How To Throw The Cutest Tiffany's Baby Shower

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Tiffanys Baby Shower : For classic movies lovers, this baby shower is just for you.  Holly, of How Sweet, designs a “Breakfast at Tiffany's” baby shower that she was kind enough to share.

Elegant and simple, this party makes every mother-to-be feel like the dashing Audrey Hepburn. (We aren’t so sure what will happen once mommy duties begin though…)

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Tiffany's Baby Shower Cake and Cupcakes

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What's A Tiffany's Baby Shower Without The Iconic Blue Aqua Favor Boxes?

We searched around and found the 2x2x2 size - 10 per order for $6.95 + free shipping. Not too bad! You can grab them here.

Tiffany's Baby Shower Cake Picture

What a lovely cake! Each of the layers is in different colors-bright blue, baby blue and white. Frills line the border of each layer to give the layer a bit of a style.

Instead of Tiffany & Co., the simple sign on the cake writes Baby & Co. I’m sure either work for mothers, and maybe Baby&Co. more so.

Tiffany's Baby Shower Cupcakes Picture

Dessert does not end with the tasty cake. Vanilla cupcakes with baby blue frosting and a white bow on top keep up the Tiffany gifting spirit.

While the gifts aren’t diamonds, they are definitely riches for dessert lovers.

Tiffany's Baby Shower Tablescape Image

Keep the snack table simple! It’s what Audrey would have wanted.

A portrait of the starlet with her most iconic look as Hollie Golightly sets the stage for the continued theme.

What’s served? What you would expect in a breakfast made for socialites.

The brunch menu includes different types of scones and muffins, served with strawberry or blueberry jam.

There are even fruit skewers including fruits like pineapples, grapes and strawberries.

Simple labels with the Tiffany gift box logo keep up the goodies theme.

Picture of Tiffany's Baby Shower Food Ideas

The most adorable breakfast in this baby shower has to be the mini pancakes with berries.

Stacks of little pancakes are attached with toothpick. To add some color, red raspberries line the top.

Image Of Tiffany's Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers

Be sure to grab a gift to go: sweet lovers take a Baby & Co chocolates with them. 

They are kept in a simple dark brown wooded basket. A photo stand with a “Thank you, Darling!” reminds us of all the memorable quotes from one of our favorite movies.

Image for Tiffany's Baby Shower Beverages

Even the wine has beautiful labels for Baby&Co. Drinks included wines, mimosa, punch, tea, coffee and water.

Image of Tiffany's Baby Shower Flowers

Decorations were simple: beautiful and different types of white flowers (including daisies and hydrangea) were placed in different sizes and types of vases.

One vase had a blue tint to it. Other decoration pieces included floating candles inside beautiful clear vessels. Opaque pebbles filled the bottom of the vessel.

Credit for the flowers and their arrangements goes to Catherina, of How Sweet.

Picture of Tiffany's Baby Shower Decorations

Other decorations included a crystal blue chandelier, which really brought some sparkle and shine.

To keep it fun and baby themed, different types of paper flowers, also in baby blue, hung from the ceiling.

Holly, thank you for sharing such a beautiful day with us! It’s like stepping into the scene of our favorite movie. 

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