Beautiful Baby Shower Fondant Cake & Instructions


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When people think about making fondant cake they can become intimidated and think it is hard based on the looks of them. Fondant really isn't all that scary. We have a super simple homemade marshmallow fondant recipe (featured below) that anyone can make - even beginners!

This stylish baby shower fondant cake was submitted by Angela from Avon Lake, OH. Below are Angela's directions on how she made this cake:

Beautiful Fondant Cake

image of a baby shower fondant cake
picture of a cute fondant baby shower cake

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  • This cake is a stacked cake made of double layers of 12 inch, 10 inch, and an 8 inch cake

  • Butter the cake with Nutella filling for each cake

  • Each layer was covered in fondant and fondant stripes were added

  • Flowers are simple gumpaste cutout flowers

  • Butterflies are made out of color flow

  • Booties are gum paste

  • I used a template to cut and assemble the booties. (Cutters are now available) and used a ribbon as shoe strings

  • I also attached little flowers to the shoes to tie in the color

If fondant doesn't seem like your thing, don't you worry! You can create amazingly cute baby shower cakes by simply frosting a double-stacked round cake and poking in a cute cake topper! All you have to do is find a cute baby shower themed cut-out, attach a wooden skewer to it and poke it into the cake! This simple garnish makes an adorable presentation!

Stroll down the scrapbook section your local craft store for inspiration ~ you can use craft paper punches or baby shower stickers! Frost the cake to match the color scheme of the baby shower. (An easy frosting tip is to add a few drop of food coloring to the tubs of frosting found next to the cake mix. It will save you tons of time and no one will ever know that you didn't make it yourself!)

DIY Fondant Baby Shoes & Bootie Supplies

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DIY Homemade Fondant Recipe
{Yummy Marshmallow Fondant}

I found a yummy Homemade Fondant Recipe that is simple to follow and the fondant comes out wonderful!

The original recipe calls for an enormous amount of each ingredient - below is a smaller version of the recipe that doesn't make quite so much:

*1 bag mini marshmallows

*1 pound confectioners sugar

*1 tbsp water

*Shortening for greasing hands and surface

Store bought fondant always kind of scared me - it looks plastic-like and never tastes very good - kinda of like it has been sitting around for awhile - probably because it has!

Another bonus for making your own fondant is that it will save you quite a bit of money. Store bought fondant can be costly.

This fondant tastes fresh and homemade! Your guests will love it!

Have fun and enjoy!

Now let's learn how to make cute baby rattles that can be placed on cakes for a cute decoration - and also added to cupcakes for cute toppers!

Fondant baby shower cupcake toppers are extremely popular right now! You can find fondant onesies, teddy bears, baby bottles, diaper pins, expecting mothers, booties, baby feet, baby blocks, buttons...and so many more cute toppers on! Simple go to Etsy and type the word "fondant" into the search box. It will pop up several adorable fondant creations to inspire you!

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