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Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cute baby shower cupcakes can add some excitement to your cake making experience. They are an innovative way to celebrate! Not to mention adorable and less messy!

Cupcakes are the latest craze! What many baby shower hostesses are now doing is serving a cute baby shower cake at the shower and then sending guests home with adorable little boxed cupcakes as favors!

A clever way to jazz up your cupcakes is by stuffing them with yummy candies. You can add mini Reese's peanut butter cups, Rolos, Hershey's Kisses, mint patties, toffee pieces, etc - to the inside of cupcakes just before baking - just gently push the candy down into the batter after pouring them into the pans. These turn out wonderful!

Look at this sweet little cupcake that was submitted by one of our talented readers!

Easy to Make Pinwheel Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers

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These are so simple to make a add a pop of excitement to baby shower cupcakes! Click on pic for full details on how to make these cuties ~ and a FREE template.

picture of pastel balloon cupcake toppers

{ picture from Studio DIY }

Top 10 Cutest Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers
that you can make from home

Blooming Baby Rose Cupcakes

baby shower cupcakes

click on picture for more information on how to create these delicate beauties!

Teddy Bear Shower Cupcakes

by Julie M.
(Rochester, NY, USA)

bear baby shower cupcakes

These sweet Bear Pin Cupcakes are so perfectly frosted they look like mini baby shower cakes. Almost too cute to eat!

I started with vanilla cupcakes (regular size) baked with no liner. I used a serrated knife to cut off a little of the dome on top.

Then, I placed the cupcake upside down on my turntable or counter, to ice it in vanilla butter cream.

It's a little tricky to frost cakes so small, but with practice it gets better.

I've also done them frozen, which sometimes helps. Also I put a dab of icing on the bottom of the cupcake so it adheres to the surface to allow for frosting.

After getting the base coat on, I use my small spatula to transfer the cake to a flattened cupcake paper or small doily.

Then, I use a yellow pastel icing to make top and bottom shell borders (with a small shell tip, such as #16).

To make the bear diaper pin on top, I start with making the pin shape with gray butter cream. Then, for the bears head, I use my round tip (like #5) to make a round, flat ball, and two little round ears.

The snout is another little ball on top of the face. Then I use black to make two little eyes, and for the little triangle nose and little line down the snout. Voila! Individual size baby shower cupcakes. The guests love them!!

Baby Shoe Cupcakes

baby shower cupcakes

These Baby Shoe Cupcakes are unlike any cupcakes we have seen before! So creative and cute! Click on the picture to learn how to make these absolutely adorable cupcakes!

Baby Cakes Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes

These cute little cupcakes are actually sitting on top of a baby shower cake! Perfect for a twin baby shower! Click on picture to read all about these cupcakes.

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Baby shower cupcakes are becoming one of the trendiest additions to see at a baby shower and these small treats can be decorated in a huge number of different ways. The cupcake trend is now seen all over the world, and people are choosing this style of sweet treat over conventional cakes. The concept for cupcakes has been around for centuries; however, they became popular when the first cupcake store opened in 1996.

Cupcakes can have a theme and be decorated in a huge array of different styles ensuring that they are suitable for every occasion. Baking baby shower cupcakes is extremely straightforward to do, and even with remarkably little cake making skills you will be able to create an excellent display. Cupcakes are ideal for any event and can be displayed in a huge number of different ways.

If you have a cupcake tower, this will enhance the look of the cupcakes and make them easier to reach. Although the towers look impressive they are not necessary, and you will be able to create a great display for your baby shower cupcakes with or without the tower. Cupcakes are very versatile, and will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have some cake. The flavors, frosting, colors and styles can all be mixed to ensure that every single guest will find something they enjoy.

There are no rules when it comes to decorating the baby shower cupcakes, and you can be as imaginative as you want. If you know the sex of the baby, you may want to frost the cupcakes in either pink or blue. If the sex is unknown, you could decorate in both colors, or choose something entirely neutral. The only thing, which is restricting your choices, is your imagination, and you can create some stunning masterpieces if you get creative.

Depending on how adventurous you are will often determine what designs you make for the baby shower cupcakes. However, there are many different ideas that are very simple to create, and will look stunning at the baby shower. You could make miniature building blocks for the top of the cupcakes, or little teddy bears, pacifiers or bottles. If the baby shower is to be a theme other than babies, you could decorate the cupcakes to include this.

The cupcakes can have a message written on them, such as "it's a girl" or "congratulations" You could make baby faces from fondant and place them on the top of the cupcake. The possibilities are endless and will ensure that everyone at the baby shower enjoys the cupcakes. Cupcakes are so convenient to serve as there is no need to worry about portion control, or if everyone can get some cake.

Once you know how many people are expected you simply need to make enough cupcakes with a few to spare. Cupcakes are a very affordable way to create the perfect decoration for the baby shower, baking the cupcakes is no more expensive than baking an average cake. However, cupcakes will offer you so many more options and decorating opportunities. Once you begin to decorate you will see how much fun it is and want to make cupcakes for every event.

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