Vroom! It's An Airplane Baby Shower

Host an amazing airplane themed shower that has guests flyin' high with excitement!  We have been dreaming up a few good ideas that are all about planes! There are tons of darling possibilities!

{FREE Printable Airplane Decorations}

We designed these free printable airplanes just for you!

Simply click on the picture below, to open and print.

They come in blue and green.

You can print them onto white card stock and cut out - or, if the colors do not match your baby shower colors, you can print a copy onto card stock, cut out, and use as a tracing template to trace the airplane shape onto colored card stock or scrapbook paper (plaid or polka dot patterned scrapbook paper looks extra cute!)

There are so many fun uses for these little airplanes!

• You can attach them to a strip of ribbon and wrap around napkins for instant napkin rings (insert utensils in through the ribbon)

• Attach a lollipop stick or Popsicle stick and use as cupcake picks or food picks

• Attach to a strip of ribbon and wrap around vases or pillar candles

• String several onto thin ribbon to make cute baby shower garland

• Attach clear fishing line and hang from the ceiling over the main food or present table.

Let your imagination run wild!

image of free printable airplane clipart

For some clever airplane shower invitations - make a rectangle shaped airline ticket on the computer. Type:

  • "(Parent's last name) AIRLINES"
  • The official Baby Shower airline
  • Flyer's Name: (the guest invited)
  • Arrival Location: (the shower address)
  • Flight Date: (party date)
  • Flight Time: (party time)
  • 2/3 of the way down you can print dots vertically to make the ticket look perforated
  • A light meal will be served. Check in at terminal
  • If unable to make flight, please call "hostess name", your ticket agent" at (your phone number)

Sweet Baby Wishes In A Suitcase: Special Delivery Airmail

image of suitcase for an airplane shower

Have guests write down their best wishes and advice to the baby and new mom on these cute paper airplanes - and place them in the suitcase. So adorable! You can grab them here.

picture of airplane advice cards
picture of airplane favor boxes

You can find these airplane favor boxes and supplies here.

Airplane Baby Shower Decorations

  • For some cute airplane baby shower decorations, buy several white balloons, blow them up and tie five or six together with clear fishing wire to make a "cloud." Then hang each "cloud" from the ceiling with fishing wire

  • You can also draw large airplane shapes onto poster board. Cut out each plane and cut a crosswise slit in the sides. Draw some wings, cut out and insert through the side of the plane. Hang from the ceiling too. Or make the old-fashioned paper airplanes that we all made as kids and hang them from the ceiling using clear fishing line.

  • Place the baby shower favors in a opened vintage looking suitcase

  • Carve a watermelon into an airplane and fill it with fresh fruit. Here are the instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Carve-a-Watermelon-Airplane

  • For favors, hand out bags of peanuts

  • Make a batch of cookies with cute airplane cookie cutters

  • For a cute baby shower centerpiece, buy a big plastic toy airplane and fill it full of baby goodies such as onesies, socks, rattles, washcloths and airplane-themed clothes

  • Make a "Baggage Claim" sign so guests know where to put their gifts

  • Fill a large glass vase 1/2 way full of peanuts and top it off with a pillar candle

  • Place a smaller glass cylinder vase into a larger glass cylinder vase. Put water and flowers into the smaller vase. Carefully pour peanuts (in the shell) down in between the 2 vases. It will give the appearance that it is one large vase filled with flowers and peanuts. This is such a cute idea that came from one of our readers, Stephanie

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