10+ Ideas For Hosting The Best Dinosaur Baby Shower

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Raawwrr! Get ready to host a ferocious Dinosaur Baby Shower! If the mom-to-be is planning to decorate her baby's nursery in dinosaurs, this is a perfect theme! Not to mention, it's oh so cute!

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Dinosaur Cakes & Cookies

{ image source: Kat's Cakes }

This cake is adorable and would be perfect for a baby shower! I love the colors used and the little dinosaur on top is just the cutest!

Dinosaur Baby Shower Cookies

{ image source: buggieandjellybean }

Buy a batch of refrigerated cookie dough (or make from scratch if you are a lover of baking!), roll out dough and cut into circles (I use the rim of a glass to make perfect circles.) Take the foot of a plastic dinosaur and gently press it into each cookie. You can use different types of dinosaurs so the footprints vary. Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake according to directions.

Printable Water Bottle Labels

picture of printable dinosaur water bottle labels

I made these dinosaur water bottle labels to match your baby shower theme! Simply type your message (ex: Jen's Baby Shower - Welcome Baby Ryder),  print from a copy center or your home computer, cut, assemble and you're all set! I designed them in 3 patterns which are all included as one set. Blue, orange and green. See them here.

Dinosaur Decorations

  • A cute, easy and affordable dinosaur idea is to trace a dinosaur onto a solid color of card stock or construction paper (Google: "free dinosaur template" and print it onto white cardstock.) Cut the dinosaur out and glue onto a cute patterned sheet of scrapbook paper - place in a frame and use to decorate the baby shower! Make a set of 3 or 4 and - If the new baby's nursery is going to be decorated in dinosaurs - you can give the pictures to the mom-to-be at the end of the shower for her to use in the baby's room. Cute, affordable, easy .. and they double as decorations and a gift at the same time! 

  • Make a cute door sign that says "Caution: Dinosaur Crossing" - you can even add caution tape to the door

DIY Paper Jungle Tree

Dinosaur Party Decorations Image

{ image source: limelanelove }

Isn't this just the most clever tree you have ever seen? I saw it ove at LimeLaneLove and knew I had to share it with you - since it fits the dinosaur theme perfectly! 

I am not sure exactly how this one was made - but one way to make this would be to:

Start off by purchasing a large roll of Kraft paper.

As you unroll the paper, begin to crumple and twist it so it has a tattered look to it. 

Make several strands and hang over a doorway using thumbtacks.

Cut out several leaves from green construction paper and add to the branches.

You could also make a smaller version to go around a mantle.

Such a clever and low-cost project - that makes a huge impression!

Fun Dinosaur Baby Shower Food Ideas

picture of dinosaur baby shower food

{ image source }

More fun food ideas:

  • Serve molten lava cakes for dessert! You can buy the boxed version in the baking section of your grocery store. 

  • Make deviled eggs and label them "dinosaur eggs"

    Use Cookie Cutters To Transform Your Shower:

  • Using dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters, cut cheeses and fruit into fun dinosaur shapes

  • Make dinosaur cut-out cookies by making sugar cookies and cutting them into the shape of a dinosaur using a dinosaur cookie cutter. Serve on a platter as snacks at the shower, or bundle them up in a cellophane bag and tie a cute ribbon and favor tag on them to hand out as favors! 

  • You can also use dinosaur cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches

  • Dinosaur Baby Shower Food Signs

    image of dinosaur baby shower food labels

    { image source: justmeprints.com }

  • Have a vegetable platter full of fresh carrots, celery, radishes, etc - and label them "Food for Herbivores"

  • Set out a platter full of yummy croissant turkey and ham sandwiches and label them "Food for Carnivores"

  • On the dessert table, have the sign "Food For Sweetivores"

  • I found the picture frame stands for a good price over at Amazon.

  • DIY Dinosaur Cups

    dinosaur party favors image

    { image source: endlessly inspired }

    Hop over to your local dollar store and scoop up some plastic cups and dinosaurs. Glue onto each cup to make a handle. Use at the baby shower for drinks and then send each guest home with one as a cute dinosaur baby shower party favor!

    The best glue to use for crafts like this is E6000 - it is waterproof and holds just about anything together. 

    Favors For A Dinosaur Theme

    Picture of Dinosaur Baby Shower Favors

    { image source: Lolly Jane }

    • Grab some small plastic dinosaurs at the dollar store
    • spray paint them in colors to match the baby shower
    • glue onto empty jars - such as baby food jars
    • spray paint the lids of the jars as well
    • fill jars with baby shower favors such as bath salts, sugar scrubs, jelly beans, chocolates, etc.
    • add a cute favor tag - and you're done! (we have free tags here)

    update: I found some colored dinosaurs that may save you from having to spray paint them (although you may still have to spray paint the lids of the jars, unless they are all silver and look cute.)

    Dinosaur Themed Gifts

    Picture of Mabels Labels Personalized Name Labels

    One of my favorite gifts to give mom's with small children, are these personalized labels from Mabel's Labels. They are cute, waterproof, and are perfect for labeling bottles, toys, lunches, etc. - these are a lifesaver for those with kids in daycare!

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