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How To Make A Diaper Cake

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Are you searching for the easiest instructions on "How To Make Diaper Cakes?"

We have got you covered! Diaper baby shower ideas and diaper cakes are all the rage, but they can cost a pretty penny. Now you can create perfect looking cakes at home - for a fraction of the cost!

Renee, from Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake, has created tons of step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, for creating absolutely adorable (and affordable) diaper cake and baby shower masterpieces!

Oh, and all of the instructions are emailed to you as a PDF file or video, so you can begin creating within hours!

Diaper cakes really are the perfect baby shower gift! They make a beautiful decoration and conversation piece at the baby shower, and are filled with useful items for the mom and new baby to enjoy!

We are about to take diaper cakes to a whole new level! Not only can you learn how to make the cutest diaper cake in town, you can also learn how to make many more clever items - such as baby washcloth lollipops and cute washcloth animals!

The instructions for creating this adorable, 3-tiered Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake can be found here!

picture of washcloth lollipops

Learn how to make these long, cute and twisty lollipops out of baby washcloths! Click on the picture above to purchase instructions.

picture of baby shower decorations

These little guys just blew me away! So unique and adorable! Tiny little washcloth cars that are perfect for adding to diaper cakes, or as stand alone shower decor! Click on the picture above for more information.

picture of an elephant washcloth favors

Get instructions for making these sweet little baby elephants by clicking on the picture.

picture of dog washcloth favors

Who'd have thought you could make puppies out of wash cloths! Get detailed directions for making them by clicking on the picture above.

picture of topsy turvy washcloth flowers

Get the scoop on how to create these delicate baby washcloth flowers - guests will be so impressed! Make great diaper cake toppers!

picture of giraffe washcloths

People are always asking me for unique washcloth and diaper baby shower ideas. These little guys are the perfect solution! Renee has come up with a simple way to create adorable giraffes out of baby washcloths - and it's so easy!

Get step-by-step video instructions for creating these perfect little giraffes! 

picture of baby shower diaper cake

Now you can transform simple baby washcloths, baby receiving blankets and socks into amazing cupcakes! Get access to the simple instructional video by clicking on the picture above.

Wow! This officially takes baby shower cuteness to a whole new level!

If you implement these adorable and original washcloth and diaper cake ideas at the baby shower - watch out! I can guarantee you that guests are going to want you to plan their next party! They are so unique and perfect!

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