5 Adorable Baby Rump Cakes

baby rump cakes rump

These Precious little Baby Rump Cakes are so popular in the baby shower world! You can adorn them with cute polka dots, flowers, stripes or ruffles!

If you are planning a Baby Shower - we've got some adorable baby bottom cakes for you to see!

How-To Make Baby Bum Cakes

Scroll down the page to see some adorable baby bum, or baby rump cakes! All of the cakes have been submitted by our talented readers! 

Picture of a pink baby bottom cake

Pink Polka Dot Baby Bottom Cake

Submitted by Paula from Sunny Isles Beach, Fl

I just baked a 12" cake, 2 of the 6" oval and a half "soccer cake pan". 

I used the 12" as a base, than I cut the oval in half (for the legs) the other oval cake I cut as the foot and the soccer one is the baby bottom. I covered everything with fondant and the toes I also made with fondant! Everything is edible! Enjoy!

Baby bum sheet cake picture

Sweet Baby Buns Baby Shower Cake

Submitted by Teresa from Red Oak, Iowa

I have used a sheet cake pan, my ball pan, and rice krispies. I placed 1 half of the ball on the sheet cake pan.  

These were both frosted with butter cream icing. Next, I molded the legs, feet and toes out of rice krispies. 

I then made flesh colored fondant by mixing some creamy peach and Ivory. I covered the rice krispies with the fondant.  

Last, I made a sheet of mint green fondant and draped it over the baby's buns as a quilt. I decorated the quilt after it was placed on the baby buns.  

Hint: When you make baby cakes, be sure to cut extra fondant pieces (hearts, strollers, stars, etc.) so when you need to use them on something such as a quilt, you can save LOTS of time).

picture of blue polka dot baby rump cake

Baby Boy Bum Cake

Submitted by Sandra from Versailles,Kentucky

This cake was so much fun to make!

It is a 10 inch 2 layer cake. The legs and feet are made from rice crispy treats shaped and formed into feet and legs covered in fondant color flesh tone. 

the little bum is a cake that was baked in a small Pyrex bowl and is covered with butter cream frosting with fondant over it. 

It is trimmed out with baby blue ribbon and blue and brown dots.The blanket is made of fondant. Try this cake it is very easy and fun to make. You will be the hit of any baby shower with this cute cake.

Image of pastel baby bottom cake

Baby Girl Pastel Rump Cake

This Baby Shower Cake Picture was submitted by Sutherlan Sweet Treats

It is a "Baby Rump" cake that has 3 tiers.

It was first frosting with buttercream frosting and then the entire cake was covered in fondant & decorated.

African American Baby Rump Cake Picture

Yellow Polka Dot Baby Bottom Cake

Submitted by Shawndra from Goodyear, AZ

This Baby Rump Cake was made for a friend who was having a girl but didn't want the traditional pink!

I baked a 12 inch round 2 layer cake and a cake with half the small Wilton ball pan for the butt.

Ice the 12 in tier white. I attached white fondant to the butt with butter cream icing then placed on top of the 12 inch.

Each leg was done separately. I took some scraps of cake and kind of squished together into the leg shape. I shaped pre-made rice krispy treats into feet shape. 

Iced leg and foot with butter cream icing. I put skin color fondant around the whole foot and leg separately to make them smooth. Then attach together with water. 

I then rolled out skin color fondant and lay across the whole thing, foot and leg, and smooth so it becomes all one piece. 

Do this for both legs then lay next to the butt.

I then took yellow fondant, rolled it out and cut a large rectangle. Drape over back of cake onto the butt and legs hiding the top of the legs.

Roll little skin colored fondant balls, insert a half toothpick and insert into foot for the toes.

I then cut different color small circles for the polka dots on the blanket and medium circles for the side of the large tier.

Cut a long yellow fondant stripe and attach to bottom of cake and make a yellow fondant bow. Used white shell border around top.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  • Some cute ideas that you can add to this theme is to decorate the baby shower with baby footprints. We have a whole page designed around baby footprints and hand prints. We even offer a FREE printable template of baby feet which you can use to make cute decorations for the baby shower. There is also a foot scrub recipe that you can make and give away as low cost baby shower favors - we even made some matching FREE favor tags too! Click here to visit our baby footprint theme page

  • Another easy baby shower decoration that makes a big impression is to but several sheets of scrapbook paper in various patterns - but make sure they all match the overall theme and color scheme of the baby shower. Then take a circle paper punch (3" or 4" ones look the best) and punch out several circles from the scrapbook paper. cut long strips of string and glue the circles back to back onto the string (3-6 circles on each strand, depending how long the string is.) Hang the strings of circles from the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

  • Have you heard of the dirty diaper game? Since diapers kind of fit into the baby rump cake theme - why not play the crazy but popular dirty diaper game? In the game, you melt different kinds of candy bars into disposable diapers. Then the guests have to try and figure out what kind of candy bar is in each one. They can smell or taste them, depending on their strategy. Find complete instructions over at our baby shower games page.


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