Food - Have 10 or so baby food jars. Remove each label from the jars & number each jar lid 1-10. On a poster board tape the labels from the jars, have the guest try to match them with the right baby food by writing their answers down on paper. Just make sure you write the correct answer down so you can check them once everyone is done. This baby shower game idea is fun, kind of gross, and pretty hard!

  • 58. Celebrity Baby Name Game: Guests match up celebrity parents with their baby names.

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  • 59. Pass The Baby Game - by Vicki 
(Texas) - Start out by handing a small baby doll to the mom-to-be while she is opening presents.

As she opens up her gifts, every time she says the phrase "Awwww" - the baby gets passed (the person who notices she said awww first, gets the doll) 

After all gifts are opened, the one left holding the doll gets a prize. It kept everyone focused on Mom and all her goodies! 
  • 60. "Are you ready? It's Time" Baby Shower Game Idea - by Kayla Dempsey 
(Norwalk, CA, USA) - Also called "What's In Mommy's Purse" game

. Ever heard of the bridal shower game that you can win with just what's in your purse?
 Well this is the twist. Are you ready if mommy to be say's "It's Time!"

Items needed:

  • Your guests

  • Their purses 
  •  The hostess can pretend to make an announcement and say something like, "Excuse me everybody ... I just wanted to let you know (mommy to be's name) thinks her water just broke. 

  • Who has the following items in her purse/wallet to help (mommy to be) in this time of need? 

  • cell phone to call daddy
  • a medical card
  • hand sanitizer, etc
After the excitement is over, roughly 20-30 minutes later, have the hostess make another announcement and say, "We need help getting (mommy to be) to the hospital. 

  • Who has the following items in her purse/wallet? 
  • Keys, drivers license, cash for parking, etc. 

*These two stages could be put together for larger parties! 

The following two stages would be under the same fashion, (20-30 minutes later). 
  • The waiting game stage. 

Ask for items like, water, a snack, ipod to pass the time, a watch. 

The last stage would be the baby arrival stage.
Ask for items like camera, pen to sign birth certificate, make up to freshen up mommy to be, a pic of older siblings (if applicable).

Winners can be determined by who has most items out of each stage, or the entire game.

  • 61. The Best Candy Bar Baby Shower Game - by Cheryl 
(Redlands, CA) - This one is great for a large crowd:
    Buy samples of all of the candy listed and place it in a basket. When its time to play the game, you call out to the crowd and pass out candy accordingly: 

  • "Who here has no children" - everyone who raises their hand gets a Zero bar

  • Continue with the same idea using these connections:

  • Anyone have an epidural? - lifesavers

  • Nursing mothers out there? - Milky Way

  • Anyone have a preemie? - sugar babies

  • Twins or two kids? - doublemint gum

  • Triplets or three kids? - 3 muskateers

  • More than 4 kids? - Good and Plenty

  • Only one child? - Uno Bar

  • Pregnant now? - Mounds

  • Who had the biggest baby (everyone shouts out the weight of their heaviest child - the heaviest one gets Whoppers
  • 1st time parents? - Rocky Road
Kids who are blonde? - airheads

  • Kids with straight A's? - Nerds

  • Kids in college? - Smarties or Payday

  • Kids in a school band? - Symphony

  • Kids who play guitar or dance? - Pop Rocks
Teething babies right now? - crunch bar

  • Kids in sports? - Skor 
and the list goes on....

There are two fun ways to end this game - to make sure everyone gets some candy, you can say "who here loves babies?" and then just toss out "hugs and kisses"... and then for the grand finale, have a large peppermint patty, and present it to the mom-to-be who's destined to be the "Coolest Mom" Its also nice to hand out baggies or cellophane bags to all the guests so they can store the candy and take it home to their kiddos. 

  • 62. It's In the Baby Bag - by Sandy 
(Ewing, NJ) - This activity is fun and easy for older or any guests who don't want to "think too much" at a baby shower. 

  • Buy a baby bag. 
  • Prepare cute little sheets of paper at home prior to the shower. 

  • Write a message on the number of sheets as guests will attend the shower and place them in the cute baby bag. 

  • According to the number of gifts you want to give, write nice messages on most sheets like, "Thank you for attending the baby shower", or "You are special", or family members' names who will be in attendance at the shower.

  • If you plan to give away 3 gifts, then, on 3 of the little sheets of paper, write the word, "BABY". 

  • Place all (20, 30?) sheets in the bag at home. Once there, go around and allow each guest to draw a paper from the baby bag. 

  • Tell the guests beforehand that no one is to open their sheet of paper until all guests have received one from the bag. 

  • Then announce that they may look at their paper and anyone who has a paper that says, "BABY" wins a prize. 

  • 63. Name Tag Game - by Cynthia 
(Missouri) - 

I went to a baby shower out of town. Everyone was given a decorated name tag in which we had to fill out. 

You had to state how you knew the mother to be. Example, mother to the mother to be, mother in law of the father to be, Grandmother. 

It was interesting to see how others filled out their name tag. Cute since many of us did not know each other and it let everyone see the connection to the expecting mother. 

  • 64. What Will Baby Look Like Game - by Erin Thorpe 
(sacramento, ca) - What will the baby look like game?

This game may require some computer skills (ex: photoshop) but super fun and outside the box!

Take a couple pictures of the mother-to-be and the father-to-be making different faces. Then cut out the features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears) and make copies. Let people construct what they baby might look like in 20 years and have the bride choose the best one.

  • 65. Draw Your Baby - 
(Redding, CA) - Give all of the guests a paper plate and a pencil before beginning. 

First tell everyone to put the paper plate on top of their heads and the rest of the game they are not allowed to look at the plate. 

    Next step tell everyone they have to try to draw their baby on the plate without looking while drawing. 

After a couple minutes tell everyone to stop. 

And lastly have the mommy to be chose which one is the best or most unique baby and they are the winner.

    Alternate Version:

 Draw My Baby Game - perfect for a co-ed baby shower! Or you can just pair up the guests. 

Each couple is blind folded and handed a paper and pen.

    The lady starts with the head and man goes next drawing the body and then the lady draws the legs and so on and so on.

The results are hilarious, since the other does not know where one started and finished and the picture is definitely worth framing, Can also be done by mum and dad-to-be. 

  • 66. Birthday Card Game - Give each baby shower guest a piece of paper and an envelope. - Assign each guest a number, starting with 1. The number that they get is the birthday they make the card for. 

    Example: if you are assigned number 3, you make a birthday card for the baby's 3rd birthday.

    Materials Needed:
    - colored paper or construction paper
    - pens, colored pencils and crayons
    - stamps, stickers, glitter
    - paper cutouts of baby themed items (bottles, booties, onesies, etc.)
    - envelopes

  • 67. Baby Shower Charades - by Laurie 
(Orlando, FL) - Great for couples showers too! Fun and Funny!

    Put the guests in two, three or four groups (depending on guest attendance). 

Have ready strips of paper in a bowl with Nursery rhyme titles or characters, ie: Humpty Dumpty, Mary Had A Little Lamb, etc.

    You can change your theme to whatever you want, Disney or Universal movies or characters, or different things that babies do, feeding, crying, etc. 

The mother-to-be goes first (or picks someone), they then pick from the bowl and use pantomime to act out what's on their paper, no specking is allowed but they may use their fingers to show how many words will have to guessed.

    Everyone tries guessing what they're acting out. The guest that guesses receives a baby pin, token, (anything that they can tally later) for their team, they then pick a person on their team to go next (you may also have the teams number each person so #1 would go first, #2 second and so forth). 

    After every guest as gone tally up, the team with the most tokens wins. For large showers you may want to set a time limit or set an amount of tokens that it would take to win. 

Be prepared to give out several small gifts (small candies work). 

68. Scavenger Hunt For Useful and Unique Baby Items - 

After the gifts have been opened, surprise the parents with a scavenger hunt for these fun and unique items!

    Before the shower you will want to hide these items in rooms that won't be accessed during the party. 

Have the clues written on parchment paper rolled up and secured with ribbon.

    The first clue will be handed to the parents (or mommy.) The remaining clues will be hidden with each item as it is found.

    Item #1: Clue "In the crib you thought baby would sleep, but there will be many nights you'll be up with baby watching TV. In your comforting arms she (he) will want to be cuddled. Underneath this gift you can both be huddled. There is something for baby and something for mom. Something for daddy....and something for all." (now the hostess will add a clue revealing where the gift is hidden ie: hidden in a room at the top of the stairs, take a sharp left, open the door, it is there!!). Hidden in this room could be a Moses Basket with A Soft Throw blanket and A DVD of a television series mom or dad really likes and a CD to dance with baby to that mom or dad likes!!)

    Item #2: Clue: "There are so many items that the book did not heed, so many items you will not know you need!! At 2 in the morning baby's teeth seem to come....or those irksome gas bubbles that just aren't any fun! A delectable dessert, not edible at all, has been prepared for your baby, has been prepared for you all. It is full of those items you will definitely use, and some extras of items you won't want to lose." (Now the hostess will add a clue revealing where the item is hidden ie: "Go to the kitchen and open the door that leads to the place where our food is stored." Hidden in the kitchen pantry will be a diaper cake loaded with all those little items mom and dad will need, but not necessarily think of until baby is fussy at 2 am
(gas drops, infant Tylenol, teething gel, soothing bedtime lotion, extra pacifiers, extra batteries for the mobile and other baby items, tooth and gum cleaner, all those little necessities that you can think of that will be used by mom and dad!) 

    Item #3: Clue: "This final gift is one for the future, he (she) may write books or learn to tie sutures. A beginning of something that could grow into more, a gift of possibilities, of opening doors." (hostess adds a clue as to the location of this gift, ie: "On the living room mantel there has been hidden an item that is attached to the visible ribbon." (the hostess could have ribbon that appears to just be shower decoration ribbon, but is, in truth, ribbon cascading down the mantel (blue or pink?) that is actually attached to an envelope that is hidden behind something on the mantel like a picture frame.) What will be found is a savings bond that can be put towards baby's education or future, in general, that will be eligible for baby to cash in upon it's 18th birthday (or the like).

This is just an idea of a scavenger hunt type of game. Make up your own poems/limericks. Have fun, this will be something truly different at the shower and a great way to gift items to the new mom and dad. IF there are people who couldn't attend the shower because they were otherwise engaged or lived too far away, see if they can maybe contribute some of these items!

 Maybe Aunt Ethel and Uncle Gerald in Hobokin can put some money towards the savings bond, cousin Randy can buy the CD of dad's favorite band's Greatest Hits, and Grandma Eloise can contribute towards the diaper cake! A great way to have those absent in person, but present in spirit contribute to this celebration! 
  • 69. Problem and Solution Baby Shower Game - by Ginny Dees 
(Texas) - 

We have played this game at Baby Showers and Wedding Showers. 

Fun and funny at both!

    Have each guest write a problem on one piece of paper and the solution to that problem on another. 

Place the problem papers in one container and the solution papers in another.

    Now pass containers around and have each guests draw a piece of paper from each. 

Have them read it aloud and you will laugh until you cry! 

It's funny how the problems mix with with solutions. 

Unfortunately sometimes you get a match, but it's still fun! 

    For Example:

    #1: Baby Won't latch on...

    #2: Mommy's not getting any sleep...

#1 Give her a bottle.

    #2 Have Daddy take over.

 Baby won't latch on...
    Have Daddy take over.
Mommy's not getting any sleep, Give her a bottle. 
  • 70. Price is Right Baby Shower Game - by Erin Smith 
(Casselberry, FL) - For this popular baby shower game - you will need 4 or 5 different baby items (i.e. case of diapers, 4 pack of baby food, etc.).

    You can buy these for the mom-to-be or borrow them from a friend who has a child. 

When everyone comes into the shower hand them a ticket (keeping half and putting into a bowl). 

    When the time for the game comes explain the game you will play and pick 4 tickets out of the bowl. 

    When the 4 players come up to sit in 4 chairs in the front parade each item in front of them one by one having them write down the amount they think each item costs on an index card. 

    Encourage audience participation in shouting out what they think the item is worth. 

The closest person to the correct price without going over gets 5 points.

    Continue with the rest of the items and the person with the most points at the end wins a prize! 

This game is so much fun and gets everyone involved!

  • 71. Hot Baby Item Game - For A Baby Shower - This game is just like the hot potato game but with a fun twist. 

Buy a bunch of baby items (that an adult will be able to put on,) such as adult diapers, bibs, pacifiers, hair bows, etc. 

    Wrap each item. 

Gather the same amount of people as gifts plus an extra person. 

Give them one item at a time and as the music plays they need to pass the item around. 

    Whoever ends up with the item in their hands, has to unwrap it and wear it. 

Do the same with the rest of the items and the last person without the item wins the prize. 

Its a lot of fun watching them wear baby items especially the adult diaper! 
  • 72. Cotton Ball Game - by Veronica 
(Greenville, TX) - Start with a bowl of cotton balls, empty bowl, a spoon and a blindfold.

Seat the guest in the middle for all to see. She holds the full bowl in her lap while blindfolded and someone else holds the empty bowl on her head.

    She has three tries to scoop as many cotton balls as she can into the bowl on her head. 

The audience can help her by shouting if she has anything in her spoon but usually they will applaud more if its empty. 

Count the cotton balls and the person with the most wins the prize!
  • 73. Fun Baby Shower Game Variation: You'll have a blast playing this game! Once your guests have arrived and feel the need of a little entertainment, this will be a great game to present them with.

    On a clean carpet or floor, sprinkle a good amount of cotton balls. The object of this game is to have 3-6 guests kneel on the floor blindfolded, holding a bowl on their head with one hand and with the other have them try and scoop as many cotton balls on their bowl as possible (without using their hands).

    By the end of the game the one with the most cotton balls on their bowl WINS! 
  • 74. Balloon Popping Baby Shower Game Idea - by Heather Packer 
(Joplin Mo ) - My mom use to do this at my parties but I put a little twist on it.

First buy a lot of balloons (try darker ones that are hard to see through) and blow them all up and place a pacifier or something baby like in one or more of the balloons - depending on how many prizes you want to had out during one game.

    Have the balloons laying all over the floor at your shower. 

The rules are simple whoever finds the baby item in the balloon wins and they are many ways you can have them pop the balloons either by giving them something sharp or have them bounce on them with their rear ends - or however they can pop them.


It's funny watching peoples faces when the balloon pops and looking around to see if anything fell out. 

Do triple or more balloons for the amount of guests. You can also put different items in each balloon and name off an item you want them to find.

  • 75. What Was She Wearing? Baby Shower Game - By Jana Hodges - I went to a baby shower that played this game and it was pretty neat. 

So you get a basket and decorate it with a bunch of small baby accessories. Pacifiers, bibs, lotions, booties, a bottle.. etc.

    To make it more interesting decorate the outside with accessories as well. 

Hand everyone a piece of paper numbered 1-5 or to 10, your choice.

    So have one person (it would be better if it were a friend who no one else really knows) walk around the room with this basket and tell everyone to examine carefully everything that is in the basket.After she has gone around the room and everyone has taken a look at the basket have her walk out of the room - out of sight. 

    Then of course everyone is so focused on trying to remember what was all in the basket, thinking they are going to have to list stuff. Then here comes the twist.

    Ask them to list what the girl was wearing who passed the basket around. It will have them mind melded. Whoever has more things right on their list will win a prize. 

  • 76. Baby Mobile Memory Game - by Ronda 
(Crowley La USA) - The baby mobile game is a variation of the tray memory game. 

    Make a baby mobile using a coat hanger. 

Using string, hang baby items (mini lotions, powder, socks, nail clippers, a bib, pacifier, etc.) from the coat hanger, like a mobile. 

Hang it in the center of the room where everyone can see.

    Half way through the shower, remove the mobile and put it where no one can see it. 

Then ask each quest to write down on a piece of paper, what items were hanging from the mobile. 

The person that has the most correct items wins!

    Some Variations to This Game Are:

    Have the mom-to-be wear a bunch of baby items such as a hat, a rattle necklace, baby socks on her hands, bottles sticking out of a in a diaper bag that she is holding, baby food, spoons, a bib - anything that you can think of.

    Have her walk around the room for a minute or two and then leave. Have guests write down everything they can remember her wearing and holding.

    This is so much fun and really gets everyone laughing!

 You can also have a diaper cake at the baby shower (they make beautiful baby shower centerpieces and also make wonderful baby gifts!) Stuff the diaper cake full of baby necessities such as booties, spoons, bottles, bibs, teething rings, toys, rattles, clothes, stuffed animals, baby nail clippers, etc and have it out during the entire shower.

    Then say in 30 seconds I am going to take the diaper cake away and then have guests write down everything they can remember! 

The guests who gets the most correct wins a prize! 
  • 77. The Best Baby Shower Memory Game - by Marci 
(Colorado Springs, CO)
The Best Baby Shower Memory Game
The Best Baby Shower Memory Game

This popular baby shower game has been a big hit at the last two showers I attended. 

  • Purchase one of each of the candies listed below (or come up with some of your own) and wrap them in cellophane or a small bag. You might want to place the candy in a pretty basket for extra cuteness!

  • Purchase a 3 panel display board (the type that kids use for science projects). 

  • Number index cards (I used the pastel colored ones) 1-30 on one side. On the other side have a word and a picture that describes the word. For example: Word - Giggle Picture: a child giggling. HINT: Search for free clip art on the internet to find the pictures. 

  • Next, apply a piece of Velcro (the fuzzy side) to each side of the index card; attach the other side of the Velcro (the stiffer "hook" side) to the board. 

  • Place cards on the board in numeric order. If you would like, you can decorate the board with baby shower decorations. The object of the game is to match the cards, much like the "Memory Game" you played as a child; each person calls out 2 numbers and tries to find a match.

  • When a person matches 2 pieces they receive the candy that corresponds to the word they matched, such as if the person got the “Giggle” pieces she would win a Snickers bar. 

  • Guests got a kick out of seeing the candy that went with the word.

  • 11 pound baby: Whoppers • 
Grandparents: Lifesavers • 
Father: Sugar Daddy or Big Hunk • 
Baby Fat: Chunky
 • Kiss: Hershey's Kisses • 
Hospital Bills: 100 Grand • 
Crying Baby: Screaming Sours • 
Lull-a-Byes: Symphony • 
First Year of Parenthood: Rocky Road
 • Dirty Laundry: Mounds
 • Night of Conception: Skor
 • Newborn: Sugar Babies
 • Breast Feeding: Milky Way • 
Poopie Diaper: Tootsie Roll
 • Contractions: Now & Later or Good and Plenty
Family • 
Teething: Crunch • 
Cool Mom: Peppermint Patty
 • Pacifer: Ring Pop
 • Naptime: Take5 • 
Giggle: Snickers • 
Bathtime: Splash Gum

  • 78. Changing Diapers Game For A Baby Shower - by Stacy A 
(Round Rock, Texas) - Give a clean kitchen towel and 2 diaper pins to each person. 

Have them race to see who can create a diaper and pin it correctly the fastest.

 You have to know how to fold it properly. But don't tell them. 

Let them guess and see if they can figure out how to do diapers old style not the new way with velcro and sticky tabs.

    To make a cloth diaper out of a rectangular kitchen towel:

  • Lay the towel out flat in front of you. 

Then fold 2 corner ends toward the center. 
  • Fold that back toward the middle section a little more than half way. 

Then fold again even with the open end.

Pull the unfolded corner to the folded portion and pin. 

Repeat last step with other side. 

Have fun with this Diaper Folding Baby Shower Game! 

  • 79. Dropping the Beads Baby Shower Game - by Melissa W 
(Ontario, California) - 

For this baby shower game...

Give each guest one pair of necklace beads per person at the party e.g. if there are twenty people at the party then each person wears twenty necklaces. 

Sit in a circle and have the mother to be start off the game by saying something she has NEVER done to a child.


If anyone has done that action they have to take a set of beads off. 

You go around the table and have each person say something. 

The person with the most beads left ON is the winner. E.g. "I have never forgotten to give a/my child a bath before bed" If you have put your kids to bed w/o a bath before you have to take a necklace of beads off. 

Its a lot of fun and you get to find out a little about your friends and guests. 

  • 80. Fun & Unique Baby Shower Games - by nana_of_3 
(Pikeville, tn) -

    1) cut out 20 or so (depending on number of people you invite to the shower) pictures from magazines of baby pictures, glue to a piece of paper and have guests write a caption of what they think the baby is trying to say

    2) make flash cards a-z, then on the back side write an item one might find in a lady's purse. Hold the cards up one by one and whoever has the most items - wins a prize!

A - appointment book
 / Example B - a baby picture / Example C - candy / Example D - dime / Example E - earring / Example F - finger nail clippers / Example G - glasses / Example H - hair bow or hair brush
 / Ex I - intial item
 / Ex J - junk mail
 / Ex K - keys / Ex 
L - lipstick or lip gloss / Ex 
M - mascara / Ex 
N - small notebook
 / Ex O - open drink bottle / Ex 
P - pink pen / Ex 
Q - quick nail dry polish / Ex 
R - razor / Ex 
S - scissors / Ex T - tissue / Ex 
U - umbrella / Ex V - vaseline / Ex 
W - wallet / Ex 
X - ex-boyfriends item / 
Ex Z - zipper inside purseReport this ad

    3) Cut out baby bib's from construction paper and have guest write a letter to the baby to be

    4) Initial Game
 - Write the mother and fathers name vertical on a piece of paper, then have them use each letter to describe the baby example: D-darling
 /  E-eager / N - nice / 
I - intelligent
 / S - sassy / E - easy going
hope ya'll have as much fun with these as we did! 

  • 81. Baby Shower Onesie Decorating Activity - This is a popular baby shower activity that guests will love!

    Buy several plain, white onesies with long and/or short sleeves. You can buy varying sizes too.

    Have guests decorate with puff paint or any other decorative items you might have like glitter (just be careful for items that can be a choking hazard)

    Guests at my shower came up with some cute phrases to put on the onsies like "sleep is for wimps" and "mommy's little pumpkin" for Halloween.

    Only tricky thing to remember is the baby's due date and try to pick an appropriate sized onsie before you decorate!

    What you need:
    plain white onesie
    fabric markers
    make-shift clothes-line
    clothes pins

    A Reader - Brandy Says:
  • My best friend did this for my baby shower and I loved it and had a lot of memories to take home with me.
  • Give a plain white onesie to every guest at the shower. Have the mom to be go to another room for a short amount of time. Have all the guest decorate their onesie. Let the mom to be pick the winner. (don't let her know who did which shirt!) 

    82. Birthday Baby Shower Game - 
    by Candace 
(Texas) - Write out a number for each guest that is at the shower, cut into separate pieces and put each number in a hat (ex: if there are 15 guests, number 1-15 on a piece of paper, cut each number out and place in hat.)

    Hand each guest a pen and paper and have them draw a number from the hat.

    Then have them write a note to the baby in regards to the number they drew - if they drew a "5", that would mean 5th birthday - and the guest would write a short note of advice and encouragement for that child to open on his/her 5th birthday. 7 would mean 7th birthday and so on.

    So the child will have a letter to open for each birthday while growing up!

 Have fun with this Birthday Baby Shower Game! 

    83. Penny Baby Shower Game - 
    Have two pennies from the same year for each guest. (Have different years for each guest.) 

When guests arrive, hand them one penny and put the other penny (with the matching year) into a jar.


When all the guests have arrived the Mother-to-be selects a penny and the person with that corresponding year tells a little about themselves, how they know the Mother, and maybe a little story about the new Mom. 

    After everyone has spoken the Mom-to-be puts her pennies into the jar and selects one for a prize. 

    84. How Many Diapers Baby Shower Game - 
    by Jodi 
(Warren, Ohio USA) - My family threw a baby shower for my sister last weekend and I was in charge of games. 

    We had a very large crowd so I wanted to do something that wouldn't take a lot of time but would also be beneficial for my sister. 

I went to K Mart and bought a large see through storage bin and 3 packages of different sized diapers (208 total). 

    I put a sign on the bin that says "how many diapers are in the bin?". I put sticky notes next to it and a bowl so people could write down their guess and name at their own leisure and put in the bowl. 

Whoever gets closet without going over gets a prize and my sister gets to keep the diapers (a win/win situation.) 

    85. My Water Broke Baby Shower Game - 
     by Claire Ruby 
(UK) - 

Before the Shower fill paper cups with about 2 inches of water each and drop a safety pin into each of them. 

Place them in the freezer until the water is completely frozen. (Have enough cups...1 for each guest. Put the guests names on the cups). 

    Once all the guests have arrived, handout the cups and tell them it is theirs to keep for the duration of the shower. 

The first persons ice to melt/water to break wins a prize! How they get the ice to melt is up to them!


What's needed: My Water Broke Game

    Ice Cube Tray
, Mini plastic figures ie.bears etc, 
Foam Cups

    How to: 
fill the tray with water as usual-add the mini figure, and freeze as usual. 

    Read all about this popular baby shower game

    90. Celebrities are Just A Bunch Of Big Babies Game - 

    For this baby shower game, go through current Hollywood magazines. Cut out as many pictures of celebrities as you would like and paste them on a poster board. (Make sure to try and use celebrities who are currently in the spotlight; they come to mind more easily for the players.)


Then cut baby faces out of parenting magazines and cover each celebrity's face with a baby face. (Attempt to use faces small enough that it does not cover the celebrity's hair as well; seeing their hairstyles helps a lot.)


Have the celebrities numbered on the poster board, and give each guest a piece of paper and pen and have them guess each celebrity. 

This game is very fun, but can be hard.

    To make the game a little simpler, I found making a clue about each celebrity helps, as well as possibly having a listing of all the celebrities names so that the players just have to match their picture to their name. 

    91. White Substance Baby Shower Game
     - by Alex 
(Los Angeles, CA)  - Find as many "white substance things" around your house as you can (a list of ideas is below.) Or go to the dollar store to get them.

    You will need around eight different white things.

 Buy small containers or use empty baby food jars with the labels removed. Number each jar 1-8. Fill each jar with a different substance.

    On a piece of paper, write down each number and what you put inside of the corresponding jar. So you won't forget. This will be your answer sheet. 

Give each guest a blank sheet of paper and have them number 1-8 down the page. 

Have them pass the jars around the room and guess what is in each jar by writing down the answers next to each number.

    Let them know they cannot open the jars, they just have to look at them. And make sure they don't try to taste them.

    Suggest they think of everything you can use in a house, car, boat...the guest who answers the most correctly, wins a prize! 

Below are a list of items you can use:
 • SUGAR • 

    92. DINNER FOR TWO Baby Shower Game - by Alexis H 
(Detroit, MI) - I announced that I was holding a raffle. 

1st prize a wonderful dinner for two. 

I explained that where was not important, I promised a full meal, completely paid for. 

Money will benefit the baby. 

    After announcing the winner, I presented a gift bag which contained two frozen dinners with two sodas. 

Everyone got a kick out of this! 

    93. Sock Folding Baby Shower Game - 
    by Julia 
(Tacoma, WA)For this fast-paced, unique baby shower game you will need:

Report this adA small plastic laundry basket or any basket

15 pairs of baby socks in assorted colors hand the basket full of socks to the first player and tell them they need to dump the socks out and match and fold as many socks as they can in 30 seconds.

Continue around the room and the guest who folds the most socks, wins a prize! 

    94. Pin The Pacifier on the Baby - 
    by Amy N. 
(Kentucky )Report this adFor this game you will need one big poster board, 1 pacifier with a loop, a blind fold and some tape.

Report this adPaint a big baby head on the poster board and hang it on a door or the wall. 

Put a piece of tape on the pacifier ring with the sticky side up.

Blind fold the person and spin them around 3 times and then give them the pacifier and have them get it as close to the baby's mouth as possible, after they are done mark where the pacifier is with a pen or marker and do the same with each guest.

The guest who comes closest to the mouth wins. Its a really funny and neat game.

Report this adFor this "Pin The Baby On The Mommy" baby shower game you will need:

One expecting mother-to-be

a paper cut-out of a baby 

and some double-sided tape 

    95. Winner Takes All Baby Shower Game - 
    by Jasmin 
(NJ) - This game is played by passing around a large clear glass vase to all attendees. 

They will then be asked to put in however much cash they want.


After this, everyone will be asked to guess the amount in the jar. 

The person who gets the closest to guessing the right amount will win ALL detergent while the mother -to-be gets the cash!

 It's really funny.