Flower Garden Baby Shower

If you're hosting a flower garden baby shower, then you'll want to set up your table with all sorts of floral centerpieces. There are so many different types of flowers that can be used in your decorating project; tulips, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilacs ... all so beautiful!

Decorate your garden party baby shower with beautiful floral patterns in pretty pastel colors.

Serve baby shower treats in style with this super cute dessert cart! It makes the perfect baby shower centerpiece.

flower Garden Baby Shower  invitations

pink floral baby shower invitation
  • When to send invitations: The baby shower is best held 8-12 weeks before the baby is due. This gives time for friends and family to plan their schedules, and allows enough time for you or your hostess to get everything ready. If it’s a surprise shower, then give them as much notice as possible so they can come up with plans in advance.

  • Registry information: Your invitation should include both registry information and any other details you want to share (like the gender of the baby). 

Decorate with flowers

flower centerpieces for a baby shower

Flower Garden Baby Shower: Use real flowers to decorate your party space. There's nothing like the look and feel of fresh flowers to create an elegant, warm environment.

Choose a variety of flowers in colors that match the season, as well as your mother-to-be's favorite colors. This will help make the entire event feel cohesive and lovely!

Pampas grass and earthy foliage is also a beautiful idea - and they won't wilt.

Serve refreshing drinks

Water and juice are always good options. Consider the time of year and the weather when selecting a drink to serve. If you're having an outdoor shower, lemonade or another non-alcoholic beverage to keep things cool in the heat. If it's winter, hot chocolate gets my vote!

You can add lemons, limes and oranges to a cute water dispenser for a fancy touch. 

If you're serving alcohol, make sure to have non-alcoholic versions available for guests who prefer them. Mimosa bars are always a hit! Serve champagne with different juice options and fruit garnishes. 

Juice is always a good alternative for those who want something sweet and refreshing but don't want to drink alcohol; sparkling cider is also great for this purpose!

For an even more festive touch, serve drinks in pretty glasses instead of plastic cups—this can be as simple as putting out some pretty glasses with your favorite beverage already poured into them so guests can enjoy their drink right away without waiting on someone else's turn at the punch bowl.

Mason jars are also nice because they look cute give plenty of room for ice cubes if desired.

flower garden baby shower: Create an edible centerpiece

brunch charc. board

Decorating a flower garden baby shower cake doesn't have to be difficult. You can use food as your decor - knocking out two tasks (baby shower snacks and decor) at once. Set up a board filled with fruits, meats, cheeses, crackers, nuts - and garnish with beautiful fresh flowers. Place this on the main table for an amazing centerpiece. 

Flowers are everywhere during spring, so use flowers as your table centerpieces for each table. You can either buy fresh or dried flowers and mix them together. If you choose to use fresh flowers, pick out a few different varieties that complement one another—like long-stemmed roses with purple irises and sprigs of baby's breath.

If you want something more low maintenance, consider using silk or silk-like material instead of real leaves and buds in order to keep the cake looking fresh longer without having to worry about watering it all day long!

Make a memory book

Create an heirloom scrapbook of photos from the shower.

By adding elements to your party that reflect the mother-to-be's personality, you can turn an ordinary baby shower into one that she and her baby will always remember.

One of the best ways to celebrate a baby shower is to make sure that it reflects the personality of the mother-to-be. If she loves reading, for example, have guests bring a book instead of a card. If she's into fashion, have them bring a special outfit for her new baby daughter or son. And if she likes photography and taking pictures, let everyone take selfies that they can post on social media with friends and family members who couldn't make it out to see them on this special day!

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