11 Best Baby Shower Prize Ideas 

Baby Shower Prize Ideas: Picking out the right baby shower prize can be tricky. You don’t want to pick something that the winner doesn’t really want, but buying items that are too generic simply isn’t fun.

The key is to find things that people can use and that are fun enough to include at a baby shower. If you are looking for baby shower prize ideas, consider the following best 11 baby shower prizes. 

 Letter boards 

Letter boards are a fun practical decoration that can be used by just about anyone.

Parents might want to use them in children's rooms or hang them up near the fridge as a makeshift grocery list; couples or individuals without kids will get a kick out of writing notes to each other, or they can even be used as storage for collectible pins or earrings. 

 DIY Movie Nights 

A DIY movie night set is a fun gift for anyone, whether the winner is single or married with/without kids.

A DIY movie night should include the staples for any great evening watching a film at home: some popcorn (splurge for the good brands!); chocolate and other candies; and either a DVD/Blu-ray or a gift card for a month of Netflix, Hulu or another streaming service. 

 Bath Bombs 

Everyone can enjoy a relaxing bath ! A basket with the bath bombs is a great prize that will reward its winner with a fun, soothing (and colorful!) bath to remember.

Don’t forget the little touches, such as tying a ribbon to the basket, to make it look nicer for the winner. If you want to keep it “on theme,” look for bath bombs in fun baby-related shapes on sites like Etsy, where indie sellers post their wares. 

Pretty Planters 

Practical baby shower prizes like planters that will help the winners home look even more beautiful are always enjoyed.

Keep on the lookout for pretty or unique planters when looking for baby shower prize ideas, such as gold hanging planters, or small decorative planters with a unique pattern on the side.

You can include a small growing plant or succulent in the planter to make it a more complete prize. 

baby shower prize ideas - a Nice Handbag

prize ideas for a baby shower

You can’t go wrong with a nice handbag when putting together baby shower prizes. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just look for something that is cute or elegant.

If you want the prize to be a little bigger, add something small like quality chapsticks or a vial of perfume into the bag. 

 Tea Cup Set 

Everyone could use a nice tea cup set in their home. Baby shower prize ideas that are practical and pretty are always a bonus and definitely more likely to be enjoyed.

For this prize, purchase a nice teacup and saucer; And don’t forget to include a box of quality tea. 

Gift Cards 

Of course, not all baby shower prize ideas are going to be specific - in that case, it’s time to consider gift cards.

People love gift cards because they get to pick out something that they actually want - or maybe even something they’ve been needing. 

If you’re looking for baby shower prize ideas for an upcoming event, make sure to consider the above baby shower prizes! 


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