Baby Shower Activities And Ideas

It's time to get crafty! Below are several baby shower craft tutorials that will take your baby shower to the next level. So whip out your glitter, glue, scissors and pens, and let's get craftin'.

Guess Baby's Due Date - Chalkboard Calendar

Guess Baby's Due Date - Chalkboard Calendar

img source

If you want a low-key baby shower activity, the "Guess Baby's Due Date" is perfect! Simply purchase a framed chalkboard and some chalkboard markers and have guests write their names on the day they think the baby will be due. The one who comes the closest wins a prize mailed to them when the baby is born!

free baby shower coloring pages

Baby Shower Tree

Baby Shower Tree

I had a baby shower for a friend before I could take my Christmas tree down. I just took off the decorations and replaced them with ribbons, booties, bottles, socks, pacifiers, and a big fluffy bow, in baby colors draped from the top down the sides.

Also, paint clothes pins or use diaper pins and the guests can pin on money.
It was such a fun idea and was raved over.

(image source: Stylish Eve) - I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the tree I made, so I found one similar to show you.

baby shower wishing tree


Print out the tags below, cut out and have guests fill out their words of advice or well wishes for the new baby and the mom-to-be. 

Baby Diaper Tool Kit

Baby Diaper Tool Kit

Submitted by Kim from New York

Here is a great twist for a "Baby Diaper Tool Kit"

Instead of a diaper belt for the new father to be, I used a cheap tool box and filled it with the baby stuff. (wipes, diapers, lotion, baby oil, socks, baby brush, diaper rash ointment, etc.)

This way they can re-use the tool box instead of an apron which was brought to my attention they would just throw in a corner.

I didn't take a picture of the diaper tool kit, but found one similar to the one I made - I found it on Pinterest but the link didn't go to a website, so I am not sure of the source.

Diaper Butterflies

Diaper Butterflies

Submitted by Wendy from Sumter, SC

To make my diaper butterflies, I first take one diaper (I usually use size one but have had requests for larger ones and did those as well), a baby washcloth, some tulle, and a chenille stem. 

I roll the baby washcloth up with the stem folded in half sticking out the top of the washcloth, and then I take four small pieces of ribbon and tie them around the washcloth to keep it secure, and take a long piece of ribbon to tie around the diaper to keep the washcloth (the butterfly's 'body') in place. 

The tulle is simply tucked underneath the washcloth 'body', and no glue or tape is used, this way the new Mom can use both the diaper and the washcloth!

When done attaching everything, I just bend the chenille stem to look like antenna and it's all done.

The creator of these cute baby shower favors is me, Wendy, owner of Diaper Cakes By Wendy. 

Popcorn Guest Favors

Popcorn Guest Favors

Submitted by Racheal from Kentucky

Popcorn Baby Shower Favors

I made these popcorn baby shower favors for my baby shower.

I wanted something unique and different. Something that was personalized to show guests that I appreciated them sharing the day with me, and helping my husband and I in preparing for our daughters arrival.  

What you'll need:

- Boxed Pop Corn Individually Wrapped 
- Colored Printer Paper In Your Choice Of Color
- Ribbon (Small Or Large Width Your Choice)
- Craft Scissors
- Tape
- Hole Punch

We used the phrase "Thank You For Helping My Mommy And Daddy Prepare For When I "POP" Into The World," but there are many catchy phrases that you could come up with. For example: "Mary Is About To "POP" 

Once you've chosen a phrase, find the font you would like to use and print the phrase in the center of the sheet of paper 

After printed. use craft scissors to cut each side of the paper to the same size of the pop corn bag (width wise.)

Once cut, tape the end of the paper to the back side of the pop corn baggie, leaving the plastic on each bag so it remains fresh.

Make sure that the wording appears on the front side in the middle of the bag.

Hope you enjoy, 
Best Wishes  

Help With Cloth Diaper Favor

flannel diaper favors

Cloth Diaper Favors For A Baby Shower

Need help with flannel diaper favor:

I am looking for directions on how to make a small flannel or cloth diaper which would be used for candy, nuts, or mints. 

Editor Note:
I added a picture to this post to give you an example of how these are made - you can read the tutorial here.

Baby Booties - Baby Shower Craft

Baby Booties - Baby Shower Craft

Tissue Paper Baby Bootie Favors
(image source: unknown)

cotton balls 
the little paper containers you put ketchup in at McDonalds 
pink or blue ribbon 

What to do: 
Fold tissue in half place paper container in the center and arrange 3 cotton balls on the side of the container.

Fold the tissue around the container and cotton ball to form the shape of a baby bootie (some gluing maybe helpful)

Afterwards, place a blue or pink bow on the tip of the bootie and fill with mints or candy.

How To Make A Washcloth Cupcake

I came across this YouTube video that explains how to make a beautiful washcloth cupcakes - and her instructions are pretty detailed - it looks easy to do!

It would look even cuter if you added a red pom pom for the cherry and used the new fancy cupcake liners they have available now.

Mint Book Party Favors

Mint Book Party Favors

Submitted by Heather S from Valley, AL

Mint Books in Mason Jar

I made mint books using and excel and card stock.

The card stock is thick enough to support the weight of the mint and hold the bend.

I used clip art for the picture on the front and typed a little thank you message on the back.

The top has the date of the shower and the bottom flap has the baby's name on it.

On the inside is a individually wrapped livesaver mint secured with a staple.

You could use sticky dots, but I've found that if you use the staple at the bottom it helps hold the flap secure.

I prefer the sweet mint flavor because it tastes good and smells good too.

You could use any flavor or color you want to coordinate with your theme.

To hold the mint books I founds some quart sized mason jars and painted polka dots on them using the shower theme colors. Then i decorated with curling ribbon.

The paint comes off of the glass fairly easily to mistakes can be corrected and the jars can be re-used.

Firecracker Baby Shower Favors

Firecracker Baby Shower Favors

baby shower craft idea

This is a cute idea for baby shower favors!
Simply collect several empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut in half) and fill them with colorful candies. 

Then wrap them in cute scrapbook paper (to match the theme of the shower.) Tie the ends with ribbon and you're done! You can even attach a cute little tag saying thanks or giving the shower details.

(picture from doodlebug design inc)

See more cute baby shower crafts

Baby Advice Book

Submitted by Taylor from Aurora, Illinois

New Baby Advice Book

Before the shower, go to the craft store and buy a scrapbook, or some type of book that you can decorate with pretty paper. (Target, HomeGoods, etc will have pretty journal-type books that would be perfect for this.)

Throughout the shower, pass the book around the room and have the guests write down congratulations, old memories and baby advice on the best ways to help with the baby. 

Give to the mom and have her read all of the pages out loud. Fun to hear everybody's advice.

Baby Food Jar Candles

Baby Food Jar Candles

image source

Submitted by Rhonda W from Cape Girardeau, MO

Baby Food Jar Candles (the picture above is an example we found online)

baby powder scented oil 
candle wax
pink or blue food wax coloring
empty baby food jars 

In an old pan melt wax add scent to your liking and coloring to your liking as well when ready insert wick in the middle then spoon the wax into the jar.

Let cool. Cut wick to good length after completely cool put lid back on you can add a circle sticker cut to fit the top or glue some of the baby theme fabric on top etc. this was a big hit and then each guest has something they can use to remember the shower by.

Fish And Soap Towel For Spa Party

Fish And Soap Towel For Spa Party

Submitted by Marichelle Lopez from San Pablo Laguna, Philippines

you only need one washcloth
1 moving eye
a piece of brown yarn
different colors of yarn 
any kind of soap

You have to put the soap inside the washcloth then wrap it nicely and put 1 colored yarn in the wash cloth tie it and ribbon it.

Put 1 moving eye so it will look like the eyes of a fish by using a glue gun then for the finished touch cut a piece of brown yarn just to put on the mouth.presto you have a great souvenir for spa party of your own!



Crafty Clothes Pins Party Favor

Crafty Clothes Pins Party Favor

Submitted by Racheal B from Kentucky

I've done this for several Baby Shower's I've thrown and it's a huge hit.

Crafty Clothes Pins Party Favor

What you'll need:

- Wooden Clothes Pins (One Per Person)
- Craft paint in the colors of Baby Shower
- Small floss ribbon 1/8th inch in coordinating colors
- Small paint brushes
- Small magnets
- Super Glue or Hot Glue Gun

Paint each clothes pin in a base color that matches the Baby Shower once dry then paint polka dots, swirls, zig-zags, whatever you wish in a different color.

Once dry take the coordinating ribbon and tie bows around each clothes pin right above the spring you can also use small plastic pacifiers or saftey pins on them or print out a small note that says "Baby" and polk a whole through the end of the paper or use hole in plastic pacifiers or saftey pins to thread the ribbon through it then tie a bow.

Once you've tied the bows flip the clothes pin over and hot glue or super glue one magnet to the back of the pin. 

At the shower play the game, "Dont Say The Word Baby" using clothes pins each person gets one to start, if they say "Baby" and someone hears, the person that heard gets there clothes pin the person with the most clothes pins at the end of shower wins. 

- After the game is over and the winner is announced have everyone give there clothes pins back to the person they got them from. 

- The clothes pins work for hanging on the refrigerator to hold bills, reminder notes, etc. or guests can use them for chip bag clips etc. it will be a reminder of a home made gift they got from the shower.

Best Wishes

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