Baby Boy Baby Shower Ideas: popular Themes, Games, and Decor Tips

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Simple baby boy baby shower ideas for planning the cutest shower! 

Welcoming a baby boy is such an exciting time! It is an opportunity for friends and family to gather and shower the expected baby with essential items and create fun memories.

When planning a baby shower for a boy, there's a wide range of themes and styles to choose from. Whether the mom-to-be prefers a classic and elegant theme or something colorful and adventurous, there's something to match every taste and expectation.

Baby Boy Baby Shower Ideas: Deciding on baby shower decorations, games, and food can often be overwhelming, but a well-chosen theme can tie everything together seamlessly.

Some popular baby shower themes are jungle safari animals, planes, trucks, a prince theme.

  • Choosing a baby shower theme is not necessary, but it can simplify decision-making for decorations, games, and food.

Choosing a Baby Boy Theme

Selecting the perfect baby shower theme can set the tone for the event and is key to creating a memorable celebration.

Classic and Modern Themes

  • Little Man Theme: bow ties, mustaches, and pin stripes. The Little Man theme combines class with a touch of fun, perfect for welcoming a dapper little gentleman-in-the-making.
  • Royal Prince Theme: roll out the royal carpet for a Royal Prince baby shower. Think deep blues and gold accents, crowns, 
  • Storybook Baby Shower: display classic children's books, tea cups and fairy tale decor for an enchanting atmosphere that can remind guests of the joys and wonders of childhood.
  • Safari Baby Shower: transport your guests to the wild and wonderful world of the jungle with a jungle safari theme. Decorate with animal prints, natural colors, and plush toys to mimic an adventure into the wilderness.
  • Woodland-Themed Baby Shower: for those who prefer a more serene and nature-oriented setting, the Woodland theme brings an outdoor, rustic charm indoors. Envision a mix of forest creatures, greenery, and earthy tones to create a cozy and inviting environment.
  • Superhero Theme: Embrace the spirit of adventure with a superhero-themed shower. Imagine the venue decked out with colorful capes and masks. Dessert options might include cakes and cookies decorated with iconic emblems from famous super hero characters.
  • Nautical Theme: Anchors away! A nautical theme could involve ocean themed décor and games related to the sea, perfect for welcoming a little sailor-to-be.
  • Sports Themed Baby Shower: set the scene with decorations representing various sports, complete with a playing field-inspired cake or snacks shaped like sports equipment.

Invitations and Guests

blue hot air balloon baby shower invitation

Crafting the guest list and sending out invites are crucial steps: Consult with the parents-to-be and come up with a list that includes friends and family who are significant to them.

Choose Invitations - select invitations that match the chosen theme and send them out 4-6 weeks prior.

RSVP Confirmation - send a reminder to those who haven't RSVP'd to get an accurate headcount. This will ensure you have enough food, favors, prizes, etc.

A boy baby shower is about creating sweet memories and celebrating new beginnings, so let your choices reflect the joy and love felt for the upcoming addition to the family.

boy baby shower decorations

When selecting the baby shower color palette, you can opt for bold and bright colors or soft pastels depending on the theme.

Some popular boy baby shower color schemes are:

  • cream, tan, dusty blue
  • sage green, cream
  • gray, royal blue
  • yellow, green, cream

Use balloons to create dramatic effects:

  • Display balloon arches at entrances or around the gift table.
  • Clusters of helium balloons in the front yard or outside of the shower venue.
  • Balloons with confetti or LED lights inside for an evening event.

Consider incorporating burlap, baby's breathe and rustic decor for a natural theme.

Centerpieces should captivate and tie the room together. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mason jars with fairy lights or flowers as a simple yet charming centerpiece.
  • Miniature diaper cakes, topped with a baby boy figurine or wrapped in blue ribbons, make for conversation starters and double as practical gifts for the baby.
  • Vases with flowers in colors to match the theme, or burlap-wrapped bouquets for a rustic touch.

For your baby shower supplies and table settings, use coordinating tablecloths and napkins to match the theme. Add elegance with silverware neatly tied with ribbon, or maintain a casual feel with wooden utensils. Incorporate themed placemats or runners for added charm.

baby shower games

woodland candy bar baby shower game

BABY BOY BABY SHOWER IDEAS FOR GAMES: Choosing the right games can encourage participation and create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Here are some game ideas that are sure to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Creative Baby Shower Games

  • Blindfolded Diaper Changing: Set up a station with baby dolls, diapers, and blindfolds. Challenge your guests to change diapers while being blindfolded.
  • Baby Bottle Bowling: Use plastic baby bottles filled with a bit of sand for stability. Arrange them the same way bowling pins are set up. Have guests use a small ball and see who can strike out the bottles with the least attempts.
  • Baby Item Memory Game: Place a variety of baby-related items on a tray. Let your guests view them for a minute before hiding them away. Then, test their memory by having them list as many items as they can recall.
  • Guess the Baby Food Flavor: Purchase an assortment of baby food jars, remove the labels, and number each jar. Have guests taste and write down their guesses on the flavors—a surprisingly tricky challenge.
  • Baby Photo Match: Ask baby shower guests to bring their baby photos and display them on a board. Assign numbers to each photo and hand out sheets for guests to match photos with fellow guests.

Delicious Desserts and Beverages

For desserts, cupcakes are easy and are always a hit. Frost them to match the theme of the shower.

Alternatively, cake pops dipped in pretty frosting colors can also be a charming addition to your dessert table.

If you prefer bite-sized sweets, mini eclairs or macarons in a variety of flavors offer a delightful treat that's as tasty as it is easy to eat.

For drinks, you can make a big batch of baby shower punch for a festive display. Mocktails are also a fun option!

A classic choice is lemonade, which can be colored blue with natural food dyes to enhance the baby boy theme.

Also consider adding a selection of herbal teas or fruit-infused water for a lighter option.

baby boy baby shower ideas for favors

  • Personalized Keepsakes: Offer custom keychains or magnets with the baby's name and shower date. It's a small but significant way for guests to remember the day.
  • Photo Frames: Gift them a charming photo frame, possibly with a placeholder that symbolizes the baby boy's arrival. Later, they can replace it with a photo from the shower.
  • Plantable Favors: Consider eco-friendly seed paper favors that guests can plant to remember the celebration as it blooms.

Thank-You Notes:

  • Handwritten Cards: A handwritten note conveys heartfelt gratitude. Mention specific gifts given and how they will be used, or a sweet memory from the shower to show genuine appreciation.
  • Photo Cards: Send thank-you notes with a memorable photo from the event, or a picture of the new baby once they have arrived, for a personalized touch.

Remember, these mementos and notes are more than gifts; they are a lasting gesture of thanks that shows appreciation for guests attending the baby shower.

BABY BOY BABY SHOWER IDEAS -reader questions:

What are some unique theme ideas for a baby boy shower?

A "Wild Child" theme introduces an adventurous atmosphere with elements like woodland and safari animals.

Meanwhile, "Baby-Que" adapts the casual feel of a barbecue to celebrate a new arrival, making it fitting for a co-ed event.

Who is typically responsible for organizing a baby shower?

Traditionally, a close friend or family member other than the expectant parents tends to organize the baby shower.

However, it's becoming increasingly common for parents-to-be to take an active role in the planning process.

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