Cutest Winnie The Pooh
Baby Shower Cakes

The adorable Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Cakes you are about to see will give you a glimpse back into the days of your childhood!

Pooh Bear and his friends have been around for such a long time.

I have such wonderful memories of playing with stuffed Pooh Bears and watching the cute movies - you are going to love the nostalgic cakes you're about to see! Enjoy!

Sweet Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Cake

by Amanda Johnson
(Little Rock, AR)

Winnie The Pooh Cakes

For the Love of Pooh - Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Cakes

The bottom cake is strawberry, made with fresh strawberries. I used 2 - 9" x 13" glass baking dishes to make the half sheet of strawberry.

I made the strawberry icing using fresh strawberries, clear vanilla extract, powdered sugar, shortening, and red food coloring.

I had to make all the icing myself so that it would hold up in the 98 degree weather.

I did the borders and writing in white and added a few roses for decoration. I used 2 tier columns and cut them down to size for the 2 plates holding the other two cakes.

The bee hive is a lemon cake with fresh lemon added to the mix. I used a 6" round metal cake pan, a metal sauce pan that just happened to be slightly domed looking at the bottom and a cup cake to form the bee hive.

I had to trim around the cakes with a serrated knife to help with the bee hive look when icing the cake. I made lemon icing (the same way I made the strawberry icing, using lemon instead of strawberry) to ice the bee hive.

I purchased the sugar bumble bees off of Ebay. The other cake, that the Baby Winnie the Pooh and Tigger topper (purchased from a local Wal-Mart bakery) is sitting on is a chocolate chocolate chip cake.

The bottom layer was made using a 8" round cake pan and the top layer was made using a 6" round cake pan. I made some green icing to ice the cake with.

I used a slightly darker green for the grass and such on the sides of the cake. I made purple and pink roses and mums, slightly variegated, for decoration. I did the borders slightly variegated with purple icing.

Tigger Baby Shower Cake

by Jennifer H
(Vancouver WA)

tigger cake

For this Tigger Cake:

I made a double layer 12" by 2" round cake. I butter creamed and then covered it with fondant.

Then covered the white with Shimmer dust (very pretty touch.) Then I formed the Tigger out of rice crispy treats and covered it with fondant.

I used a fondant strip for the border and them indented the circles with a tool. The blanket and pillow are formed out of fondant and bordered with a fondant tool.

I made this Tigger cake for my friend's baby shower. It was a huge hit!


Reader's Comments:

by: Anonymous

this cake is sooo adorable and could easily be made into a boy's cake as well. Good Job jennifer h!


Kick Butt
by: Sandy Renner

I have been looking all over for cute Winnie The Pooh baby shower cakes! I think this cake is incredible. I like it so much I would like to order one for my daughters baby shower.
I know you will win!


How cute!
by: Anonymous

WOW! It is so cute! Tigger comes to life!


by: Anonymous

That is the cutest cake I have ever seen.


by: Evie Carnahan

Incredible craftsmanship. A wonderful eye for detail and an amazing artist. Would hire her in a heart beat to bring such loving work for any event! Well done.


by: Evie Carnahan

Incredible craftsmanship. A wonderful eye for detail and an amazing artist. Would hire her in a heart beat to bring such loving work for any event! Well done.


Adorable Tigger Cake
by: Anonymous

This is such an adorable cake! Tigger is so life like! The creator must have 10 years experience! Kudos to you! I bet that took several hours.
Beautiful job!


by: Brian V

Can't believe the detail that you put into this. It really is remarkable!!!


Tigger Cake
by: Pam

What a darling cake! The Tigger is adorable!
Great job, Jen!


by: Anonymous

This is such a cute idea. I would have loved to be the recipient of this cake. Nice job Jen!!


Great job
by: Mathew K

Great job on this cake. Such nice colors, and put together real well. Great Job!

by: Timothy K

this cake sure looks good enough to eat, but it's too nice to cut!


by: Greg K

This cake really shows off great talent in cake decorating. This gal really knows what she's doing! Very nice!


by: Char K.

Wow! A real nice looking cake! A piece of art! Such detailed work! I'd have this cake artist make cakes for me any time! Great job!


by: Anonymous

The cake is an eye catcher and could be a great birthday cake theme too. You used some clever ideas to come up with tigger -rice krispies shape plus fondant. I bet the cake was the hit of the baby shower ! Great job.


Love it!
by: April

I can't believe how real that tigger looks!
I love this cake!
Your so amazing at this!


by: Sloan

I have seen several Tigger cakes in the past. Several of are cakes that you can order and pay a lot for. This cake truly surpasses all the rest. This cake seems to capture everything. It is exciting yet has a simple touch and fun yet elegant. I would have to say this cake is AMAZING... even better then that. It is a cake suitable for God him self. When I look at this cake I can not help but smile. This is truly a work of art. Well done!


by: Crystal

This cake was for my baby shower and everyone at my shower was very impressed. Not only was it beautifully made it tasted wonderful as well!!

Baby Pooh And Friends Cake

baby pooh cake

For this Winnie The Pooh baby shower cake, I used 1 two layer 8" round for the top, and 1 two layer half sheet for the bottom.

Top round cake is chocolate with banana pudding and sliced bananas in the middle.

The bottom sheet cake is vanilla and filled with Bavarian cream and fresh strawberries.

For the icing I used a non-dairy whipped topping colored yellow for the top and baby blue for the bottom.

Place the top tier on top of the bottom tier using white plastic column tiers.

Carefully place decorations (rattles, rocking horses, baby pins, blocks, pacifier, bottle, & bootie candles) on top of frosting.

I used edible Color Spray to accent the colors.
For the finishing touch I put a border around the entire outer surface of each cake in alternating colors.

Leave room to write your message on each cake.
Good luck & have fun!


Reader's Comments:

Winnie the pooh baby shower cake
by: Lori

All of the Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Cakes are outstanding. I love that tiger cake most and this looks cool.


first time?
by: Nichole

My sister in-laws baby shower is Saturday and she really would like a Winnie The Pooh baby shower cake. I'm wanting to make something like this for her. Ive never made a decorated cake before will this be easy enough for a first timer?


How Cute!!

by: Anonymous

This is so adorable! I will use this idea for my sister's  baby shower! Cutest cake ever!

Cute Pooh Bear Cake

by La'Meeka E
(Clarkston, GA)

pooh bear baby shower cake

This Winnie The Pooh baby shower cake was made by using an icing image from the invitation.

I used a 6 inch round cake and 10 inch round cake and tiered them. The bow is made from gum paste.

The cake was iced in butter cream.

The pink and blue dots were piped on using a pastry bag.

Winnie The Pooh Wording
Ideas For Cakes & Invitations

Wording for Winnie The Pooh Themed Invitations
by jess 

I was looking at doing a Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower and i came up with this:

Piglet, Tigger
, Eeyore and Pooh 
agree that a baby shower 
is a splendiforous thing to do,
 join us and you'll see 
just how much fun these four friends can be.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Poem
by Nessie 

A cute wording idea for a baby shower cake or baby shower invitation is - 

Congratulations on the pot of honey in your tummy!

Invitation Verse for a "Winnie the Pooh" Baby Shower
by Lisa H. T. 
(Central America)

"Tiddily-rom, tiddily-roo, "mother's name" will soon have her baby boo"

"It's time to bounce and twirl, "mother's name" is having a baby girl"

Pooh Bear Baby Shower Invitation Verses
by Maya 

1) Welcome our little jar of hunny! 

2) We have been blessed with a little bit of honey 

3) Our Sweet little pooh bear

4) A little honey is on the way!


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