Baby Shower Gift Bingo

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The Ultimate Guide to Baby Shower Gift Bingo

Welcoming a bundle of joy into the world is a momentous occasion, and what better way to celebrate than with a baby shower! While the joyous occasion is filled with laughter, love, and well wishes for the parents-to-be, let's not forget the excitement of gift-giving.

One creative and entertaining way to make gift-giving even more enjoyable is through the game of Baby Shower Gift Bingo. Below, we will provide you with tips, ideas, and inspiration to make your next baby shower a memorable event.

Baby shower gift bingo is a spin-off of the popular and classic baby shower bingo!

It is the perfect way to keep guests entertained throughout the entire gift opening process!

We also have the classic baby shower bingo for you. Either one is a blast and guests will love both versions! 

Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo Cards

printable baby shower gift bingo digital download

Before the mommy-to-be has begun unwrapping all of her adorable new baby gifts, hand each guest a bingo card and a pen.

Have each guest fill out their bingo card with gifts they think the new mom will receive while opening her presents.

If the gift that the expecting mom is opening up matches a gift on the bingo card, the guest will cross it off of his/her card.

The first guest to get 5 in a row (across, up/down, diagonally) wins a prize! You can play as many times as you'd like!

If you want to get extra crafty, you can have guests use cute "markers" to mark off their squares (instead of crossing them off) Some baby-themed items are: buttons, safety pins, Cheerios, baby rice puffs, etc.

Some cute prize ideas for baby shower games are:

  • lotion
  • a $5 coffee shop card
  • a cute potted plant
  • a decorative dish towel
  • any bath/spa item such as bath fizzies, bath bombs, soap, bath beads, bubble bath, etc.
  • a candle

You may want to keep the prizes simple if you have a few games planned. Get our printable version here.

What is Baby Shower Gift Bingo?

Baby Shower Gift Bingo is a game that adds an element of anticipation and entertainment to the gift-opening part of the celebration. It's a twist on the traditional bingo game, where guests mark off items on their bingo cards as the mom-to-be unwraps her gifts. The goal is to complete a line on the card, just like in regular bingo, and shout "Bingo!" when they do.

Setting Up the Game:

Create Bingo Cards:
Start by designing or purchasing bingo cards specifically tailored for a baby shower. Instead of numbers, the spaces on the cards should feature common baby items or gifts that the expectant parents are likely to receive.

Distribute Bingo Cards:
Hand out the bingo cards to the guests as they arrive at the baby shower. Encourage them to fill in the free spaces with their own predictions for gifts that might be unwrapped.

Explain the Rules:
Before gift-opening begins, explain the rules of the game. Emphasize the need for guests to pay attention to the gifts being opened and mark off the corresponding items on their bingo cards.

During the Baby Shower:

Gift Unwrapping Spectacle:
As the mom-to-be starts unwrapping gifts, guests excitedly follow along on their bingo cards. The anticipation builds with each present, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

Making it Personal:

Customize Bingo Cards:
Tailor the bingo cards to reflect the preferences and personality of the parents-to-be. Include specific items they need or desire, making the game even more relevant and enjoyable.

Themed Bingo:
If the baby shower has a specific theme, incorporate it into the bingo cards. Whether it's a color scheme, nursery theme, or favorite children's characters, tying the bingo cards to the overall theme adds a cohesive touch.

Baby Shower Gift Bingo is a delightful and interactive addition to any baby shower, transforming the gift-opening tradition into a fun-filled game.

Not only does it keep guests engaged, but it also adds an element of surprise and excitement to the celebration.

So, the next time you're planning a baby shower, consider incorporating this entertaining activity to create lasting memories for the parents-to-be and their loved ones.

Classic Baby Shower Bingo Game