Quilt Baby Shower Cakes

So detailed and adorable! Yep, we're talking about quilt baby shower cakes! If you are planning a traditional baby shower, a quilt cake is the perfect match!


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Baby Girl Pink Quilt Cake

by Jill Salyer
(Nickelsville, VA)

pink quilt cake

I made this Baby Girl Quilt Cake for my niece, she is expecting a baby girl, whose name will be Destini.

The goal of making this cake was to make it look like a homemade, crocheted quilt. The cake was half chocolate and half vanilla. I baked the cakes separate in 13x9x2 inch pans.

The frosting was homemade butter cream. I first put a crumb coat of icing on the cake, and then added another layer of icing. I used a toothpick to trace the quilt squares on the cake.

Then, I tinted the icing pink, yellow, and green. I used a large star tip to make the squares of the "quilt". Some of the squares were white with touches of pink in it.

The way I got that effect was by painting a line of pink icing gel down the inside of the icing bag. If you do that and carefully put the white icing down in the bag, when you start piping it out, you will get the effect.

I used a special tip (the one usually used to make grass)to make the fringe all the way around the cake. I piped Baby Girl and the name Destini on top of the cake. I then added a few little things to the cake (babies, rattles, plastic safety pins, etc).

Pink Gingham Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies

quilt baby shower cakes

by Maria Roca
(Wichita, KS )

Gingham Cupcakes made to match nursery theme, made with edible paper. Details are all in fondant, just wish I had better lighting for the picture.

A Quilt for Baby Cake

by Amy Mills
(Media, PA)

Quilt Cake For Baby SHower

Quilt Baby Shower Cake

1. Prepare a basic white cake batter (I use whatever basic cake mix is on sale at the grocery store!). I used eight mixes for this particular cake, but you can adapt the recipe to the number of servings you need.

2. While the batter is still mixing in the electric mixer, pour in a considerable amount of mini chocolate chips. I find that hitting the bags with a small hammer eliminates large clumps of chips and creates a chocolate-y dust that flavors the cake. I use approximately half to three quarters of a bag of chocolate chips per cake mix.

3. Line your pans with parchment paper and sprinkle extra chocolate chips in the bottoms. I used two deep dish lasagna pans and cut out my squares, but you could use any pans that stack in nice tiers. Pour in the batter evenly. Sprinkle extra choc chips on top.

4. The cakes will take fairly long to bake, if you make them as large as I do.

5. Allow the quilt baby shower cakes to cool, remove the top bumpy layer of cake, and torte each tier once in half.

6. I used my own homemade butter cream icing, according to the Wilton recipe. I find it is not only delicious, but just the right consistency. Ice in between the halves of cake, and assemble tiers. Spread a complete layer of icing all over the entire cake. I find the more icing you use, the better the cake is.

7. Now it's time for the fondant work. I used several packages of the pastel colors from Wilton and white. Roll out the fondant in sheets on parchment paper. Use a square cookie cutter to cut out many different squares of each color. I used a fondant press to roll a line that looked like stitching around the four sides of each square.

You will need tons of squares! Start on the top tier, and begin placing the squares on the icing. Line them up in diamond patterns like a quilt. Try not to put the same colors next to each other. Use a fondant smoother to maintain the lines of the tiers. Cover the entire cake in these squares so that no icing is visible. You want to use freshly cut fondant, so it is pliable over the cake.

8. Now, re-roll the pastel fondants. Use cookie cutters to press out small shapes that become the designs on each patch of the quilt. I used mini cookie cutters of Noah's Ark animals, small shapes like diamonds and hearts, and flowers. Use a paintbrush to dampen the back of the shape and press onto the quilt. I found it looked best when each square had some type of detail.

9. Pipe white balls, using a standard round tip and pastry bags and the leftover butter cream icing, around the bottom edge of the cake.

10. Top with any kind of baby ornament. I used blocks that I found at a party supply store.

Sweet Baby Girl Quilt Baby Shower Cake

by Cheryl
(Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA)

Quilt Baby Shower Cakes

This was such a fun quilt baby shower cake to make! Using 1/4 sheet pan I covered it in butter cream icing. Creating the quilt squares with star piping.

Quilt Baby Shower Cakes

by Brittany S
(Estero FL)

Quilt Cake For A Boy

Quilt Baby Shower Cakes

I baked a two layer sheet cake them iced the cake with butter cream icing.

After putting the initial icing on the cake i piped a grid on the cake to make it look like a baby blanket.

I filled in the grid with tiny stars to give the cake a fluffy look.

I made the stand up color flow pieces ahead of time. I drew the design on parchment paper them covered it with parchment paper.

I outlined the design with stiff royal icing and let dry. I then thinned out the royal icing to fill the pieces in.

I carefully placed the pieces on the cake. I then piped a shell border around the base and top of the cake. I the put rosettes on the sides and stuck the diaper pins to them.

Quilt Baby Shower Ideas

Some cute baby shower quilt or blanket ideas for decorating are:

  • Use quilts or baby blankets as table cloths
  • Wrap presents in baby receiving blankets, bundle up at the top and tie with a pretty ribbon
  • When guests arrive, have each of them write a sweet message or words of advice on a square swatch of fabric - then take all of the fabric pieces to a quilt maker and have them turn it into a beautiful quilt that holds memories of the baby shower.
  • This is a crafty idea that you will love! Take a beautiful quilt into your local copy shop and place a portion of it onto the color copy machine (or have a worker do it.) Make a few copies of the quilt. Some cute ways to use these are:

    • cut into 2" strips, wrap and secure around napkins for instant quilt napkin rings
    • laminate and use as place mats
    • cut into 2" strips and wrap around vases
    • cut into 2" strips and wrap around pillar candles
    • make favor tags or gift tags out of them 

(Don't have a quilt? Another idea is to go to your local craft store and look for quilt-like patterned scrapbook paper - there are so many fun varieties of scrapbook paper available!)

Quilt Baby Shower Cakes