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Orange Little Cutie Baby Shower Ideas:

A Little Cutie is on the way! 

Are you looking to celebrate a cutie on the way and his or her special mama-to-be? Well, here’s a cute idea a "Little Cutie" themed baby shower – and it’s not gender specific so you can use it for a baby boy or baby girl or even a neutral baby shower! 

Oranges are a wonderful theme to work with, despite the season and time of year when you are opting to host your event.

With orange being such a bright and cheerful color, you can count on this theme to bring a cheerful vibe to your little cutie baby shower.

You can easily change the vibe to match the season the baby shower is being held in. For spring and summer months, add bright, cheery flowers and greenery. In the fall, winter months, you can add fall leaves, pampas grass and colored ribbon.


Whether you are opting for some pastel hues in your theme or the brightest citrus colors, your invitation choices are endless.

Let your guests know when and where to show up and if you want them to incorporate your theme colors in their attire, this would be a great time to make that request. 

Venue & Decor

With a baby shower theme that revolves around a citrus fruit, it would be completely fitting to host this event in your backyard or a similar outdoor venue where you can use natural elements as part of your decorations.

That said, if that’s not working out, an indoor area can be transformed into a ‘Little Cutie’ baby shower wonderland with a little bit of color and creativity as well! 

Although balloon garlands are always a popular choice on events such as baby showers and birthdays, they would work particularly well with this theme.

Along with adding a bright pop of color to your venue and making it seem as if giant Cuties are a part of your decorations, a balloon garland would also serve as the perfect photo backdrop!

A sparkly gold banner could be added to the backdrop bringing in some more shine and Cuties to your baby shower. 

Use flowers to bring more life and vibrancy to your event by putting together yellow, orange, peach and white floral arrangements in vintage mason jars and for your center piece, fill up a large glass vase with cuties and then arrange the flowers on top. 

Use real branches and vines to create a table garland and place tangerines and clementine around it.

For the green and orange to truly pop out, pick a plain white linen tablecloth or something similar with earthy tones.

To continue with the bright hues, choose orange napkins to go with plain white plates and cutlery to make the Cuties theme stand out. 

Little Cutie baby shower: food & dessert ideas

All the guests look forward to nibbling on finger food and irresistible sweet treats at baby showers.

Make sure you have lots of options where you can play around with your theme colors and use wicker baskets and wooden serving bowls and boards to set up your food.

From orange chicken to quinoa salads with clementine – there are so many ways to bring in citrus flavors into your food options! 

A rustic cake with vanilla buttercream, embellished with mini clementine or a ‘Little Cutie’ baby shower cake topper would look perfect sitting ready on your dessert table along with cupcakes using orange cream and Cutie cake pops. 

You can also have fun setting up the drink station serving citrus drinks and juices and using orange slices and lemon and lime wedges to accessorize. 

Games and favors

Get your family and friends together for some laughs and friendly competition as you play games such as Baby Bingo and Baby word scramble.

The mama-to-be will definitely enjoy herself as she gets a chance to put her feet up and watch her loved ones have a good time as they celebrate her and the arrival of her Little Cutie. 

And as your guests begin to make their way out, make sure to let them know you appreciated their presence and support with thank you notes and favors such as clementine shaped cookies in little bags matching your theme! 


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