Co-Ed Baby Shower Games - Even The Guys Will Love

Co-ed baby shower games are easy to plan and take the awkwardness out of the event! If you haven't had the chance to experience the new trend of "couples baby showers" they are pretty fun! So go ahead, choose a few games and have a blast!

Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game

The first of our co-ed baby shower games requires a keen smelling sense.

  • Using a Sharpie pen, number 6-8 disposable diapers. 
  • Melt or smash different kinds of candy (such as M&M's, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) into each diaper.  
  • Give each guest a piece of paper numbered 1-8 (or how ever many diapers you are using.)
  • Pass the diapers with the smashed candy around the room.
  • Each guest must examine and smell the contents of the diaper to determine what the candy it is.
  • They then write down which candy bar they think is on each diaper.
  • The guest with the most right wins a prize. Have your camera ready for this game, you will get some priceless pictures!

Big Balloon Belly Race - One Of The Most Popular Of Our "Co-Ed Baby Shower Games"

This is an excellent co-ed or couples baby shower game idea!

  • Blow up some balloons and have all of the men and women in the room put one under their shirts.
  • Then have a race to see which one of them can tie their shoes the fastest! The winner gets a little prize.  

The Perfect Co-ed Couples Baby Shower Game

Beer "Bottle" Game - Great For The Guys!

This hilarious baby shower game is a little challenging. But it is a great icebreaker. The men at the shower may be feeling a little out of place. This one should loosen them up a bit.

  • Fill several baby bottles full of beer.
  • Hand each one of the contestants a bottle, and say ready, set, drink!
  • The guest to finish his/her bottle first is the winner.  You can substitute juice for those who don't want alcohol.

Wet Diaper Game

For this game you will need to break up into groups of 3-4.

  • Give each group a disposable newborn sized diaper, a large pitcher of water and a measuring cup. 
  • Have each group predict just how much water they think the diaper will be able to hold without any water leaking out of it. 
  • Have them write down their prediction before beginning.
  • The group who comes the closest wins a fabulous prize!

It Takes Two, Baby - Hilarious Baby Shower Game!

  • Have each couple stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder.
  • Give each couple a baby doll and an outfit to dress her in.
  • Have the man use only his right hand and the woman use only her left hand to assist each other in dressing the baby. This is a hard one, but so funny!

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