Must-Haves for Your Baby Shower Registry

Baby Shower Registry:

Planning a baby shower? It's such an exciting time, and there's so much to look forward to as you get ready for your little one. One of the key things to sort out is your baby shower registry.

This is basically a list of necessities that you will need and want as you start this amazing journey of parenthood.

Setting up a registry makes it super easy for your friends and family to pick out gifts you'll actually use and love.

You can put your baby shower registry together at different stores or online, and lots of them give you cool bonuses like discounts, welcome kits, and easy returns, making life simpler for everyone involved.

Let's get started and make sure you've got everything covered for your upcoming adventure!

baby shower gifts

When you're planning your baby shower registry, it's important to think about what you really need and what fits your lifestyle.

Start by listing the essentials – everything from baby gear to the everyday items that will help you in those first few months.

A well-planned registry not only helps your friends and family pick out gifts you'll actually use, but it also helps you keep track of what you need, avoiding duplicates.

Many stores and online platforms offer great tools to help you organize your list, provide expert advice, and offer options that suit your needs.

When it comes to sharing your registry, it's usually included with the baby shower invitations or passed along through family and friends, so everyone knows where to look for gift ideas. Check out these minimalistic Baby Registry Cards in our shop.

And after the shower, don’t forget to send thank you notes or messages to show your appreciation for everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness.

Setting Up Your Baby Shower Registry

Choosing a Registry Platform

As mentioned above, when you are expecting a new baby, setting up a baby shower registry can streamline the gift-giving process for your loved ones and help you manage what items you'll need for your baby.

Creating an Account

Your first step is to decide where to create your baby registry.

There are many registry platforms available, with some allowing you to add items from any store. This kind of registry is known as a universal baby registry and has become extremely popular in recent years. It is an all-in-one place to keep everything organized.

Websites like or Babylist offer such services.

When selecting a platform, consider features like ease of sharing, selection of products, and whether they allow you to sync up with other registries.

Once you've chosen a website, your next action is to sign up for an account.

Navigate to your chosen registry's website and look for a "Create a Registry" or "Sign Up" option. You'll typically be required to provide your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Password (for creating your account)
  • Due date (optional but often recommended)

After signing up, you'll log in to your account where you can start adding items to your baby registry.

Remember to check if your registry platform offers a completion discount or any other benefits, as this could save you money on any unpurchased items post-baby shower.

Selecting Baby Registry Items

Building a Custom Checklist

If you are a first-time mother-to-be, how do you know all of the essential items to include in your registry?

Start by creating a checklist designed to match your lifestyle and preferences. Add items off of the top of your head that you have been wanting or have heard are important.

From there you can start to add all of the essential baby items. This list should include baby products across all categories of care such as:

  • Sleep: Mattress, crib sheets, swaddles, baby monitor
  • Feeding: Bottles, breastfeeding pillows, high chairs
  • Changing: Diapers, wipes, changing table or pad
  • Diapers and wipes: You'll need plenty of each; consider varying sizes for diapers.
  • Clothing: Onesies and sleepers in different sizes, accounting for growth and seasonal changes.
  • Health: A reliable thermometer, nail clippers, and a gentle baby wash.
  • Furniture: Crib or bassinet, dresser, rocking or gliding chair
  • Storage: Shelves or baskets for organizing clothes, toys, and supplies

Think about items that provide safety, comfort, and ease of use. Things that will make life easier for both you and your baby every day.

Your baby's nursery is their special space. Having the right furniture and essentials will create a safe and cozy environment for sleeping and playing.

Make sure to choose furniture that meets safety standards and bedding made for babies, like hypoallergenic materials.

When preparing for your baby shower, sharing your registry with loved ones is key to ensuring your guests know what you need. Utilize personalized messages and an easily accessible link to make the process seamless.

Before the Event:

  • As mentioned previously, include your registry on the baby shower invitations. 
  • Digital Alerts: If you’re using online invites or event pages, integrate the registry link into the event details, making it a one-click process for guests.

Convenience for Guests:

  • Guests can access your desired gifts with ease.
  • Offers guests the option to contribute to a group gift or purchase a gift card if they prefer.

Benefits for You:

  • You can easily keep track of who has purchased what
  • Allows for gifts to be shipped directly to your home, saving time and effort.

Remember to update your registry with the event date and any changes in the gift list. This keeps everything current and informs guests of the timeline they have to make a purchase.

after the baby shower

baby shower address sign

After your baby shower, it's time to manage the gifts you've received. This includes handling returns and exchanges smoothly, as well as expressing gratitude to your friends and family.

If you find yourself with duplicates or items you don’t intend to use, familiarize yourself with the return policy of the stores where your baby registry was held.

Most stores offer a return period (ex: 30 day return policy) for registry items.

When making a return or exchange, it’s important to have:

  • A gift receipt or the original receipt, if provided.
  • The item in its original packaging.
  • Knowledge of any restocking fees or return deadlines.

Stores may offer you store credit, exchanges or refunds, some of which could.

Remember that online stores may have different procedures, so check for specifics on how to process your online returns.

Sending thank you notes should be a priority once your baby shower is over.

A thoughtful thank you:

  • Shows appreciation for the guest’s generosity and support.
  • Should be sent promptly, ideally within two weeks after the baby shower.

Tips for writing thoughtful thank you cards:

  1. Acknowledge your guest by name.
  2. Express thanks for the specific gift.
  3. Mention how you plan to use it or why it’s helpful.
  4. Include a personal message or memory from the baby shower.

This helps maintain a strong, appreciative circle of family and friends around you and your new arrival.


  • What items are typically included on a baby shower registry list?

    Your baby shower registry list should include a mix of essentials and personal preference items.

    Most lists have a crib, stroller, car seat, diapers, wipes, a breast pump, bottles, and a baby monitor. You should adjust the list based on your specific needs and lifestyle.
  • How can guests find a baby shower registry by name?

    Guests can typically find your baby shower registry by going to the retailer's website where you registered and entering your name.

    Some websites might also offer search by event date or location for easier access.
  • What are the benefits of registering for a baby shower at multiple retailers?

    Registering at multiple retailers gives you a wider selection of products, can cater to guests with varying budgets, and may offer convenience for those who have a preferred shopping venue.

    It also often results in access to different discount and return policies.

  • When is the ideal time to start a baby shower registry?

    The best time to create a baby shower registry is in the early part of the second trimester.

    This allows you enough time to research products and offers guests time to make purchases, especially if they are shopping for bigger ticket items that may require more thought or a group effort.

  • Can you add items from other stores to a Target or Amazon baby registry?

    Yes, both Target and Amazon offer the option to add items from other stores to your baby shower registry. This feature allows for more flexibility and variety in the products you can receive.

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