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Donut Baby Shower

Donut Baby Shower Story: For months I have been admiring the crafty work of Melissa and Kellie at Icing Designs!

Their style is so whimsical and refreshing - everything is hand drawn and always has a splash of sparkle!

Below is a showcase of their beautiful work as well as other creative doughnut baby shower themed ideas! Don't miss our famous 5-minute donut pop recipe!

donut baby shower

The light floral color scheme is beautiful and I love the way they incorporated the table cloth fabric into wall decor.

There are yummy doughnut holes and look at the donut-topped cupcakes!

You can even dip your donuts into preserves. These mini donuts are from Dough A Deer

donut baby shower ideas

What a cute baby shower favor idea - sweet jelly preserves for each guest to take home. 

sprinkle baby shower

Cute table tents label the food dishes

donut baby shower

This adorable banner was made by IcingDesigns.com and is sprinkled with festive sparkles!

sweet baby shower ideas

Even doughnut cookies were served!

doughnut baby shower ideas

Love this beautiful white dessert stand!

doughnut baby shower ideasCreated by Nicole from Dough-A-Deer
doughnut baby shower ideasCreated by Nicole from Dough-A-Deer
doughnut baby shower

What a precious centerpiece for the baby shower tables!

doughnut baby shower ideasCreated by Nicole from Dough-A-Deer

The best of both worlds! Cupcakes and doughnuts! Now just add ice cream and we'll be all set!

This is definitely the perfect baby shower for an expecting mom with a sweet tooth! Everything was beautifully incorporated into the perfect event!

A huge thank you to Icing Designs for letting me share this masterpiece! By taking simple ideas and tying them all all together - you can create an amazing party!

More Donut Baby Shower Cuteness

  • Easy Decoration Idea: buy some foam rings used to make wreaths (found at any craft store) and wrap several times in strips of felt - securing each one with a hot glue gun. 
  • Choose a light brown color to match the color of doughnuts. once the foam ring has gotten pretty thick and resembles a doughnut, cut tiny pieces of colored felt and glue on to look like little sprinkles. Hang several around the food and cake table. You can buy different sizes of circles for a variety.

donut favors

Microfiber towel donuts: What a perfect way to thank all of the baby shower guests for coming! Practical yet cute - and they match the baby shower theme to a T!

baby shower napkins

Classy and popular, ombre scalloped napkins with gold dots - so cute and perfect! Matching plates available too!

Easy 5 Minute Doughnut Hole Pops

I know what you're thinking, YUM, right?! These are pretty much the best things ever, and the easiest to make! It took me about 5 minutes to make these little balls of perfection!

doughnut hole popsAll you need to make these doughnut hole pops is melted white chocolate, donut holes, skewers and cute sprinkles!

Chocolate Baby Shower Bites

donut hole pops

You can also make them dipped in brown chocolate!

Donut Hole Pops

There are only 3 ingredients involved in this fabulous creation! Chocolate, Donut Holes and Sprinkles - simple!

Use any kind of sprinkles that you want - you can even pick ones that match the theme of your shower for extra cuteness!

Donut Hole Pops

The chocolate that I find works the best is CandiQwik. But any melting chocolate will do the trick.

Microwave in 40 second intervals - stirring in between each round until completely melted.

Here's a picture of the package (I had already broken into it - couldn't wait)

Donut Hole Pops

Time to start dipping and rolling! Roll the little donut holes in the chocolate until covered.

Donut Hole Pops

Lay the chocolate bites out on tin foil or waxed paper. Let the sprinkles start a flyin'! Let dry for about 5 minutes - they don't take long at all to dry.

Donut Hole Pops

Once they are dry, you must try one to make sure they are okay to serve to the guests! ;)

Our friend Diane from www.bryasbaskets.com had such a great idea - "A cute, fun twist on your chocolate balls would be a jelly filled donut hole and the one who got that would get a prize"



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