Thank You Poem From Baby

thank you poem from baby

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Thank You Poem From Baby - Wording - PRINTABLE THANK YOU SIGN

We created this printable sign for you to print and place on the gift table at the baby shower. (based on the poem submitted below)

Reader, Shelly Writes: As I was planning for a friends Baby Shower - 
I needed a Baby Shower Poem to go with the Shower Favors. 
But, I could not find one that suited my friend. 
So I decided to make my own Poem. I will attach it the Favors as a letter to the Guests at the Shower from Baby.

I'm sorry I could not be here but I'm not quite ready yet

I'm growing my eyes, ears and cheeks and then I'll be all set

I'm sending you this message to convey to you this thought

When God finishes creating me I'll enjoy the gifts you bought

Thanks for the lovely welcome you have given me today

And when I finally arrive, you know I'll be ready to play

Just give my mommy time to dress me up so dear

I thank you from my tiny heart for all the lovely gifts you shared

Here it is - I call it: 

Thank You Poem From Baby

I can't wait to meet you all, Soon I'll be on my way 

To join my mommy and daddy, At home where I will stay. 

They're working hard to prepare, A safe place for me to lay 

Where I will grow up healthy and strong, For this is what they pray. 

Even though I'm not here yet, There's something I want to say

Thank you very much for coming, On this very Special Day! 

Love, Baby


Baby Shower Thank You Wording

I’m really glad that you could come
To help honor my mother.

So sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves,
And chat with one another.

Sorry I can’t be with you,

To join in mommy’s shower.

But I’m very busy you see,

I’m growing more each hour.

Though I’m not there to thank

you for

The lovely gifts you’ve brought,

My family is grateful

And we appreciate the thought.

I’ll be arriving shortly

And I’m as happy as I can be!

So after I’ve been home awhile

Please come and visit me!


Thank You Poem From Baby

My mothers delighted, my fathers excited! We can't wait for this special baby to come our way so we can show him or her the light of day.

Everyone is wondering if the color will be pink or blue...or if it will like dolls or even cars too.

All our hearts are racing for the special day to come... It's a boy! It's a girl! The waiting has just begun.


Sweet Baby Poem

I'm sorry I couldn't be with you,
But I'm very busy you see

Painting my eyes, my lips, my hair,
So Mommy will be proud of me.

Thank you for the beautiful gifts, You gave mommy for me,

For when I come into this world,
I won't be dressed you see!

You'll have to come to see me soon,
I'll be arriving on my birthday!

I'm a precious bundle from heaven,
A gift from God above,

I'll be very easy to care for
Just give me hugs and kisses and love.

Baby .... (name)

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Printable Sign For Baby Shower Thank You Cards - Address Station

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"Please help the bust mom-to-be, by making yourself the addressee.": Set up a cute table with envelopes and pens so guests can easily fill out their addresses on the baby shower thank you card envelopes. Add this nifty little, printable sign and you'll be all set! And the mom-to-be will thank you for making her life easier!

Thank You for Coming Baby Shower Poem

I'm sorry I could not be there with you
but I'm terribly busy you see
painting my eyes. my cheeks, my hair
so Mommy will be so proud of me!

I'm sending this little message
to convey to you this thought
the stork will soon have left me
to use the gifts you brought!

Thanks for this lovely welcome
you have given me today, and
when you see the stork fly by
you know I've come to stay

Thank You from my tiny heart
for your lovely gifts to me
'cause when I leave my Mommy
I'll need them all, you see.

Reader Comments:
Love these baby shower poems 
by: Anonymous 

I love this poem! I wish the invitation I was using was bigger, but im going to try and use it anyways. Yes God (Jesus Christ)is our creator of all babies and he does not make mistakes. 

Cute Poem Ideas 
by: Anonymous 

I love this poem. I wanted to make sure it was okay for me to use this poem as a favor for the guests at my baby shower. I wanted to surprise them each with a little gift, and I thought this would go perfectly with what I had in mind. 

Thank you for the inspiring words 
by: Anonymous 

for the one before last line how about: 
Just give my mommy time, to dress me and prepare 
I thank you from my tiny heart for all the gifts you've shared 

Sentimental Baby Shower Thank You Poem 
by: Anonymous 

Wow I read this and got chills - its so sweet I can imagine seeing guests faces when they read it and feel special - absolutely a beautiful way you blended the words 

Thank You Poem From Baby 
by: Anonymous 

this got me so touched i felt like crying i love this poem its a good one all think all used this one on my invitations. 

So Sweet 
by: Anonymous 

thanks for posting this. I am almost 60 now & my mother & her friends used this poem over 30 years ago for baby showers. 

Thank you poem from baby
by: Anonymous 

Just looking up this poem glad you posted it. I found almost the whole poem written and tucked inside the Sewing book I just purchased at a thrift store. How sweet! 

That poem is perfect for a baby shower 
by: Linda 

I am having a baby shower for my sons girlfriend, so that makes me the grandmother, and this poem is so perfect to use with the favors. I don't know what I am going to do for favors yet. Do you mind if I use this poem. It is so beautiful. The baby girl is due in March, so I am having a baby shower in January. Thank you so much for your help. 

So Special 
by: Cheryl 

I just love this thank you poem from baby. It's beautiful 

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