Perfect Pink Princess
Baby Shower Ideas & Cakes

Ready for some adorable pink princess baby shower ideas? There are gobs of royal ideas for this festive occasion!

Princess baby showers are cute, girly and fun!

FREE printable princess wall art below! Makes an adorable baby shower gift and decor at the shower!

Princess Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations

princess water bottle labels
  • Wrap water bottles in cute princess water bottle labels

  • Scatter pink confetti around the room

  • Use pink tulle as a border around the cake or present table - it will look like an adorable tutu!

  • Hang sparkling tiaras and wands from the ceiling has affordable princess tiara's and wands)

  • Use empty baby food jars as tea lite holders, fill with pink jelly bellies and top with tea-lites

  • Spray pillar candles and votives with spray adhesive (glue) and sprinkle with pink glitter

  • Look for princess themed scrapbook paper at the craft store - use as place mats, cut into strips and use as napkin rings, wrap strips around pillar candles and/or cylinder glass vases filled with candy or candles, punch into shapes and use as confetti, make favor tags, gift tags or name tags

Princess Baby Shower Food and Menu Ideas

  • Serve food on pink polka dot plates

  • Stuff little baby Onesies with paper, tie a strip of tulle around the waist to resemble a tutu and attach the Onesies to a mantle, banister or wall

  • Float pink balloons all throughout the room or bundle up into balloon bouquets

  • For favors, hand out chocolate dipped Oreo's (tint white chocolate - pink, melt, dip cookie, lay on wax paper to dry)

  • Dip large pretzel rods into white chocolate and sprinkle with pink sparkly sprinkles - these are so cute and you can even bundle a few up and tie with a pretty ribbon and give as favors

  • A great baby shower prize idea is to give pink soaps, bubble bath, nail polish, candles or anything girly and pink

  • Frost some scrumptious sugar cookies pink and serve for snacks or hand out as favors

The Cutest Princess Baby Shower Cakes

Sweet Angel, Fairy and Princess Baby Shower Cakes!

If you are planning a baby shower for a little girl - we've got some beautiful princess cakes for you to see!

All of the cakes below have been submitted by talented readers!

picture of a princess fairy baby shower cake

Angel Fairy Watching Over Baby Cake

by Tonya H. 
(Chattanooga, TN. United States)

This was a first for me, molding an angel and a baby, but it was a lot of fun. I have never had any cake decorating lessons just some pans and tips from a yard sale. I use to watch my older sister make wedding cakes and learned what I could from her, but thought I would never like making cakes. I was wrong its great fun creating something. Hope you like it!

You will need: 
12 inch x 2 inch deep pan
Two 8 inch x 2 inch deep pans
3-4 cake mixes, follow box directions
Food coloring: pink, juniper green, brown for hair, purple for flower centers
flower and leaf cutters
Large box white fondant
Buttercream icing
grass tip, #5 tip
rolling pin for fondant

I first made some butter cream icing in pink and covered the 12 inch cake, then I used the Chantilly lace effect with #5 tip all over the 12 inch cake. 

I then iced the two 8 inch cakes using juniper green and stacked them on top of the 12 inch. 

The Angel Fairy, baby, leaves and flowers were all hand molded after coloring my fondant with the different colors. 

Their faces were hand painted with food coloring and shiny pearl dust. I dressed them with fondant leaves for clothes. 

I then used a grass tip to make the grassy border on top of the cake. I finished the cake with a white large fondant bow that had been made earlier and allowed to harden. 

The only item that is not edible on my cake is the wings, which I purchased at a local craft store and place in her back with a pearl push pin to hold.

mushroom princess fairy baby shower cake picture

A Fairy Cute Baby Shower Cake

by Marcy Grauer 
(Tallahassee Fl)

Making a mushroom cake for a fairy baby shower is a lot simpler than it looks!

First you make up a batch of Rice Krispie treats and compact it into a small rounded container I used a metal pail. I placed a round PVC pipe in the middle for structural support. The top of the cake is simply a strawberry cake made in a bunt pan.

Turn the cake out onto a cardboard cake round and place on top of the Rice Krispie base. Your cake is ready to ice, I dyed frosting pink and then added white polka dots, I also added some butterflies and dragonflies I got from my local craft store for an extra touch, it stood on a patch of grass to give it that extra enchanted fairy touch!

This cake is perfect for showers or birthdays, and is super simple!

Purple princess tiara baby shower cake picture

Purple Princess Tiara Baby Shower Cake

Made by Michelle W
(Westland, MI )

I found inspiration for this princess baby shower cake on a website that I am a member of and fell in love with it - this was my version! 

This cake was so fun! First I made the tiara by attaching a pattern and waxed paper to an oatmeal container, then I piped the design on in royal icing, let that dry fro 24 hours and peeled off - that broke and I repeated the process.

Baked the cakes which were french vanilla with a strawberry filling and homemade butter cream.

Covered the cakes with Marshmallow fondant and then stacked. I made a pattern out of cardboard to do the impression on the top layer with the quilted look and then added the details with royal icing. 

I loved the boa around the cake board! Thanks for looking at my princess baby shower cake - this is the favorite cake that I have made!

baby shower castle cake picture

Castle Baby Shower Cake

by Casey-Starr 

1. I started by making 2 cakes (I did Betty Crocker vanilla on top and chocolate on the bottom). You can use any 2 different size pans. I then stacked the small on top of the large.

2. The towers are 2 ice cream cones stacked on top of each other covered with almond bark and clear sprinkles.

3. Then i put icing on the cakes and decorated with icing.

4. The drawbridge is a Hershey bar with chocolate Twizzlers. 

This was my first cake attempt. I had a lot of fun making this princess baby shower cake!

Princess Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Princess Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Pink Princess Castle Diaper Cake

This Castle is made out of 45 diapers size 2, 10 items hidden with the castle (2 spoons, 2 washcloths, pair of socks, burp cloth, infant hat, teether). Attached are 3 fridge magnets. Paper cones for towers and star wands. Lots of ribbon & icing for decoration.

Castle of love Diaper Cake. (Pink and brown diaper cake)

by Amber E. 


I made this castle diaper cake for my friend at work. 

She was having a girl and was using brown and pink. I rolled all the diapers for this one. I used a box for the shape and put goodies in it that I didn't want on the outside of the cake. 

It was in 2 layers for easy transport. I used bottles as a core for the towers. Scrapbook paper for the tops of the towers and flags. I painted the cardboard to look like a moat. 

The drawbridge is a wipes container I had made. It was a joy to make and took me many, many hours. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hope this helps anyone looking for a princess theme.

  • An easy idea is to place a princess print in an 8x10 inch frame with a white matte background and have guests sign with their well wishes it as they arrive at the baby shower. Then present the framed picture to the mom to be at the end of the baby shower for her to hang it in the baby's nursery.
  • For a quick and easy decorating idea that also serves as a baby shower favor, fill large glass vases (found at the dollar store) with pink and white M&M's or bubble gum balls. Let guests scoop them up and put in little bags to take home as favors.
  • Aside from princess cakes, there are so many creative possibilities when planning a princess baby shower, grab some pink flowers, feathers, tiaras, confetti and sparkles and you'll be well on your way!

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