21+ Clever Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Don't Cost A Fortune


If you've been searching for the perfect baby shower gift idea, set your worries aside, we are here to help!

I bet you will agree - the worst feeling is when you arrive at a baby shower and realize that you brought the same gift as someone else. (It kinda makes you want to sink down into your chair and quietly disappear, huh?)

Below, we have put together a simple baby shower gift giving list to help you pick the perfect present for the new little arrival!

This page is full of FUN printables that you can turn into the cutest baby gifts!

So relax, sit back, and get your scrolling finger ready! We're about to turn your stress into smiles!

baby shower gift idea: printable baby nursery wall art birth stats sign

baby nursery wall art birth stats sign

Popular Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Printable Nursery Wall Art

made a wish

This is a simple baby shower gift idea that new moms will love! Start by choosing a color that matches the baby's nursery - click on the button to download - print onto white card stock - cut out and pop into a 8x10" picture frame.

These make perfect baby shower gifts or baby shower decor - and are so easy to make! Click on the pic to get this print.

Printable "No Wrap" Card Inserts - a new way to do gifts at a baby shower. Saves time and paper waste. Have guests bring their gifts unwrapped and have the gifts displayed on a table. Gives more time to mingle at the shower and guests can see all of the cute items displayed on the table. Insert the cards in with the invitations when sending them out.

FREE Printable Gift List Trackers

Easily keep track of which guest gave you what gift with this handy printable gift list tracker.

Have a friend write down all of the gifts the new-mom receives as she opens the baby shower gifts.

This will make thank you card writing so easy! And it is a great keepsake to tuck into the baby book! 

Monthly Anniversary Stickers

Monthly Anniversary Stickers

The thing to do when you have a baby is to take a photo every month of your baby's first year of life.

Then you put the pictures in a cute frame so you can see how much they changed over the course of a year. See tons of cute options here.

Baby Shower Card WOrding - what to write in a card for a new baby

A baby shower card is an opportunity to express your excitement and well wishes for the expectant parents. Here are some ideas for what you can write on a baby shower card:

  1. Congratulate the parents-to-be on their exciting arrival.
  2. Share a memory or story about the expectant mother or father.
  3. Express your excitement for the new baby and the joy it will bring to everyone's life.
  4. Offer any help or support you can provide in the future.
  5. Provide advice for the new parents based on your own experiences as a parent.
  6. Write a heartfelt wish or blessing for the baby and the family.
  7. Offer your love and support to the expectant parents as they embark on this new journey.

Simple Baby Shower Card Messages

  • Wishing you moments of joy with your sweet little baby
  • We are so happy for you
  • I can't wait to meet the new baby
  • Wishing you and your new baby all the best

Remember to keep the tone of your message warm, loving, and supportive, and to sign your card with your name.

FREE Printable "Sleeping Baby " Door Sign

baby sleeping sign

This is a great gift for the mom-to-be once the baby arrives!

She can hang this simple and sweet "Shhh, Baby Is Sleeping" on the front doorknob so no one rings thee doorbell, or on the nursery door so no one will accidentally walk in and wake the baby.

Click on the picture above to see it in thee shop.

Print onto thick card stock and punch 2 holes in the top corners of the sign.

Thread a a cute ribbon through the holes and tie into a cute bow. Hang the bow around the doorknob.

For a sturdier door sign, you can also choose to apply Mod Podge to a sheet of 8x10" canvas (found at craft stores) then add the sign and finish off with another coat of Mod Podge.

Punch the holes and add the ribbon as described above. 

More Baby Shower Gift Ideas To Make

picture of new dad gift basket

Don't Forget A Baby Shower Gift Idea For Dad - {click link for more info} Poor dad often gets forgotten. Show you care by giving him a "new dad" book or a funny gag gift.

Gift Basket - Fill a cute basket with basic baby supplies such as baby shampoo, soap, pacifier, socks, Onesies, bottles, diapers, blanket, etc. - If you want to get extra cute, use a wagon or a baby bathtub as the basket. 

Make An Adorable Baby Shower Diaper Cake - Roll some diapers, add a few cute baby items, tie with a ribbon and you're all set! Okay, it may not be quite that simple - but we have a video that shows you exactly "How to Make A Diaper Cake!" - or you can grab an easy-to-use "diaper cake kit."

Knit a Hat - It really is easy! Craft stores now have knifty knitter looms that make knitting a snap! You will be making hats for everyone!

Scrapbook a Baby Book - If you're into scrap booking why not scrap up a book for the new baby!

Simply assemble the cute pages into the book (with no pictures) - and then all the new mom has to do is pop in the pictures after the baby has arrived!

A unique baby shower gift that the new mom and dad will cherish forever.

Having a baby shower is such an exciting time for the mom-to-be!

She is the center of attention and people shower baby shower gifts on her for her new trek into motherhood and for her precious new bundle.

There are the tried and true gifts that every mom receives such as baby blankets, diapers and wipes, cute little outfits and baby rattles.

Those are great gifts, but it would be even nicer if the mom were to receive some really unique baby shower gifts, something out of the ordinary.

Below are some suggestions, some take ordinary baby items and bundle them in a unique way, others are clearly different and are gifts the new mom will appreciate and remember.

Popular Low-Cost Hostess Gifts

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

We have come up with a few cute baby shower gifts for mom! She has been a trooper these last few months and may need a little pick-me-up.

Wish her good luck and say that you care with one of the following baby shower gift ideas.

~ push presents are a gift you give to the new mom after giving birth - they are commonly given by the husband, but can also be from friends and family.

Push gifts are a fun way of saying "congrats to giving birth!" They can be anything from flowers and jewelry to lavish trips and getaways.

Daily Dinner Club
 - Get a group a gals together and plan to each make a dinner for the new mom once the baby has arrived. One for each night of the week. This takes stress off of the family and makes meal time a snap! Ideal meal ideas are lasagna, soup, spaghetti, pizza delivery, Chinese food.

Free Printable "Baby Care Tips"

baby shower gifts

Print this FREE Baby Care Tips Sheet off and give to the mom-to-be. Contains tips on "how to get rid of baby acne" and "how to cure cradle cap."

Click on picture to open and print.

Baby Shower Pictures - 
Take some cute pictures of the baby shower with your camera. Make a cute album of the special day for her!

Thank-You Card Kit - 
This is a wonderful gift for an expecting mom! Put together a handy thank-you card kit:

  • purchase some cute thank you cards
  • address the envelopes to all of the guests who attended the shower
  • put postage stamps on them
  • include a few extra cards for any additional gifts that may be received
  • now all mom has to do is write a quick thank you and drop them in the mail - She will love you for it!
woodland address sign

Framed Baby Poem - Print out a sentimental baby poem and have it framed. 

Hospital Survival Kit - 
This is a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift idea designed to arm the new mom with the proper necessities she will need while at the hospital.

Fill a bag, box or clear paint can (found at craft stores...so cute for gifts!)

A soft and comfy robe, slippers, fuzzy socks, body spray, hair brush, gum, some gossip magazines, nail polish, granola bars, trail mix, her favorite candy, chap stick, lip gloss, hair bands, Altoids, wet wipes (or makeup remover wipes), nail file.

- NEW PARENT GIFT GUIDE (practical gifts for new parents to ask for when registering for their baby shower)

Spa package - This is a great gift for a group of people to give the mom-to-be. She will thank you for it! A spa package also makes a perfect PUSH present.

Gift Card - Give mom a gift card to her favorite place. Clothing, coffee, restaurant, etc.

Night Out On The Town - 
Let the new mom and dad have a break by offering your babysitting services. Print out a cute voucher saying you will babysit while they go out and let loose!

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts and Keepsakes - Anything that can be personalized with the baby's name is something the mom will absolutely love.

If you know the name of the baby go ahead and have it personalized. If you don't know the name, give a gift certificate for a personalized baby gift.

Baby items that can be personalized are many and may include: baby towels, baby robes, baby wash clothes, baby blankets, piggy banks, photo albums, necklaces and bracelets, baby jackets, baby shirts, "onesies", rattles, baby bottles, wall art, quilts, hats, diaper bags, socks, shoes, photo frames, silver spoons, cups, plates, bowls, etc.

Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas - {click link for more info} Are you the mother-to-be and want to thank special person who hosted your shower? Send flowers, a cookie bouquet, or a cute gift basket!

Big Sis/Big Brother - Make sure big brother and sister still feel special by putting together a cute gift basket full of crayons, paper, stickers, puzzles, story books and snacks! You can even have a separate "kids table" set up at the baby shower with fun activities and kid snacks. Fruit kabobs are easy and kids love them (simply slide cut up fruit onto skewers and serve)

We whipped up a FREE printable game sheet to keep siblings and small children occupied during the shower! Print it out by clicking on the picture below:

baby shower kid's games

Easy Tip For Entertaining Children At A Baby Shower: set up a small table (or large if there are a lot of kids at the baby shower), have crayons, printable game sheets, coloring books, snack, and craft activities to keep them occupied.

baby name stats sign

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