Baby Shower Cake Ideas & Supplies


Baby Shower Cake Ideas: 

A baby shower is always one of the most exciting events to take place for parents-to-be and their loved ones. It is a special time to celebrate the arrival of a new life and for the mama-to-be to know how loved and cherished she is by people who are there to support her on this new journey towards motherhood. 

From decorations to favors and games, planning a baby shower is always fun but coming up with the right cake sometimes is the most overwhelming factor.

It doesn’t have to be though – with so many beautiful designs and decadent flavors out there, finding just the right one for your event can’t be that hard to decide!

Whether you’re planning a baby shower for a boy or a girl or are just wanting to keep it neutral, here are some ideas for baby shower cakes that can fit right into your theme, taste and budget! 

Cakes for a girl baby shower



Pink fluttering butterflies with a touch of lilac or gold – isn’t that a whimsical idea to bring to life? What better way to highlight that theme with a centerpiece-worthy cake that doesn’t just taste amazing but looks just as great too! (And the butterflies above are edible!)

A delicate butterfly shaped cake would be an obvious choice, but you can get creative with a single or double layered cake with subtle pink fondant or swirls decorated with gold edible butterflies or silk ones to adorn the top layer.

If you’re serving cupcakes, keep theme classy with white frosting and use delicate edible butterflies as toppers as well. 

Little princess theme

Everyone loves a little royalty, and if that happens to be the theme for your event, then a Little Princess baby shower cake would be just perfect!

A popular choice for this occasion is a simple two-tiered buttercream cake with ruffles or swirls with a glittery cake topper that adds color, shine and sparkle to your centerpiece.

Tiaras, crowns and lettered cake toppers are all easily available if you are opting for a royal baby shower cake. 

Cakes for a boy baby shower

Little man baby shower

This baby shower theme has you thinking bow-ties, mustaches, top hats and cute little buttons. Usually blue and green are the popular choices when it comes to this theme and your baby shower cake can incorporate all these details without seeming like there is too much going on. 

A two-layered cake in white and blue or a simple blue and white ombre cake – you can take your pick but when it comes to the cake topper, a Little Man lettered one with a mustache would fit in just right! Use smaller versions of these for plain white or blue frosted cupcakes as well! 

Oh Boy! baby shower cake ideas

Another choice for a baby shower centering around the arrival of a little boy is the Oh Boy! theme. Blue, white and green are again the central colors here and there are so many creative ways to design a cake for this event.

A buttercream frosted cake with fondant accents, or a double layered one with some gold accents could be a safe but fun choice. You can even adorn it with fresh white flowers and a cake topper of your choice. 

Cakes for a neutral baby shower

Woodland theme

A naked cake has become widely popular when it comes to baby showers and when you have a theme like Woodland creatures or the Great Outdoors, what better than to let all the details around the cake speak for themselves.

A buttercream cake with chocolate animals and fondant trees would look very attractive as would a naked cake with multiple layers and soft pastel florals. Since this theme is perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower, you don’t have to conform to specific colors or decorations either. 

You can even stock up on little woodland creature cupcake toppers and add some more color and cute details to simple cupcakes on your dessert table! 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower

The most adorable theme for a baby shower, full of stars, moons and clouds, this choice allows you to choose so many color combinations.

If you want to keep your event gender-neutral, you can opt for grey and yellow or an elegant white and gold pairing would look beautiful as well. 

The cake could have a base color in white or a solid yellow and on top a drizzle of yellow or green. Cake toppers for this theme come in so many shapes and sizes along with tiny little gold sparkling star accents that you can add around the cake. 


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