Ships Ahoy Baby
Shower Nautical Boat Theme

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A new baby is sailing in - set sail with a darling "Ships Ahoy Baby Shower!"

A boat theme is a cute and popular choice for nursery decor and makes for an extra-cute baby shower!

Take the nautical approach and make this a shower to remember!

Below are tons of unique and original baby shower ideas for taking your nautical themed shower to the next level!

From FREE printable paper boats, to mandarin orange boats, to sailor hat salads... you won't be disappointed!

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

ships ahoy baby shower picture

Can you believe these amazing sailboat jello cups? These were created by the talented ladies over at Malu Boutiques!

They recently styled a "Nautical Baby Shower" that is as cute as it gets! Once I saw the cute pictures, I just knew I had to share them with you!

Thank you Malu Boutiques for letting me feature your adorable baby shower!

The Jello cups have been topped with a mandarin orange and for the sail you simply insert a toothpick that has a paper triangle taped to it.

The chocolate dipped marshmallows are so colorful and festive! Yum!

baby shower boat theme image

The net back drop behind the food table is so clever! I love how they attached cute starfish and clam shells to the net!

Another great idea that they had was to fill apothecary jars with sand and shells!

nautical sailboat baby shower theme

What an adorable little boat to place on the main table as a holder for place cards or just for decoration!

Again, thank you Malu Boutiques for the adorable inspiration!

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We found a "Boat Load" of cute Ships Ahoy themed items that will help make your planning a success! Click on pic to see.

ships ahoy baby shower

Cute Paper Baby Shower Boat

cute boat baby shower
Found this cutie on!

The Lifesavers used as "life preservers" are perfect!

More Ships Ahoy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Grab some printable "nautical themed" baby shower printable over at our shop {} click on picture to see.

nautical anchor baby shower printables
  • There are so many creative ideas for a ships ahoy theme! Spread fishing nets on tables and place shells and candles on top

  • Float mini boats in some yummy blue baby shower punch

  • Instead of bobbing for apples -- bob for pacifiers! Have guests put their hands behind their back and try to grab as many pacifiers out of the tub as they can...Whoever gets the most wins! (tip: go to the dollar store for low-cost pacifiers)

  • For napkin rings, make some life safety rings out of heavy card stock, print the baby's name or shower date on them and put a napkin through them

  • Flip cute sailor hats upside down and set salad bowls in them for an instant "sailor hat salad!"

  • Fill a large plastic boat full of baby goodies such as diapers, pacifiers, onesies, socks, etc. Place in the center of the table for the perfect centerpiece! And also your gift to baby!

  • Bake a batch of sugar cookies and cut into sailboat, beach ball or anchor shapes - great for favors or snacks!

  • Or serve Chips Ahoy cookies with a cute label saying "Ships Ahoy, It's A Boy Cookies"

  • Serve white mint Lifesavers in candy dishes. They look like little life preservers - you could even have a little note saying "For your safety: please take a life preserver"

  • Some creative baby shower invitation wording ideas are: A baby's A Sailin' in! or Ships Ahoy! It's A Boy!

  • Have big colorful beach balls all around the room for some cute and inexpensive baby shower decorations

  • Find a large clear bowl, place some sand in the bottom, fill with water and float boat candles around, or fill with fish!

FREE Printable Boat Decorations

free printable sailboat clipart

We made these cut-out boats just for you! Simply click on the picture to open and print.

Print onto white card stock and use anyway you'd like!

As food picks, cupcake picks, string onto ribbon for festive nautical garland, stick onto vases full of flowers, attach to a ribbon and wrap around napkins for cute napkin rings (you can even write the guest's names on them for placeholders!)

Get creative!

printable baby shower game pack

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Free printable baby shower signs

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