Precious Cargo Baby Shower
Airplanes, Clouds & Tons Of Cuteness!


airplane plates

Here are five cute decor ideas for a PRECIOUS CARGO BABY SHOWER or airplane-themed baby shower:

  1. Cloud Backdrop: Create a whimsical atmosphere by setting up a cloud backdrop. Use white or light blue balloons, tissue paper, or cotton batting to create fluffy clouds. Hang them as a backdrop behind the main table or the photo booth area.

  2. Vintage Suitcase Centerpieces: Place vintage suitcases in the center of each table as charming centerpieces. Fill them with baby essentials like diapers, onesies, or plush airplane toys. You can also tie ribbons or bows around the suitcases to add a festive touch.

  3. Paper Airplane Garlands: Craft paper airplane garlands using patterned or colored cardstock. Hang them across the room or above the main table. You can even attach small pictures of the parents-to-be.

  4. Boarding Pass Invitations: Design and distribute boarding pass-inspired invitations to set the tone for the airplane theme. Use airplane-themed graphics, passport stamps, and boarding pass details to make them look authentic. Consider adding a small airplane-shaped charm or sticker to the invitations as a cute embellishment.

  5. Cloud-shaped Treats: Serve cloud-shaped treats as a sweet addition to the baby shower. Make cloud-shaped cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with white icing and silver sprinkles to resemble fluffy clouds. Display them on a tray or tiered stand for guests to enjoy.
cloud cookie cutters
airplane backdrop

The cute "Precious Cargo Baby Shower" below is brought to you by Belladonna Sweets! Airplanes, 21st century storks, are unconventional baby carriers but this is too adorable and gives the traditional delivery a wonderful twist!

image of an airplane baby shower

Baby blue rice krispie treats presented on cargo boxes - yes, thank you! (Please ship some to go as well)

picture of precious cargo baby shower theme ideas

Probably my most favorite of this baby shower - in flight snacks anyone? These contain caramel popcorn - yummy! If popcorn isn’t your food of choice, think up a creative adult and kid-friendly in-flight snack of your own!

image of airplane baby shower cupcakes

You can easily make the cute babies out of fondant using a
handy silicone mold

{Hello World} Precious Cargo Baby Shower Supplies

You can find adorable airplane baby shower decor and supplies online - here are our favorites!

click on the pictures to be taken to the product pages

picture of precious cargo baby shower supplies

airplane baby shower picture

The globe wraps around each of the cupcakes, with a cute baby boy on top!  Little details that make a world of a difference!

airplane baby shower

Cake pops? No PROPELLER pops! Nothing more considers messy munchers and portion-watching obsessors! 

image of airplane baby shower food

Give me s’more! This hostess knows that the baggage claim area will be the most popular terminal for hungry visitors!  


Thank you again Bella
donna  Sweets! This certainly was a delight! Contact Belladonna Sweets at (818) 821-4112. “Custom creations to fit your celebrations.” 

Article written by writer, Sara Khan

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