How To Baby Proof Your Home

how to baby proof your home

Tips for how to baby proof your home: As a new mom, the safety and well-being of your newborn is paramount. Knowing how to baby-proof your home is crucial in ensuring this.

While many brands offer baby proofing items, the trusted company, Evenflo offers products that come with the promise of outstanding quality, safety, and is a brand that has been around for years, delivering nothing short of excellence.


baby gate

The first item to consider is baby gates. While you might not need it until the baby gets a little older, and is mobile, it is important to get them installed beforehand and all set to go.

Baby gates are essential in keeping certain areas of your home off-limits to the baby. The barn door style, baby gate shown above, is a trendy way to provide safety, without sacrificing style.

These are sturdy, easy to install and designed with technology that allows adults to open them with one hand, while remaining secure against a toddler's curious hands.

It is also recommended to use doorknob covers to prevent your baby from entering potentially dangerous rooms. These covers resist a child's strong pulling motion but are easy for adults to turn. They are usuallly compatible with most standard doorknobs.

2: Outlet covers

outlet covers

The next critical item to baby proof your home are outlet protectors. Tiny fingers are naturally inclined to explore, and open electrical outlets are fatal hazards. By using outlet protectors, you can assuredly safeguard these areas, providing you with peace of mind.

3: corner foam pads

Another item that cannot be overlooked is corner foam pads. They soften the sharp edges of furniture, preventing injuries to your baby when he or she starts crawling or walking.

Evenflo's corner foam pads are easy to install, durable and blend naturally into furniture, making them an excellent choice for cautious, proactive parents.

4: cabinet locks & drawer locks

Cabinet locks are invaluable in keeping chemicals, cleaning supplies, and even kitchen utensils out of reach from children. Evenflo offers cabinet locks that are easy to install, durable, and discreet, ensuring the safety of your baby without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Another vital baby-proofing item is drawer locks. Similar to cabinet locks, they prevent your child from accessing potentially dangerous items.

Evenflo's drawer locks are strong, easy to install, and practical, making them a must-have for a protective and nurturing home environment.

5: furniture straps

furniture straps

To completely baby-proof your home, it's important to secure any large furniture that could potentially tip over.

Anti-tip straps are easily attached to your furniture and walls, providing stability and safety for once hazardous household items.

gas stove knob safety covers

Before starting to baby proof your home, do an initial survey of your house, looking at every room from your baby’s perspective. As you move around, keep a checklist of things to address.

Build Your Own Baby Proofing Kit

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It’s essential to install the baby gate properly, following the manufacturer's instructions. For maximum safety, use hardware-mounted gates at both the top and bottom of stairs.

Attach outlet protectors securely into all unused outlets. Replace them immediately after plug removal and put in place temporarily until your child is of an appropriate age to understand the risks.

Install corner foam pads on all furniture with sharp edges. They should be firmly secured and periodically checked to make sure they stay in place.

Install cabinet and drawer locks on all storage units that contain hazardous materials. It's also good practice to keep hazardous substances stored in high cabinets that are out of a child's reach, even with secured locks.

Attach anti-tip straps according to instructions. Ensure that your large furniture and appliances are still secure – even when the drawers are pulled out, or doors are open.

Install doorknob covers to all rooms that contain potential risks. Test every covered doorknob to confirm that it can't be opened by a child but opens smoothly for adults.

Bear in mind, baby proofing isn't a once-off task. It's something that evolves as your child grows and their ability to move and explore improves. Always stay observant to potential new hazards.

Baby proofing your home may seem daunting, but with the right tools and a little time, you can make your home a haven for your baby.

Evenflo’s range of baby-proofing products is designed with top-notch quality materials that guarantee child safety. Their products combine safety and simplicity, ensuring a stress-free baby-proofing experience for new mothers.

It’s key to know that baby proofing goes beyond just buying and installing safety items. It also includes constant supervision and educating oneself about potential hazards around the home.

A baby is a bundle of joy and though they may bring a fair amount of worry and work, being prepared can help lessen these concerns and create a nurturing and safe environment for your baby.

Every parent can have peace of mind knowing that they have done everything to keep their baby safe. With the correct steps and reliable products like Evenflo's, you can rest assured you have placed your baby’s safety first.

By investing in baby proofing items, you're not only ensuring a safe environment for your child, but you will have peace of mind, especially if you have to leave your child at home with a baby sitter or loved one.

The journey to baby-proofing your home may not be easy, but it is rewarding. Knowing that you have prepared a secure home for your little one can be an empowering experience as a new mom.

With all these safety measures in place, remember that they are only effective when used consistently. It's important to develop a routine that includes checking that all safety devices are fastened and working properly.

While baby-proofing your home may seem overwhelming at first, remember, foresight, preparedness, and top-notch tools can help with the process.

Lastly, enjoy the baby-proofing process. You can confidently walk into this step of parenthood knowing that you’re responsible and prepared to offer a safe, calm environment for your baby.

Baby-proofing your home offers you an empowering start into the world of parenting. Prepare your home and heart for the arrival of your little one and enjoy every moment on this fantastic journey.

Build Your Own Baby Proofing Kit

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