Baby Shower Verses For Twin Invitations

Spice up your invitations with some cute baby shower verses!

Twin baby showers are a blast to plan and we've got the ideas to prove it!

baby shower twins invitation

Twin Baby Shower Verses / Poems

Hosting a twin baby shower allows you to be extra-creative!

There are so many theme choices to play on the twin idea...doublemint, double stuff Oreo's, 2 pea's in a pod, Noah's Ark 2 by 2!

Below are cute twin baby shower poems to put on invitations or a cake! Enjoy!

• Chubby Cheeks, Bouncing Curls, We Are Having 2 Little Girls!

• Bottles, Booties, Diaper Pins...Can You Believe (Anne's) Having Twins!

• Two By Two, So Much Fun...Yep, Julie's Having 2 Not One!

• One, Two, So Much to Do!

• Double the Diapers, Double The Fun... We Are Having Two Not One!

• Welcome Little Ones...We Had 2, Oh What Fun!

• Oh, Baby ... Baby!!

• 2 Little Faces With Matching Grins - Nothing Could Be Sweeter Than Having Twins!

• Double The Feedings, Double The Toys...We are Having 2 Little Boys

Twin Baby Shower Verses

• The heavens were excited -

(statistics were just right)

"Gather 'round," the wisest angel said,

"God's designing twins tonight."

It's quite a marvelous process,

As anybody knows -

Two separate souls begin their lives,

As His love just overflows.

Perhaps he'll make them just alike,

Or as different as can be,

But that's the way He wants it -

He's planned it that way you see.

He must then find a loving Mom,

A very special Dad -

For twins take special parents,

And the best just must be had

• Double the joy.....Double the tears, a blessing that God has sent. Two wonderful little girls that share the same tent.

• ouch ouch ooh

that's my cue

I'm not having one, but two

-from Emma

• It's going to be double the pleasure

and double the fun

because Sara and Matt are having more than one!

• We prayed for one,

God Blessed us twice

One Boy, One Girl

Oh how nice!

-by Keisha

• Double the love & double the fun!

TWO little hearts instead of just one!

Twin Baby Shower Verses

Boy & Girl Twins Poem

Twenty little fingers,

Twenty little toes,

Four small ears, 
and the same little nose.

There will be one little girl,

and one little boy,

We're having twins,

Come and share the joy.

-from Akasha

• Double the giggles

Double the grins

and double the trouble

when you're blessed with twins!

• Double the feedings, Double the toys<br>

(insert mom's name) is having a girl & a boy!

• 20 little fingers, 20 little toes.<br>

are they boys or girls?... only God knows!

• Ten little fingers, ten little toes...Ten more fingers, ten more toes!

Twin Baby Shower Verses

Baby Shower Wording for Twin Girls

• Four tiny hands, four tiny feet, two sweet babies we can't wait to meet. Little pink dresses, soft baby curls, let's get ready for the new ________ (insert last name) girls! -Submitted by Jennifer / written by Susan Carter

• Twice the Blessing, Double the joy (Anne's) having twins a girl and a boy!

-by Latoya

• Two little angels sent from heaven above,

A boy and a girl to cherish and love

-by Christy

• Ribbons and bows, giggles and grins, the mommy to be is expecting girl twins! -by Jessica Currie

• More diapers, more pins - you are having twins. -By La

• We're sure you've heard

And yes - it's TRUE!

Melanie is expecting

And she's having TWO!

Please Join us for a Baby Shower

honoring ____________

-by Kim

• Precious moments are far and few, but god is about to bless you with not one but with two. -by Dawn

Triplet Invitation Verse

• Parents, siblings, family tree....Can you believe Jackie is have three!

-By Dixie

• Babies, look at them all!

All three laying,

With love and glee,

Sitting here,

Looking to me.

Twin Announcement Saying

• We are honored to celebrate

Our precious gift from God.

For we are double blessed

With two peas in our pod.

- by Mickie

Twin Baby Shower Verses

Twin Baby Shower Cake Sayings

• Womb-mates

• Two buns in the oven just waiting to give there luvin' -by Steven

• Two by two here they come having twins is so much fun!

by Vianey (perfect for a Noah's Ark - themed baby shower)

• Happy Double Diapers Days -by Joann

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