Baby Shower Games FOr Men


Popular baby shower games for men

Baby showers are fun – they are exciting and lively and most of all, so entertaining. But let’s be honest here, sometimes they are geared more towards the ladies than their male counterparts.

For instance, when you decide to announce that it’s time for the games to start, you will probably notice the men uncomfortably shift in their seats, or let out some exaggerated groans or maybe excuse themselves from the room.

Okay, maybe that’s not the case always but if you are looking to make baby shower games a little more exciting for the men on your guest list, here are some creative ideas to ensure they participate and have fun too!

baby Bottle Chug Contest: Let the chugging begin!

Printable Bottle Chug Game

The dad-to-be and his friends are really going to have a laugh when you present them with their favorite beer (or juice) in plastic baby bottles instead of their regular bottles or cups!

Pick up a bunch of inexpensive baby bottles for the event and wrap them with silly labels. When it’s time for the contest to start, pour their beverage into these bottles and let them chug away! The first one to finish their bottle wins the game. 

Baby shower diaper relay race

Let the daddy-to-be and his buddies show their competitive side as they roll up their sleeves and demonstrate their skills (or lack of, whoops!) when you tell them to line up for the diaper relay race!

This has to be one of the most entertaining baby shower games for men and will probably have everyone rolling in laughter!

As new parents, it’s natural to get confused with the diaper change routine. The mommy-to-be can sit back and watch the men line up into two teams and race to a changing station where they remove diapers from baby dolls, wipe their bottoms and then put on a clean diaper and race back to their teammate who repeats the process! First team to get done wins.

Daddy-to-be Trivia Game

So, how well does everyone know the daddy-to-be’s biggest fears and most anticipated moments as he gears up for his baby to arrive?

It’s time to put friends and family, especially his closest buddies or siblings to the test as they answer a series of questions that you can design with the help of the mommy-to-be, who probably knows quite a lot by this point!

You can discuss the answers after each question or reveal the correct ones in the end. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

baby shower games for men: baby Toy building race

All you need for this game is a timer, a couple of very enthusiastic and competitive men and a bunch of baby/kids’ toys that need to be assembled.

You could also take apart existing ones or use some of the new gifts for this game.

Put the daddy-to-be and all his friends and relatives to the test as you hand them a manual, a bunch of toy parts and say Go!

Seeing them race to figure out what goes where will not just have you all watching in fits but will also give them a good idea of what challenges await them!

Daddy vocabulary

Although we may picture the men enjoying some action packed baby shower games more than sitting down with a paper and pen, but don’t underestimate the baby and daddy vocabulary skills they may have!

Jumble up some words and phrases that are going to be a constant in the new life of the new daddy and watch them sort through and make sense of these. You can put on a timer or just wait until the first player gets done. 

Aside from these entertaining games, there are tons of other baby shower games for men you could play to make the guys feel included.

Games are great icebreakers and provide a wonderful opportunity for your guests to bond and loosen up!


top 10 baby shower games for men: voted on from our readers

These are the 10 most popular baby shower games for men according to our readers:

  1. Diaper Changing Race - In this game, men (and women) race to see who can change a diaper the fastest.
  2. Dad Jokes - Ask the men to come up with their best dad jokes and then have everyone vote on the funniest one.
  3. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby - This is a variation of the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game, but with a baby twist.
  4. Baby Bottle Chugging Contest - This game is exactly what it sounds like. Men (and women) chug baby bottles filled with juice or water as quickly as they can.
  5. Baby Food Taste Test - Blindfolded guests taste different types of baby food and try to guess the flavor.
  6. Baby Shower Trivia - Test the knowledge of the men (and women) attending the baby shower with baby-related trivia questions.
  7. Baby Photo Guessing Game - Guests bring a baby photo of themselves, and everyone has to guess who is who.
  8. Baby Name Game - Guests write down their favorite baby names and the parents-to-be choose their favorite.
  9. Baby Pictionary - Divide the group into teams and have them take turns drawing baby-related words and phrases.
  10. Diaper Derby Relay - In this game, guests are divided into teams and have to race to see who can diaper a baby doll the fastest.

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