Woodland Girl Baby Shower

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Woodland Girl Baby Shower Theme

Planning and hosting a baby shower is always a special occasion whether you are doing it for yourself, for a family member or a special friend.

With so many themes and ideas to choose from these days, it can sometimes get overwhelming, but you can easily narrow it down by shortlisting ideas. 

Although this is one of the most popular gender neutral baby shower themes, you can always play around with the ideas a bit to cater them for a boy or girl baby shower as well.

There’s something so exciting and heartwarming about themes that center around cute little animals, and we can bear-ly wait to share these Woodland baby shower ideas with you because we know your event is going to be a hoot! 

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woodland girl baby shower:  Invitations and venue ideas

Furry little cheerful animals and whimsical forests come to mind when you think of a woodland themed baby shower and that’s what your invitation should hint at so your guests can know what to expect. 

woodland girl baby shower invitation
woodland girl baby shower invitation

If you plan to host your event in an outdoor setting, you can use so many things from nature for your décor but if your venue will be indoors, you can just create the perfect outdoorsy look and feel while enjoying yourself inside. 

woodland girl baby shower: Décor and games

Along with all the cute little animals that will bring color and cheer to your event, also start thinking about pinecones, tree twigs and barks, acorns and logs. 

Use animal cutouts around your space to bring your theme to life and create centerpieces using large mason jars with twigs and branches or by using little wooden baskets with moss and wild flowers.

With the help of wooden elements, create a welcome Forest Friends sign for your guests and sprinkle some moss around your venue for the outdoor feel. You can also create a moss garland for your photo booth or cake table backdrop. 

Fill up short glass vases with pretzels for a ‘twigs and sticks’ feel and wrap a pink ribbon around the base of your vase to bring in your girl theme.

Place a few of these around the room so along with acting as décor, there are some snacks for your guests to munch on as they move around. 

Speaking of snacks, fill a large mason jar with gummy bears, perhaps pink or red ones for the little baby girl, and have guest guess how many there are.

The guest who comes closest to guessing the right number wins and then after the game, let your friends enjoy them as mini sweet treats! 

Using inspiration from a teepee, set up a trail mix station with different options for your guests so they can create their own little bag (a small pink cloth pouch is a cute option), which can also double as a favor idea! 

food and cake

Decorate your table with cute 'woodland girl baby shower themed' plates and cutlery, with a touch of pink to highlight the baby girl theme.

Use twigs and small pinecones to decorate your table and add some wild soft pink flowers and feathers wherever you find a spot!

Serve food in wooden baskets and wooden platters and light up some pine scented candles so your venue really smells like the great outdoors too! 

woodland girl baby shower

Along with all the other food you plan to serve, some great options for your theme are a hedgehog shaped cheese ball, waffle cone fruit cups, owl eyed cupcakes, acorn chocolate balls and forest animal shaped cookies.

These treats and snacks are easy to make with lots of different versions and recipes available online. 

For your main dessert, you can opt for a wild berry cake or a naked cake with elegant cake toppers.

Using a wooden slab as base, or by creating a wooden stand, your delicious cake will not only stand out but also fit the theme completely.

A wooden Baby Girl cake topper with tiny evergreen trees would be such an adorable idea to decorate a cake with! 

woodland girl baby shower ideas

There are dozens of options available for cupcake wrappers and toppers as well but because we want to highlight that it’s a baby shower for a little girl, this is an opportunity to add some more pink to your dessert table and opt for something that highlights that. 

Say goodbye to your guests with a favor that is personal and matches your whimsical theme as well. A few options are scented candles, animal shaped cookies and soaps.

Personalize your favors with a note that shows your appreciation for the love and support from your family and friends on this special occasion! 

woodland baby shower for a girl