Jungle Animals Baby Shower Cakes (and diaper cakes)

Cute jungle animals baby shower cakes & diaper cakes to give you inspiration for your "jungle-themed baby shower!"

DIY Jungle Cakes: Monkeys, Lions, Zebras, and Giraffes - Oh My!

If you are planning a "Jungle Themed Baby Shower" - we've got some adorable jungle safari cakes for you to see!

Did you know that a jungle party theme is the most popular theme among our readers? We recently took a poll and "jungle / safari  baby showers" won by far!

Most of the cakes below have been submitted by our talented readers! Get inspired by all of the cute baby shower cakes and cupcakes!

DIY Fondant Jungle Animals Cake Toppers

Fondant Jungle Cake Animals

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You can find fondant to purchase, here.

Fondant Jungle Cake Animals

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Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page for some stylish jungle baby shower party supplies and our popular (FREE) Printable Elephant Decorations!

Jungle Baby Shower Cake

jungle animals cake
jungle animals cake
jungle animals cake

Submitted by Jan from Tulsa, OK

A friend of my daughter was throwing a baby shower for her sister and she wanted a cake that she felt she could deliver out of town.

We went with two layers of 9 x 13 sheet cake (not torted--2 separate layers) with a jungle theme to coordinate with an invitation. Apparently the unborn child has been called 'Bud' so we had fun with that. 

Fondant animals that match the invitation are around the edges as are vines that I made with a clay extruder. Sparkly disco dust are on the elephant's ears and various other spots on the cake.  

Chocolate with whipped chocolate ganache filling and chocolate butter cream. Lots of pregnant girls at the shower who love chocolate apparently! 

Baby Animals Baby Shower Cake

Baby Animals Baby Shower Cake

Submitted by Andrea São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Baby Animals Baby Shower Cake

For this cute cake you will need:

a round cake covered with sugar paste and a board also covered with green sugar paste.

Model with your hands the little animals using colored sugar paste.

To make the squares around the cake, cut the sugar paste using a cutter. 

For the details, use black royal icing.

For the leaves, use green royal icing.

Some other cute ideas for adding a bit of flair to the baby shower is to buy jungle-themed scrapbook paper from your local craft store and:

  • use it to make napkin rings: simply cut into strips, wrap around rolled napkins and secure with double-sided tape. For an extra dab of cuteness, you can top it off with one of our FREE printable elephants (below)

  • make vase and candle decorations: cut into strips and wrap around pillar candles and clear glass vases

  • use the scrapbook for place mats and to set food dishes on

  • cut cute favor tags from the scrapbook paper

  • roll into a cone-shape, secure with tape and fill them with goodies - hand out as favors

Pink Tiger Jungle Diaper Cake

Pink Tiger Jungle Diaper Cake

Submitted by Terra Moore from Garland, Texas

Pink Pop Tiger Blanket Jungle Diaper Cake Instructions

Each tier of this diaper cake is wrapped in a pressed Amy Coe receiving blanket and then tied off around the diapers with layers of coordinating ribbons.

Ty Pluffie Tiger Cat is situated on top with hidden rubber band, so it doesn't fall off when moved.

Crisp hand tied bows, crinkle paper and 3D floral sticker embellishments were added for decoration.

Johnson's products were tied off with coordinating bows and placed along sides and backside as to not interfere with design elements.


65-70 premium brand Pampers Swaddlers Diapers (size 1)

3 – Amy Coe Pink Pop Flannel Receiving Blankets 

1 – Ty Baby Growlers Pink the Tiger Cat Pluffie

1 - Johnson’s Baby Powder (1.5 oz.)

1 - Johnson’s Baby Lotion (1 oz.)

1 - Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (1.5 oz.)

1 - Johnson’s Baby Wash (1 oz.)

1 - Soothing Naturals Lotion Sample

Lots of cute floral embellishments and high quality ribbons

With all its vibrant colors and interesting patterns, this diaper cake was a lot of fun to make.

I didn't use any glue, tape, staples, adhesives or pins on the diapers, so they're all completely usable.

I layered the diapers in different sized baking pans and then used 1 large rubber band per tier to hold them in place.

The tiers slide down onto a support tube attached to the cakeboard, so all the layers stay in place and no assembly is required.

The Amy Coe blankets come as a set, so it was easy to design and layer color combinations.

The original version took me about 4 hours to complete, but I'm a perfectionist at heart. 


Elephant Diaper Cake

Elephant Diaper Cake

Submitted by Take One Events 

This beautiful 3 tier diaper cake was made with the following items:

177) Pampers Size 2
(1) Comb and Brush Set
(1) Pair of booties
(1) Baby Bib
(2) Receiving Blankets 
(1) 1 oz. Head to Toe Baby Wash
(1) 1 oz. Baby Wash
(1) 1.5 oz. Baby Powder
(4) Washcloths

Welcome to the Jungle Cake

Welcome to the Jungle Cake

Submitted by Brandy from Oshawa, ON, Canada

Welcome to the Jungle Cake

This cake was one I designed for a friend's daughter who wanted a jungle theme for her baby.

The cake is two tier and each cake was layered and filled with buttercream. The outside of the cake was made from purchased fondant and tinted to color. The top half of the cake was designed after a jaguar and the bottom after a zebra...the two animals i did not display on the cake itself.

The four fondant animals were handmade and placed on the cake after drying for a week. I had thought about going with a regular round sign for the caption but then decided last minute to make a tree because i thought it suited the theme better. 

The tree sign was also made fom fondant with a skewer in behind to hold the fondant and left to dry before placing in the cake.

The top cake was made from a 6" cake pan and the lower cake from a 9" cake pan.

Pink & Brown Zebra Polka Dot Cake

Pink & Brown Zebra Polka Dot Cake

Submitted by Arlene from Kearney, MO

Pink & Brown Zebra Polka Dot Cake
"Sprinkle" Cake

I made this Pink & Brown Zebra Polka Dot cake for the "sprinkle" of the daughter of a dear friend who was expecting her second baby. The nursery was decorated in white/pink/brown with zebra print and hot pink accents, which is what inspired this design.

This is only my third decorated cake, all which have been done in fondant, and I got all my information and inspiration from online sources and books. The Wilton website is very helpful, as is a website called The Pink Cake Box, as they make some totally awesome cakes!

The bottom tier is two 10" layers of chocolate fudge cake filled and iced with homemade peanut butter butter cream icing. I just used boxed cake mixes. The top tier is two 6" layers of yellow cake mix filled and iced with homemade buttercream icing. The recipes for both icings can be found on the Wilton website.

The top tier is supported by 5 dowel rods that were inserted in the bottom tier, and there is one long dowel rod through the center of the whole cake.

All of the fondant is marshmallow fondant that is homemade with two tablespoons of water and a 16oz bag of marshmallows heated for 30 seconds at a time in the microwave until melted (took me a total of 2 minutes) then you stir in part of a 2lb bag of sifted powder sugar.  

Grease counter liberally with shortening and pour remainder of bag of powdered sugar on counter, dump marshmallow/powder sugar mixture on top, grease hands liberally, then just knead to incorporate remainder of powder sugar in and keep kneading until smooth.  

If fondant appears to be too dry, just grease counter and hands again. Wrap fondant well in plastic wrap and store overnight in refrigerator before using to cover cake and cookies for best results.

Zebra Baby Carriage Cake

Zebra Baby Carriage Cake

Submitted by Shanna S Midland, TX

For this Zebra Baby Carriage Cake I used a 14 inch round cake pan to make the carriage.

The cake is double layer, with butter cream between layers. 

I cut about 1/4 of the top corner of the cake to look like a carriage. 

The wheels are made with a 6 inch round cake pan. I then covered the carriage with white fondant. 

I cut zebra stripes out of black fondant and laid them around the cake to make a zebra like pattern.

Then, I used pink butter cream frosting to outline and a little detail!

Dr. Seuss Cake

Dr. Seuss Cake
Dr. Seuss Cake
Dr. Seuss Cake

Submitted by Laney from Charleston, SC

Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Cake

My beautiful boy, Jacob, was born March 2, 2011. As many of you may know, that is also the birthday of the wonderful Dr. Seuss. It was the perfect theme for Jacob's first birthday!

The invitations were hand made including a poem I wrote just for the occasion:
The time has come, the time is NOW!
Jacob is one, time flew somehow!

We're having a party, we'll give a cheer!
To celebrate all his growing this year!

You can come on skates, you can come on skis,
You can come in a hat, but please come Please!

Would you, could you? Don't say no!
Call us and tell us that you can go!

All of the decorations were the Seuss colors including the gift bags. I even found a wonderful Dr. Seuss font!

The best decoration was the cake! Jacob's cake was a three tier cake frosted with butter cream and decorated with hand made gum paste figurines.  

The bottom tier was marble. To make my marble cake, I swirl yellow cake with chocolate ganache. It was then filled with more chocolate ganache! It was frosted with blue buttercream & decorated with the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish & Blue Fish. The "pen" strokes were hand painted with black food coloring.

The middle tier was Devils food cake with Grand Marnier chocolate ganache. It was decorated with hand made figurines of Horton, The Lorax, The Sneetches, & Tuffela Trees.

The top tier was pound cake filled with white chocolate ganache & fresh blueberries! It was decorated with Truffela Trees and hand made figurines of The Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, & Sam I am.

It was a wonderful party. Jacob didn't even wait for blowing out the candle. As soon as he could, he reached his fingers out for a big swipe of his smash cake! The smash cake was white cake filled with his favorite yogurt! It was decorated in the Dr. Seuss blue & red colors with a big J on top just for him.

It was very sad to see that my baby boy turned 1, but a wonderful celebration with friends & family made it much easier. 

Thank you for taking a peek at my Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Cake

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