Welcome To The World Baby Shower

Travel the world with the Jaclyn Peck’s “Welcome to the World Baby Shower.”

A gender-neutral baby shower in greens, blues, yellows and browns.

This baby shower featured universal favorite delights of baby showers and started the baby’s journeys right, from the very start.

Image for a Welcome To The World Baby Shower
Picture of baby shower globe theme

Decorations included bright table cloths, like this yellow table cloth.

Floral arrangements included flower designs combined in blues and yellows kept in large jars.

All of these flowers are made out of coffee filters! Real flowers in oranges , yellows, and pinks are also pictured here.

The oversized balloons brightened up the area as well. Where are the hints of brown?

The picnic table which has a globe on top of it in the center of the table is one.

There is also a stream of brown cloth runs down the center of the table. Some of the containers are also wooden.

To keep it consistent, consider investing in a lot of platters in either wood or brown plastic.

Picture of Welcome To The World Baby Shower decorations

The window seating are used as an additional table and decorative place.

Jaclyn included many globes. Some are antiques, with the tint of brown. Others are the usual, like the ones noted on the right side here.

Hanging near the ceilings are decorative globe pieces in different sizes. Further in the back and on the window sill are pinwheels decorated with different maps.

Image of Welcome To The World wall decor

This is a close-up of the different pinwheels.

Vary up the sizes and colors to create a plethora of artistic effects.

Image of Welcome To The World Shower decor

This is one of the hanging window decor. Its see-through fabric makes it perfect for light to shine in through the window. Absolutely beautiful!

Image of baby shower tassels

I just love these tassels! Cut out maps in strips of paper. Keep together with a golden attachment.

String and attach the different tassels onto a large rope and hang across a window. So creative and unique!

picture of baby shower menu ideas

Store utensils in a beautiful wooden box decorated with a map of the world.

Brighten the party up with the colors of greens, yellows and blues.

The party featured clear platters earlier. The trend continues with clear plates!

Welcome To The World Cake Pops Picture

Yummy! GLOBE POPS! They rest stylishly on suitcases.

Cookies in the theme colors of yellows, greens and blues also line the wooden tables.

Image of a Welcome To The World globe candy bowl

What a genius idea! Cut a globe in half, glue together, and add candy to the top half!

So cute! Grab some candy to go in these adorable brown favor bags.

Welcome To The World Party decor image

This is a goody just for the mom, dad and child-to-be. This keepsake has a different “key” for each family member.

Mark off travels that have occurred with the symbol for each family member.

Keep for travels that will occur with the baby too - and don’t forget to mark a heart around home!

If you're as impressed as I am, consider checking out Jaclyn’s website Peckled Creative Studio. Jaclyn, thank you for introducing your adorable work!

Article written by writer, Sara Khan

Welcome To The World Baby Shower Supplies

Image of welcome to the world favor boxes
Image of Welcome To The World Baby Shower Glasses

Our friends over at Beau-Coup have some adorable Welcome To The World baby shower goodies! See them all here.

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